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Love & Awareness Divine Healing Liquid (Essence) Blend
Love and Awareness is created with distilled activated (full of light, invocations &
blessings) healing water. It carries the # 5 which stands for the 5th dimension also
known as the dimension of love.
The 5 ingredients are:
     1st - Baba Divine Healing liquid
     2nd - Osho Divine Healing liquid
     3rd - pink lotus liquid
     4th - ruby liquid
     5th - diamond liquid
It expands consciousness and mind, reconnecting to the super-consciousness, the
mind of god Itself. Diamond and Osho, the master of mediation, are the cause of
this expansion. Ruby and pink Lotus activate, balance and nourish the heart. Baba's
liquid balances heart and mind that they work together for the highest good. Baba
as a universal Avatar, cosmic Christ and the heart of the universe is embracing our
beings while bridging this two aspect. We can experience the bliss of a high state of
consciousness while staying grounded within the heart here on earth and in
connection to our sisters and brothers.
Suggested use: Take internally by dropping 5 Drops under the tongue and give as
always a few minutes to let these vibrations expand within your bodies and fields.
Available with dropper top
or oral spray top
Bottle size & type of top
Re-awakening to Self  Divine Healing Liquid (Essence) Blend
Indigo, pearl, Aquamarine (blue), Baba & Mother Mary. These five components
create together a figure of a cross.
The center point - Pearl - stands for the true Self.
The top point - Indigo - higher intuition and the bridge towards the mind to
enable the realization of the Self.
The bottom point of the vertical line - Aquamarine (blue) - helps the reflection
of the Self into the here and now of this moment.
On the left of the horizontal line is - Sai Baba - shining his love and grace upon us.
On the right side - Mother Mary - providing understanding about ones Self,
innocence and love.
Both Masters create through their presence a field of safety to dive deep into
the buried layers of the being so that the contact to Self can be re - established.
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Three - fold - Flame Divine Healing Liquid (Essence) Blend
The Three-fold-Flame is a liquid blend put together to bring more love by
building the love quotient.  
Its' components are: Master Liquid Sanat Kumara with anchoring gem
Aquamarine - blue. Master Liquid Lady Nada with anchoring gem Rose Quartz.  
Master Liquid Lord Buddha with anchoring gem Tsavorite.
This blend also shows a very high uplifting energy to its user.  A deep relaxation
while staying in and experiencing the higher unconditional love within one's
heart and through out one's being.  It's a very warming and soothing highlight
touched by a symbiosis of the Master energies anchored on Earth through gems
of the purest and highest quality in liquid form.  

One might be able to experience the flame as a picture of the inner male and
female part (blue flame & pink flame)  raising up and joining into the Oneness of
a genderless being.  The tip of the golden center tongue of this flame reveals
one's own Buddhahood as the crown of creation of one's own being.  The
energy of Tsavorite keeps one connected to the physical realm while on other
levels of being the heights of the Buddha are experienced.  

The loving (lady Nada) strength (Sanat Kumara) helps in keeping the awareness
effortless.  Aquamarine and Rose quartz help to integrate these higher energies
into the mental and emotional aspect of one's being here on earth.  Together -
all six components - create an orchestra playing the most divine and heavenly
music ever heard.

Another effect shown after taking the liquid lead into the sacred geometry of
the # 6.  Simple enough the 6 parts used for this liquid have formed the
formation of the six-star.

The triangle pointing to the earth has shown on the left Aquamarine (mental),
one the right Rose quartz (emotional) and the down point Tsavorite (physical).
The triangle pointing towards heaven has shown on the left Sanat Kumara
(higher mental), on the right Lady Nada (higher emotional) and the top point
Lord Buddha (the being).
Bottle size & type of top
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