Divine Healing Liquids (Essences)
vibrational medicine for holistic / multi-dimensional healing & transformation
All of our liquids are made directly from the "mother" liquid(s).
Enjoy them in this form or they can be easily used to create
additional essences or blends for yourself, friends or clients.
The Archangels radiate celestial light. Through the use of these
liquids we can amplify our grace, virtues and our own light energies.
Archangel Chamuel Divine Healing Liquid (Essence)
One of the Archangels of Creation
Divine Compliment is Archeia Seraphina
The pink Flame of Chamuel  finds it's way direct into the Heart to bring warmth,
nourishment and remembrance of the eternal love which is always there and
constantly emanating from the Heart of the God/Goddess of all that is.  The
vibrations are high and most divine and radiate in our emotional body as the
sweetest pink love light one can imagine.  If one is able to sink fully into this energy
- which is made pretty easy by using this liquid- the mind will give up it's grip and
one floats back into the pure ocean of one's true existence.

Never mind - is not a saying anymore.

Sweetest nectar of most divine pink enters into the heart reminding us of the
eternal Flame of love and Adoration burning within.  This is purest love Divine
beyond any labeling of female or male.  The mind might get difficulties to accept
this truth.  This purity of love seems nearly unreal.  It is melting any hardness of the
mind and starts bringing it back into the flow.  Just sitting and watching the
energies of the liquid and it's "Angel" seems to be more than enough.
Bottle size & type of top
Bottle size & type of top
Archangel Raphael Divine Healing Liquid (Essence)
One of the Archangels of Creation
Divine Compliment is Archeia Mareia - the Lady of Virtue
Balsam for the entire body/emotion/mind construction.  Healing, nourishing, tensionless.  
Re-charging and re-juvenating.  Vibrations so pure and high starting even before touched by
the green Ray.  Reminding the body and every cell of it's ability to heal itself.  Reminding of
the perfection which lies in our true divine blue prints.  Reminding us of our birth right as sons
and daughters of the most high God/Goddess there is.  Harmony spreading through the
systems.  Liquid high frequency green like a mist everywhere.  This is the healing Ray in touch
so soothing and smooth as ever dreamed of to be touched.

Riding on the waves of the purest rainbow green into all the bodies, mind and emotion.  
Bringing a deep nourishing relaxation to all of them.  Healing is the call.  Clearing the cells and
opening the heart.  Easing the breathing and giving space.  Recharging, rejuvenating.  
Strengthening the aura.  Strengthening and healing the nervous system.

The liquid for the Healer and Bodyworker.  The liquid for the one who wants to become
more healthy.

Welcome to green Paradise.  This Archangel energies are very joyous - very happy - very
healthy, amazing!!!
Bottle size & type of top
Bottle size & type of top
Archangel Zadkiel Divine Healing Liquid (Essence)
One of the Archangels of Creation
Divine Compliment is Archeia Amethystia - The Lady of Purity
God Spirit - God emancipation.  Highest purple in the outer manifestation.  Teacher, high
priest - pointer towards home.  Re-installer of spirituality.  Purifier - initiator, guardian of
the throne.  Transformer, transmuter.

Is helping  to reflect your own depths right to the level of your own God/Goddess-hood.  A
deep connection to the purple Ray is being established through the intake of this liquid and
connecting to Archangel Zadkiel's  and Archeia Amethystia's energies.  It can lead behind
the veils of the collective matrix woven around humanity.  Every moment we step out of
the "old" game we strengthen the "new" one to come into play.

These energies carry the mastery of one's self.  The return to the true being.  That does not
mean that a conscious working on clearing the "lower" levels of self should be avoided.  This
liquid can help anchor one more deeply in the true self so that the work which needs to be
done can be done with more strength in staying routed in the Self.
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Archangel Synthesis Divine Healing Liquid (Essence)
This is a blend containing the liquid of all the 7 Archangels in the amount
every single one has in their bottle.

