designed for holistic / multi-dimensional healing & transformation
Tools4transformation is a home based business specializing in Therapeutic Gemstone
Necklaces. Each bead is hand selected to reflect consistent quality and grade for the optimal
therapeutic effect. No “filler” beads are used since we don’t buy in bulk but hand select,
bead by bead. Each necklace is then crafted with love & care and upon completion is
evaluated with the assistance of the Gemstone Guardians to insure it’s therapeutic quality.

In addition, because we are home based - 2 people doing what we love, our overhead is
minimal so this savings is passed onto you. You can be assured of receiving highly therapeutic
tools at a fraction of the cost of others in the market.
Therapeutic Gemstone Necklaces have many uses besides what they were designed for
- pretty much whatever you can imagine.  
Some applications and uses are more helpful and healing geared towards
reaping the benefits of the gem itself while others are more aesthetic.

The most important thing is to follow YOUR guidance.
You are your own best guide for what you need.  Take a few minutes to tune in to receive
your personal directions and check in often to make sure things are still in alignment.

If you are like me, you have a few necklaces in your collection.  Often you do not wear
them all at once.  Below I have illustrated some uses of the necklaces still with the focus of
reaping the benefits of the gem itself.
Wearing as Necklace
Pink Tourmaline showed on
right ovary.  Leave on 15 minutes
and then switch to left.
Mandarin Garnet shown.
Dark Green Aventurine Therapeutic Necklace
used as master in this crystal grid layout.
Green Prehnite and Dark Green Aventurine
Placements also shown.
Ruby for the first chakra, Hessonite for the second,
Yellow Sapphire for the third, Emerald for the
fourth, Blue Sapphire for the fifth, Iolite for the
sixth and Tanzanite for the seventh are shown.
Necklaces rolled can be used in place of placements
in a chakra session or treatment. Yellow Sapphire,
Pink Sapphire and Blue Sapphire shown.
Pink Sapphire shown.
Often when wearing as a bracelet or anklet the length is not
right for a good fit.  Necklaces extensions come in handy here
to create the ideal length you need for a good fit.
The most potent and complete benefits
are reaped from wearing as a necklace.
Tanzanite is shown.
Wearing as a Bracelet
Care should be taken when doing
this as it is hard on the necklace.
Best to be practiced at home -
when not active.
Wearing as an Anklet
Care should be taken when doing
this as it is hard on the necklace.
Best to be practiced at home -
when not active.
Placing on the body for gem therapy
Necklaces can be rolled and placed on
body for direct and potent treatments
Diopside showed on
liver.  Leave on 15-20
Using for Chakra Treatment
Using as the "Master" in a
crystal grid layout
Using for a specialized
chakra crystal grid layout
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