Journey through Manifestation
From the center out of Oneness (center - yellow 4) Spirit
divided into Father Heaven ( T - blue ) and Mother Earth ( t - green)
manifesting the four directions ( 4 ),
the horizontal and vertical ( T ) and the cross of suffering  ( t )
which everyone has to carry if identified with Body and Mind.  
By embracing and balancing the 7 colors (within the circle)
one enters the 12 star of completion
to ultimately return back into the circle of Spirit ( circle - yellow )
showing no Beginning - no End.
All is back into Oneness again.
Tools4transformation was established in 2002.
We are a simple home based business doing what we love.  We are now a team of three - so are not
really considered a "company". We provide high quality - therapeutic gemstone necklaces (and tools)
in a wide variety and at affordable prices.  We sit with and/or work with everything we offer to
assure the quality and benefit potential is the highest possible.  This is your personal source for potent
tools for transformation - be it for health, meditation, expanded consciousness - whatever your goal.
Real gems sold by real people - like you.

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