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Tools4transformation was established in 2002.
We are a simple home based business doing what we love.  We are now a team of three - so are not
really considered a "company". We provide high quality - therapeutic gemstone necklaces (and tools)
in a wide variety and at affordable prices.  We sit with and/or work with everything we offer to
assure the quality and benefit potential is the highest possible.  This is your personal source for potent
tools for transformation - be it for health, meditation, expanded consciousness - whatever your goal.
Real gems sold by real people - like you.

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Why Kunzite? It is all about love.
Kunzite holds a love vibration that mirrors the source energy enabling us to
feel at ease, find peace and transform to a more authentic version of ourselves.
Therapeutic Pink Kunzite Bath Bags
We have hand selected 100grams of beautiful gemmy Pink Kunzite pieces
for this bag.  The Kunzite has been charged, activated and attuned for the
highest benefit - all pre-washed and ready to use.

The Kunzite Bath bag creates a gentle love wash which will change
thoughts and actions over time attuning them more and more to the 5th
dimensional love energies.  The effect is an infusing of the physical with
5th dimensional energies making the transition from 3rd dimension to
5th dimension easier and filled with more grace.  It also allows the
physical aspect to come in alignment with the other aspects helping to
eliminate physical discomforts associated with transformation. While
taking a bath in Kunzite water you will absorb essentially the mother liquid
of this gem - infusing every cell with it.

Transform your bath into a nurturing and self healing spa.
It is recommended to us the gem bag without soaps, oils, bubbles and
washes for the most potent effects. Energy will be purest if you simply
place the bag in the tub as you fill and then join it. Suggested time is at
least 20 minutes.
Comes with:
100g Therapeutic Pink Kunzite
Clean ready to use Bag
Directions and suggested use
Full properties of Pink Kunzite
The Guardian of Pink Kunzite explains...
Pink Kunzite instantly raises one’s vibration through the most powerful force - love.  It guides and
helps love to penetrate all aspects of the being bringing with it a deep purification that only
unconditional love can offer.  It not only activates and aligns the heart chakra but harmonizes the
center chakra with the rest of the column to fortify the flow - the love flow - through out the being.

Working with or wearing pink Kunzite helps to have every action we take in life be done with love.  
Love requires presence of being, focus on the moment at hand and when things are done with love
we are one with the moment - in the state which we are designed to be.

Regardless of what state of love one is experiencing this gem enhances it making it fuller, richer and
more powerful.  So it will increase self-love, enhance and amplify love for all others and things.  It
touches the base of the being and is a catalyst for peace, loving thoughts and loving expression.
It also helps to remove obstacles along one’s path and more specifically removes energy blocks
within the bodies and systems.  On the physical it can strengthen the heart and surrounding areas.
Therapeutic Crystal Sets
Designed for Crystal Grids
I always liked the way grids looked with longer crystal pieces - but to find therapeutic
quality of the crystals is a but of a challenge.  I then found these beautiful gemmy Pink
Kunzite pieces which can be used creating the same “look” but with a higher therapeutic
effect.  Using therapeutic gemstones in grids increases their potency and effect.

Using these Pink Kunzite Crystald Sets will anchor your grid and its intention in the
Divine love force energy. Love is a powerful base and echos the concept if you have love
you have it all.

We have hand selected sets of six harmonious beautiful gemmy Pink Kunzite pieces to
create a uniform field within your gird.  The Kunzite has been charged, activated and
attuned for the highest benefit - all pre-washed and ready to use.
Kunzite is a pleochroic gem. Pleochroism is the ability for gemstones to display different
colors or depth of color when viewed from different angles. The phenomenon is caused by
differing absorption of light rays in doubly refractive crystals.

This greatly effects my ability to take pictures capturing the beauty of the smaller pieces we
have selected for our bath bags and for the sets.

Each and every piece is therapeutic and has a gentle shade of pink stretching to a lilac color.
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#1) 5.24gram
ranging from
.75 in - 1in long
#2) 5.6gram
ranging from
1 in - 1.5in long
The Guardian of Green Kunzite explains...
Green Kunzite provides an anchoring of spiritual love into the being.  This then provides the basis for
feeling a deeper sense of self and an fuller acceptance of not only  the self but to accept support and
love from others.  It allows one to be open to connecting with others, with the planet and with the
universe, sharing the space of Oneness and putting to rest the misperceptions of separateness.

Green Kunzite draws in healing from the higher realms and can give insight to one’s physical aspect.  
It helps to correct chemical imbalances, be it hormonal, prescription drug related or even from
influences of an overuse of recreational drugs and/or alcohol.  It provides lasting results to overcome
habits, patterns and programs supporting a fresh start.  It brings love in to conquer fear and the
responses based on fear while shielding unwanted energies and mental influences.

Green Kunzite has a powerful influence on the heart and heart chakra along with opening the higher
heart chakra.  It heals old wounds and emotional upsets that seemed impossible to overcome
stimulating and restoring joy.  It encourages a renewed commitment to the higher self and one’s
purpose here on the planet.
Green Kunzite Therapeutic Crystal Sets
Designed for Crystal Grids
#3) 7.75gram
ranging from
.6 in - .75in long
#4) 8.6gram
ranging from
.8 in - 1.2in long
#5) 10.0gram
ranging from
.6 in - .85in long
#6) 10.51gram
ranging from
.75 in - 1.0in long