showing the effects/working of our tools
Beginning shots were taken in each case to see the effects of a particular
Therapeutic Gemstone Necklace or Divine Healing Liquid (essence).

I would say it is pretty amazing how we can notice the impact of the liquids/necklace.
We, the team of tools, are happy to be able to show you on the physical level (through these pictures)
our tools at work which might even give a skeptic a second (positive) thought.
Sequence One / Picture 1
Above you see an aura picture taking in the morning
after a night without enough rest. It shows the colors -
blue/turquoise - which have been for the person
pretty unusual colors.

You can see the root chakra small and very dark a
color which indicates :
not grounded. Also the body mind level is low.
Sequence One / Picture 2
Here on this picture we see a strong change within
the aura through the intake of the “Divine Healing
Liquid" Buddha.

The colors shown now are - violet/indigo - which are
more normal for the person.
There is greater energy in the charkas and especially
high energy in the root chakra.

Balance is returning and a raised energy in spirit is to
notice. Overall all energy levels are raised,
emotions are steadier but state of body mind is still
The crown chakra showing high spirituality,
transcendence and openness to higher dimensions.
Sequence One / Picture 3
This picture shows one hour after the intake of the
liquid. The colors have become more usual -
indigo/violet - and the charka’s are more balanced.
There has a greater energy around the heart
established and the charkas are rounder with strong
and steady light.

The energy level stayed strong and balanced. The
state of mind body is still low but it shows a greater
balance in all other areas. This is what one can
expect, greater balance and harmony.

If there was not enough rest and /or sleep then the
liquid will not give these deficits to the body.
Otherwise the chemical industry would have found
themselves already pills to keep you going and going
without any deficit.

Sleep/rest can not be given with any substitute.
Sequence One / Picture 4
This picture shows the same person in the more
balanced state we talked about before.
Here she started wearing a Citrine Therapeutic
Gemstone Necklace.

throughout the aura and this is what we see:
The yellow ray surrounding the major color of green
which stands for : social, communicative, love people,
animals and nature. The picture shows very balanced,
creative and logical.
Sequence Two / Picture 1
These pictures were taken from myself ( Virendra ) in
the morning after also a night with not much rest.
We were approaching the full moon in June on the
24th. It was the night to the 23rd and to me this night
is always the strongest.

When it comes to the full moon night itself, then to my
systems the energies are usually already very soft.
So I had my “ strong “ night that night and the
energies have been very active that there was not
enough sleep and rest.

The Crown and even the 3rd Eye are very white
indicating spirituality, transcendence and higher

The indication for the spiritual level ( picture. Right top
circle turquoise ) were very high.
The mind level much lower ( which I prefer, I need the
mind actually

“only as the translator for spirit and to do my
necessary things in life ), the body level was very low.
Sequence Two / Picture 2
Divine Healing Liquid.

The aura turned into green/yellow which indicated :
communicative, social, balanced creative and logical.
And that is or was Osho alive. Very social in the way
he communicated with the people.

His discourses very logical, creative and clear. The
orange shows the courage with which Osho used to
talk, never concerned what people might think about
him or if he just stated blank truth about situations.
He was very analytical, scientific and intelligent. As one
can see on the picture the energy of the heart

It is shown on this picture after taking Osho’s liquid in
blue (on a green picture you can not show the heart in
green so another color needed to be chosen).
The Yin and Yang level, shown on the color wheel
lower right side (like the two pointers of the clock)
shows very much balanced compared to the top picture
before taking the liquid.

The mind level came up a lot and spirit went back.
But that of course is needed if one communicates that
much and strongly to a gathering of thousands of
Sequence Two / Picture 3
Our further test lead us into the Color Ray Liquids.
We chose the Blue Ray (2nd) Divine Healing Liquid to
give a first example. This picture was taken shortly
One clearly sees the blue ray coming in and changing
the entire picture of ones aura.

The green/yellow turned around into a yellow/green
which indicates : abundance, knowledge, WISDOM
(which is one of the keywords of the blue ray), creative
and philosophical.

Body, Mind & Spirit kept their position at that
moment but Yin & Yang balanced even more.
Heart and Solar Plexus balanced more and the
communication (throat chakra ) became less. The
second chakra became very clear.
Sequence Three/ Picture 1
woman who had a lot of serious physical "stuff" going

I got touched and was very much in my heart.
State of body-mind was low and the yin & yang were
not too balanced (color disc with two indicators).
I was on a strong painkiller- the showroom I was in
had no windows and only artificial lights.

The night was again before full moon and Miriam (my
daughter) got the chicken pocks. I was not rested!
Sequence Three/ Picture 2
After the first picture was taken (above) and I saw on
paper the state I was in, I took the Radha & Krishna
Divine Healing Liquid. The state of body-mind came up.
Yin and yang was nearly perfect.

The color on the picture became very green which also
stands for the heart chakra. One should notice that
middle one. 3 up and 3 down which showed another
point of being balanced.
Sequence Three/ Picture 3
Later during the day, my head felt worse so I took the
Elohim Spray. The thing of this picture is: if you look
into the channeling/tune-in about the Elohim spray,
you read that it (the lotus element of the spray)creates
a shield against negativity above the crown.

Now look at the picture again. There is the pink-purple
above the crown. It is such a high frequency that it
does not allow negativity to enter.

The color around "me" still being green became much
more spiritual. My energy level had balanced more.
State of body-mind came more up.

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