vibrational medicine for holistic / multi-dimensional healing & transformation
To create this tool,  9 gemstone liquids are used and the Divine energies which
are down stepped and bridged through the archangels and the Lord of the
archangels Metatron.

Baba's energy is anchored through himself. Since he declared already his time of
physical death and his reincarnation (which completes a triple incarnation) it is
assured that his divine energies are going to stay for quite some time (more
than any of our life times).

The Lord of the Archangels Metatron is being anchored through pure white
diamond which is indeed strong enough to hold this purest vibration.
Osho is anchored through white marble.  

Elohim Hercules anchor has become blue topaz and archangel Michael is
bridging these energies down.
Elohim Apollo's anchor has become Heliodor and archangel Jophiel is bridging
these energies.
Elohim Heros' anchor has become pink sapphire and archangel Chamuel is
bridging these energies.
Elohim Purity's anchor has become clear crystal and archangel Gabriel is
bridging these energies.
Elohim Cyclopia's anchor has become chrysoprase and archangel Raphael is
bridging these energies.     
Elohim Peace's anchor has become red spinel and archangel Uriel is bridging
these energies.     
Elohim Arturus' anchor has become purple sapphire and archangel Zadkiel is
bridging these energies.

A scent of the sacred purple lotus (which itself works on opening and activating
the crown and higher chakras) makes it pure bliss to play with.
Having the lotus on top of the crown will keep this chakra open and activated
for a long time.  But no worries, it also protects.
Use it by spraying on top and around the head so that it rains through your
entire aura.  Stay or sit for a minute or two to be the witness of the
reconnection to these higher vibrations.

If you have time, sit for a longer period in meditation
and watch the shifts within your own energies and the expansion of your
awareness into higher dimensions.
Aura photo after spraying the Elohim spray
The thing of this picture is: if you look into the
channeling/tune-in about the Elohim spray, you read
that it (the lotus element of the spray) creates a shield
against negativity above the crown.

Now look at the picture again. There is the pink-purple
above the crown. It is such a high frequency that it does
not allow negativity to enter.
More photos and
explanations visit
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