It is possible for you to create your own blend from the 7 liquids but it
will have a much softer impact.

This blend brings in an Orchestra of Light played with the energies of all
7 Archangels.  It is not as specific as the single ones but a pure joy to play
Bottle size & type of top
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Bottle size & type of top
Archangel Michael Divine Healing Liquid (Essence)
One of the Archangels of Creation
Divine compliment is Archeia Mikaela - The Lady of Faith
Brings one onto the level of divine emotion where the love is pure without
attachments, strings and hooks.  A clarity within the mind touched by the blue ray
while in balance and harmony with the feelings.  Can very much assist in bringing
emotional chaos back to order.  Helps to disentangle from the "emotions" taught by
society which should keep one in illusionary boundaries.  
A calmness is the back ground while watching the true feeling emanate through the
mind created ones.  Emotions don't need to be fabricated.  If one just lets them
happen as they are, one might realize that created drama is just half the fun.  Back
into the realm of true emotions the real life as it is can take finally  over again.

Taking this liquid can bring a feeling of strength which comes along with the
protective nature as Michael's  energies embrace us.  The vibration is very high and
leading us into the highest heavens.  A peace of mind and a deep silence come along
with a very uplifting feeling.  The more that is cleared  what we carried as issues in
"our bags" arriving here on Earth, the higher this vibration leads us and the closer we
come to the "Throne of God" itself.  The silent watcher is expanded into the entire
consciousness there is.

The sense of intuitive feeling can be very much strengthened through working with
this liquid and the energies of Archangel Michael  brought through it.  A stronger
sense of what is "right or wrong" can be developed.

Within this field of protective energy a let go of worries and thought is made easy
and a deepening of meditation is natural.
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Archangel Jophiel Divine Healing Liquid (Essence)
One of the Archangels of Creation
Divine Compliment is Archeia Lucida (The Lady Clarity)
Ideas take form when the yellow Ray is consciously connected to the feelings.  
Thoughts can truly be brought into the material realm.  The yellow Ray in
connection with the angelic qualities illuminates Heart and Mind.  Creative
thinking is the result of this combination.  A relaxation enters into the solar plexus
and its connected organ.  Especially the stomach is able to relax and let go of
energies which have not been "digested" and made a problem to this organ.  The
Ego blends into the back ground and the witnessing consciousness takes place.  This
combo (yellow Ray & emotions) helps in clearing negative thinking and
depressions.  It leads to the inner light and even to it's Source.

A very strong connection to the yellow Ray is established while energies of
Archangel Jophiel  enter into the heart and emotions.  Here dark moods are being
turned into light.  Negativity gives space to it's opposite...
positivity.  The sunshine yellow can bring a very optimistic outlook but also brings
the light towards the inside to shine it onto darker not yet cleared parts of one's
being.  The torch which enables us to see the hidden issues which are holding us
back from always realizing and living the bliss for which we were originally
designed.  These are energies which open the doors to conquer the fears to face the
dark side within.  The shadows are about to disappear the longer one looks with
fearless emotions.  At the end the "room" will be re-enlightened as it always was.  
The shadows, created through wrong thinking, have vanished and light is there
where it always has been.
Bottle size & type of top
Archangel Gabriel Divine Healing Liquid (Essence)
One of the Archangels of Creation
Divine Compliment is Archeia Annunciata - The Lady of Hope
The purest feeling of Body/Mind/Emotions comes along while taking this liquid
connected to Archangel Gabriel.  The Silence of stretching the moment into
moment.  Pure and beautiful reflect the soul light the emanations of the emptiness of
the here and now.  It feels like the purest moment between the in and out breath.  
Eternity welcoming, eternity inviting.  A tension-less moment never ending.  No time,
no thought - no nothing.

Unfolding the purity of the white light on which every color reflects.  The white
sheet of paper where everything is written on but still can not be touched.  It is just a
layer on top.  So is ego, so is personality.  With this liquid it is possible to dive beyond
any identification - any!  Remaining only as pure aware consciousness which can not
be given any name, any form or any title.  

