SESSIONS by SIA - Intuitive Session/Reading
How the session works...
Provide name and birth date.  Using this info as an anchor I will tune into your bodies
and systems seeing the current state of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

In addition (after the tune in), a card from the Osho Zen Deck will be chosen for you as
a key or focus point in support of your transformation.  Once the process is complete,
a written account of the info will be sent to you via email.  Everything will be written
down as "heard" and not altered as the words themselves may contain activations or
messages known only to you and your being.

A copy of the Osho Zen card and explanation will also be included in the email for you
to explore/experience the message.
(Sometimes a picture can also contain activations or messages)

If you would like to have recommendations of techniques or products based on your
session just add a "YES" to your full name and birth date info at checkout.  (There will
be a box saying "message to seller" on the payment page for you to type in this info)

Recommendations can include but won't be limited to the products Tools4transformation
carries , but these are what I am most familiar with and are the easiest for me to
overlay to see the effects on your bodies and systems.
session $90.00

For an addition $2 you can receive a print out (rather than an email of
the session transcript).

To carry the session a step further a personal liquid (essence) can be
created specifically for you. Specific instructions of how many drops
and how often to take will be sent with the liquid as this may vary from
person to person

session with 1oz. personal liquid $110.00
(includes shipping and $5 savings when purchased with session)

session with 2oz. personal liquid $125.00
(includes shipping and $9 savings when purchased with session)
Intuive Reading/Sesssion type
Here are some Intuitive Session comments...
Hi Sia,
Thank you again, Sia, your readings are always so powerful and helpful to me. It is all so true to
the core. Lots and lots of loving sparkling light sent your way!  

"Ever since I stumbled across tools4transformation I have had nothing but outstanding
experiences with the products and my contact with both Sia and V. I truly believe they were
brought into my life with a true purpose. After all I believe that in life there are no coincidences.
I hesitated for a bit but knowing all along that eventually I would take the plunge and receive one
of Sia's intuitive readings. I have to say when I initially read it I was pretty much speechless.
WOW! :) I am not exactly sure how she communicates with the highers but there is no doubt in
my mind that she does. The information she obtained was spot on. I REALLY needed to hear
everything she heard and communicated back to me. In my daily meditation today, the day in
which I got the email back from her with the information from above, I can honestly say that I
have never reached such a peaceful state of bliss. T4T please keep providing the great tools
and services to the people of this beautiful planet. If you are debating whether or not to get a
reading from Sia, please take my advice and just do it.
Love and Light,
~Pete from PA "

"Dear Sia,
Thank you so much for the reading. It was well received and timely, validating and confirming.
Blessings to you, dear!  Namaste. "

"Dear Sia, thank you very much for an amazingly insightful and accurate assessment. I enjoyed it
tremendously and resonated with your words. Thanks again! Best regards, J"

" I have had two other sessions with you that you were right on in guidance. I feel stuck or in
between right now and am ready to move forward and felt your session and essences would help
me. Thank you. J"

"...I want to say that I was astonished at the precision of the session you have did for me, it was
really amazing.. In Gratitude, P"

"Thank you so much Sia. This information is so appreciated and very accurate and timely for me.
You are Blessing! Peace & Love, S"

"Hi Sia,  I want to thank you for the information you got for me. It's so accurate. There is nothing
you said that I don't relate to....
I don't know how you do this work but I believe you get information from the deepest Self and
that's the information we need.
Thank you! C"

"I have had two sessions with Sia and found great benefit and personal growth from them both"S

"btw, I had a reading with Sia, and it was extremely helpful and much different than any other
reading I have had before. It was spot on and gave me such good direction as it gave a clear view
of where my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of self are and where and what
needs to be done to help. Anyway, I just wanted to share this with all of you and let you know if
you are looking for some direction that Sia is the one you can turn too. Not to mention that she is
a beautiful spirit who is very well in touch with her higherself and the guides that give her the
information for the readings. Love you Sia!, and thanks again for your help! xxL"
Confirmation will follow payment and session will be as soon as I have availability - I will let
you know when to expect your session transcript (usually within a week)
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