tools for holistic / multi-dimensional healing & transformation
Single hand selected placement pieces
for meditation,specialized healing, layouts, Reiki/Energy
tools or gem specimen for essence making
Pictures are NOT true to size - please refer to dimensions listed the visible rainbow
(at the top) is not part of the gem but a reflection of the light from the scanner
#1) Extraordinary
12mm x 4mm
.47 x .16in
To read about the Therapeutic Properties of Kyanite
visit our Therapeutic Gemstone Properties page
I have nicknamed these little guys Thyroid buttons.
Kyanite clears the energetic build up and directly targets the thyroid
restoring the original balance. Many suffer from thyroid imbalances and
these little guys help to regulate this by simply placing.

These are also awesome for any throat issues.  Besides thyroid issues I
see many blockages in the throat chakra and these can be used to help
break down and remove and challenges.
#2) Extraordinary
12mm x 5mm
.47 x .2in
#4) Extraordinary
12mm x 5mm
.47 x .2in
#3) Extraordinary
12mm x 5mm
.47 x .2in
#5) Extraordinary
18mm x 18mm x 5.5mm
.71 x .71x .22in
#6) Extraordinary
18mm x 18mm x 5.5mm
.71 x .71x .22in
#7) Extraordinary
18mm x 18mm x 5.5mm
.71 x .71x .22in
#8) Extraordinary
18mm x 18mm x 5.5mm
.71 x .71x .22in
#9) Extraordinary Plus
18mm x 18mm x 5.5mm
.71 x .71x .22in

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tools for transformation - be it for health, meditation, expanded consciousness - whatever your goal.
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