This is the silent sound of the Archangels  wings in motion.  The wing is moving but
not affecting the air around.  No movement created in it's surroundings at all.  As it
goes deeper, the white even looses it's color and a colorless beingness is left.  
Awareness is transparent.  No reflection of nothing.  A state beyond any word and
any sound.  The silence in it's purest form.
Archangel Uriel Divine Healing Liquid (Essence)
One of the Archangels of Creation
Divine Compliment is Archeia Rainbow Aurora
Golden Christ light accompanied by love divine.  Bridging the electrical current from the most
high Divine down to us on Earth.  Bringing and descending the Holy Spirit into our minds and
hearts.  Reminding of the Christ within every being and every electron which makes up the
entire manifestation in our Universe.  Love divine and so deep and strong.  Giving us the
picture that where Christ is, is love and where love is, there is Christ.  Reminding us that Jesus
became the Christ as many before him did and many after him will do.  All gates are open if
these qualities are re-established within one's being.

Works on issues where we have the feeling of not being seen, not being appreciated enough.  
Feeling deep inside not acknowledged for who and what Through this acceptance of the
responsibility towards those feelings one gets the opportunity to re-think the whole issue
and to open up the self created borders again.  The feeling of self worth has nothing to do
with any body else.  It was us who had closed down in a corner and it is only us who can
re-open again.  It mostly has happened all during the childhood but by looking back and
embracing that time span true healing can happen.  

We are our past and our future at all times.  Time does not really exist.  Diving back to the
moments when we misunderstood a happening gives us the opportunity to undo the knot
we once tied into our minds which then created the shadow in our emotions and ultimately
shows in the physical as a problem with our hearts.  

Working with Archangel Uriel's energy can bring courage, the needed love and the
understanding to clear the past.  This is not a karmic past we speak of here.  It is a big issue in
the collective mind especially in Western conditioning.  Lack of self-worth will never let you
become really happy and fully enlightened.  So you will be a "good member" of society -
projecting your self hatred onto your brother/sister and keep away from peace on Earth.  So
we need police and soldier to fight for the  Peace which will never come through fighting
and war.
1 ounce bottle $12.00  2 ounce bottle $23.00
Available with dropper top
or oral spray top
1 ounce bottle $24.00
2 ounce bottle $46.00
Some Archangels have Divine Compliments referred to as Archeia.
If you would like the Divine Compliment added to your healing liquid
simply select it from the pull down menu. Cost is an additional $3
The 13 Archangels
of Creation
The Archangels are the sacred
keepers of the Elements of
Creation through Metatron’s
Cube, whose role is to
hold/expand the elements
infinitely through the field of
infinite intelligence.  Thus the
Archangels are present through
all levels of creation from the
highest vibrational frequency
pulses at the central core of
God/Source through to the
densest of physical matter.  
Archangels are present
everywhere, in each and every
moment.   Thus the Archangels
are also present within you,
they are you, they create you.

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Divine Healing Liquid - Essence
The energies of Lord Metatron are coming down from such a height of
Existence that there is not much to notice left than just pure being.
Hardly anything which we could call individuality is left after taking this liquid.
Far beyond emotions but full of love and light of Existence itself.  
No desires, no attachment and how could it be otherwise with no ego left.
God spirit has given only a pin point of individuality to keep the show
running.  Emerged in utter bliss of silence.
Detached from any mental or emotional involvement.  The sound of eternity
is the companion within these heights of Existence.
No effort for nothing.  Activity can not even be called activity anymore
because it is beyond any doer.  
What happens is merely just happening.  
In this space attributes of words can no longer be applied.
It is the realm of pure Existence.  No thought can reach up there.  
It is living on the doorstep right next to nothingness.
Purest subjectivity is behind the appearance.
Bottle size & type of top