"Raw" / Uncut Pieces
tools for holistic / multi-dimensional healing & transformation
Hand Selected
Genuine Museum Grade
Moldavite from Czechoslovakia
for meditation, specialized healing, layouts, grid work, Reiki/Energy tools or
gem specimen for essence making  - along with being a collector item
Moldavite is an unique Tektite and supply is limited.
The latest update we have is that the Moldavite mines will be depleted in less
than 8 years. Less & less of the quality we offer is being found  - so quantities
of this type is severely limited - perhaps in the range of 2-4 years.
Demand for Moldavite has increased recently so these projections may not hold.

We hand select the Moldavite Specimens below - examining hundreds to find
these select few.  At the beginning of this offering - end of January 2017 - the
supply may appear to be extensive because of the many choices. This is actually
not the case - as we chose the cream of the crop - purchasing all that we could
that fit our criteria.  We do not anticipate more of this material.
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The picture on the left shows how Moldavite looks when sitting  
- under a normal desk lamp. When held to the light - the beauty
and of this gem is captured - showing all the swirls, spikes,
etchings and designs each unique piece has.  
Individual pictures have been taken of each piece we are
offering in front of a simple flashlight used as the light source.  
I refrained from describing the intricacies - as you yourself
can see the personality of each piece through the photos.
#3) Extraordinary Plus Plus
38mm x 35mm x 14mm
1.50in x 1.38in x .55in
23.79gram @ $12/g
The Guardian of
Moldavite explains...
Moldavite is a high frequency gem
which holds immense power for
healing.  It stores the healing
energy from beyond one's planet
and transfers this readily to the
wearer (or user).  It is concrete
evidence that there is support
from beyond and with experience
of this gem one can feel and
sense the love in which it shares
its energy for the betterment of
the being.
Moldavite inspires one's loving
nature to come forth and to extend
it beyond the normal realms to all.  
It touches the unifying link within
and awakens the drive for peace.
It recreates the ties to the origins
and activates the systems and
body to expand beyond one's
current state.  Moldavite
penetrates down to the cellular,
activating and stimulating the
DNA.  Its only goal is to expand
the being to its fullest capability -
to transcend.
Some of the special benefits that
one experiences physically are its
boost to the immune system,
expansion of the senses and the
increase of energy.  It lifts one
up, purifies and adds higher
frequencies. Moldavite perfects
the functioning of the brain,
nervous system and chakra
system in order to enhance the
experience in one's physical
Moldavite offers the unique
opportunity to expand the
consciousness to encompass
Universality.  One experiences
becoming "one of the whole" and is
motivated to instigate change for
the better.  This gem is great for
those tired of the current state of
affairs.  It also offers support to
the light workers and those
consciously evolving.
Moldavite is the response to a call
for help from those on Planet
Earth and those who choose to use
this response will benefit greatly.
#4) Extraordinary Plus Plus
54mm x 30mm x 17mm
2.13in x 1.18in x .67in
25.03gram @ $12/g
#5) Extraordinary Plus Plus
63mm x 23mm x 17mm
2.48in x .91in x .67in
26.01gram @ $12/g
#6) Extraordinary Plus Plus
64mm x 30mm x 16mm
2.52in x 1.18in x .63in
30.69gram @ $12/g
#1) Extraordinary Plus Plus
50mm x 30mm x 17mm
1.97in x 1.18in x .68in
20.34gram @ $12/g
#2) Extraordinary Plus Plus
45mm x 35mm x 14mm
1.77in x 1.38in x .55in
21.66gram @ $12/g