"I was traveling from Arizona to New Delhi and back for the first time
while using my personal EMF protection strand (like the ones shown below).
For the first time the entire journey was the easiest ever I can recall
passing through and waiting in an airport and joining the planes for 8-12 hour journey.
I am very sensitive to any kind of energies due to my over 20 years of crystal work.
I honestly can recommend all our offered EMF products and am a living testimony of
their working as promised." - Virendra
Harmful EMF’s are those frequencies exceeding the range span measured as healthy for
human beings.

Nearly all appliances and electrical instruments - electrical shaver, hair drier, walkman, MP3
player, multi media player, laptop computer, PC, TV, Microwave, Vacuum cleaner, Fridges
etc. are releasing frequencies out of the normal and accepted range and are harmful to our
nervous system. Being bombarded day by day with those harmful frequencies can lead to
serious health issues of many kinds.

There has been research done by groups working on health issues of humanity. Studies and
tests have shown that in fact there are tools produced by mother earth which in the right
combination can re-balance and harmonize those erratic energies to a level that it is safe.
Those tools do not shield or absorb the electromagnetic frequencies but realign them into
the non harmful span.

We at tools have sat and meditated/contemplated on this matter. We came up with a
necklace in which some certain beads have been infused with those re-balancing energies.
When the necklace is worn, it will expand it’s energies throughout ones aura and incoming
disharmonious EMF’s are being harmonized and brought back into the “normal” frequency

It has been shown to us that Rutilated Quartz, Clear Quartz and clear frosted Quartz are
the best mediums to be infused with the energies. They hold the infusion indefinitely and do
not need energetically to be cleansed at all - which does make sense if it does not take any
energy on but “only” re-balances. On top we infused the beads with healing energies so that
while worn, they work on repairing any damage which might already exist next to re-
adjusting the incoming disharmonious energies.

The strand itself is made of Quartz beads adding a balancing energy.  The  Quartz is
programmed to amplify over time the energies of the infused beads. This allows the
necklace to grow with the user. The more we heal, the more sensitive on one level we
become, the more protection is needed. To go with this change, the energies strengthen
within the strand that we are able to still go into  stores where we face certainly the
greatest inputs of harmful EMF’s.

I myself am very sensitive to energies and always had problems to enter any of the bigger
stores here in the States.  I used pink Tourmaline for some time but sooner or later I did not
need/wanted the other energies through it and had to look for something else. To not
always end up with strong headaches and even Migraines, I used half a painkiller
preventative before I left the house. Certainly not my happiest choice.

When finally the inputs to create a protective Tool against the energies came in, I direct run
a trial. I infused a very slightly golden Calcite sphere with a diameter of 1.5 inches with
those re-balancing and harmonizing energies.

Once the infusion process was complete we set out for Best Buy. This Store is a good testing
field for me - tons of electronics.

Usually when I entered it did not take a long time to make me somewhat dizzy. There was
not much peace to be felt and I always wanted nothing more then get what was needed
and leave. This time I had my sphere in my hand and was able to take time for Miriam - my
daughter, and looking around was pretty easy. Then, as it sometimes is, Miriam took over
buy saying “ let’s go to the TV’s”. Good point, that was the area where I really lost it.
Walking through the rows of TV’s placed opposite each other was more a struggle to me
then a walk. I always was pushed from those strong energies that it felt like being in the
middle of the ocean, like a ball going here and there. No chance for me to hold onto any
control. I was the ball with no rights at all.

When Miriam took me over and we entered those TV rows, I felt the strong impact. It still
did have an effect on me but was not able to throw me out of my center. I felt the waves
pounding my field but I also felt the stabilizing energies coming from the infused sphere
protecting me, turning the waves of disharmony back to the healthy level. Once out of the
store I was very quick fully myself again which during other times - without the sphere -
was not my reality.

To me the test was completed and it makes sense that there could not be a 100% protection
while walking between all those TV’s. The bombardment was coming in on such a speed
that then of course the sphere had all hands full to do. It did what was needed but I felt the
energies wanting to scratch their way through.  The rest of the store was easy and no
painkiller was needed to prevent and/or block the effects out.

The next step was to infuse the Rutile Quartz beads with those re-balancing energies. I
decided to make the strands 25”-28” long so that the infused beads are more spread
throughout the aura. In this way there are more re-balancing points available compared to
the one sphere. We have changed a lot in the house by using a circuit sweeper, neutralizer
sticker on our computers, fridges etc. and me by wearing the necklace on top while
watching TV. My 20 + years of Crystal/Gem work have made me so sensitive to energies
that I am really happy to have now the tools to keep me easy on hand.

We offer now - after using our strands for some time - necklaces for anyone interested.
I reconfirmed with the “higher” that it is right to offer those tools. We got a clear yes.

The difference between our offered EMF necklaces and other protective tools is that a
simultaneous healing energy is being released into the users body while being protected.
So, please be aware, that if you wear a strand of our “EMF” protection necklaces, it might
introduce a initial cleansing/detox .

We recommend placing the strand daily for 1 hour - or over night when not in use - onto a
purple plate. The energies of the Quartz will be cleansed in the right way but it won’t
effect the infusion at all. Sooner or later, depending on the use, the Quartz will turn more
and more into the infused beads itself offering a stable protection throughout one’s own
growth and maybe regained sensitivity.
Scroll down for the full explanation of the working of these necklaces
Take before, during and after travel
for protection, take daily for
continued protection and healing
from emf damage
Bottle size & type of top
#1) 61.9ct Infused Rutilated Quartz
#2) 63.7ct Infused Rutilated Quartz
#3) 70.0ct Infused Rutilated Quartz
#4) 58.8ct Infused Rutilated Quartz
#5) 64.7ct Infused Rutilated Quartz
#6) 65.8ct Infused Rutilated Quartz

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