Includes the gemstone properties of 205 gems
With explanations from the Guardians
The T4t Therapeutic Gemstone Properties Guide is a spiral
notebook style guide book with the
Therapeutic Gemstone Properties of 205 gems.

Each entry includes a explanation from the individual Guardian
and most have an additional explanation from Virendra.
195 pages  8.5" x 11" (notebook size)
This guide does not include pictures - written explanations only
Our Gemstone Properties were confirmed by the Guardian of Amethyst
as an accurate account of the working of the gems.
In addition to the explanations from the Guardians
you will find on most of the gems an explanation from Virendra.

Please overlook the occasional improper wording or use of English.
Virendra is born in Germany and we have not edited the info to keep it simple.

The Gemstone Properties detailed apply only to Therapeutic Gemstones
and Therapeutic Liquid Gems like what is available here at Tools.
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More into digital?

This ebook includes 205 gem properties
with beautiful color pictures. It also includes
explanations of the influence of color and
shape, the origin of the color rays, chakra
info and more. Great learning tool and
reference guide all at your fingertips.
222 pages

"Very educational
everything you'd need or
want to know very
pleased ty!"
contains 40 more gems  
than our first edition
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