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What this design does...        
As we move forward in time we face many more challenges in maintaining our physical
health.  We all wish to remain healthy, youthful and active no what age we find ourselves
at.  But this is not always an easy task as simple colds and flu have evolved into viruses
which are resistant to our traditional treatments.  This design offers a solution.  It is not
only a treatment but a preventative of bacterial infections, viruses, fevers, flus, colds,
coughs and disease.
This design works to boost the immune system - giving it the necessary information and
strength to combat and overcome whatever foreign body enters the system manifesting as
illness.  If one is already in the midst of being ill it can be worn 24/7 for the quickest
recovery.  It can also be used as a preventative and a tool to reach optimal levels of health
by being worn a couple of hours a day and building up the wearing as able and needed.
This design also works on the causes of issues too.  All illness and disease tends to be rooted
in other aspects of our beings- it just manifests within the physical to catch our attention.  
So this design clears blockages within all the bodies and systems, chakras & meridians.  It
works to restore balance and harmony - whatever the case or need may be.  It helps to
release and remove all types of negative energies in whatever form they take - effecting
once again all the aspects - mental, emotional and physical.
This design draws in universal energies which not only aid the immune system but help the
spiritual aspect of ourselves.  It can prepare the way to achieving ascension and self
realization.  Many find it extremely illuminating as it connects to higher planes of light and
draws it in.  It also helps to expand one’s personal potential to access higher realms.
This design expands the perception creating a wider world view point.  It cultivates more
tolerance and understanding promoting a strong sense of cooperation with all.  It has a
unique bridge to the extraterrestrial and cultivates a vision of harmony with those not of
this planet.
This design connects with all the natural cycles which exist in our lives.  It opens us up to
the universal flow partnered with all the ideas of health, balance and prosperity we seek.  
It can be a powerful tool for making manifest the world and universe we desire - one of
peace and harmony- both within ourselves and without.
Therapeutic Design Necklace
Moldavite, Shungite & Tree Agate
CLEANING YOUR BODY & BEYOND DESIGN: For optimal results it is advised to
keep your Body & Beyond Design clean.  The easiest way to do this is by placing
it on the purple plate overnight.  This can be done every 1-2 weeks or if using
consistently - place on plate every 3 days or so.  Purple plates are offered to
purchase with your necklace. Simply select from the pull down menu the size of
plate you would like. To read about the purple plates visit
#1) Extraordinary Plus plus
24.25inch no lock/endless
12.3ct Moldavite
Select Purple Plate option
#2) Extraordinary Plus plus
24inch no lock/endless
13.9ct Moldavite
Select Purple Plate option

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