Divine Healing Liquids (Essences)
vibrational medicine for holistic / multi-dimensional healing & transformation
All of our liquids are made directly from the "mother" liquid(s).
Enjoy them in this form or they can be easily used to create
additional essences or blends for yourself, friends or clients.
Elohim Hercules Divine Healing Liquid
Divine Compliment Amazonia
Faith, Protection and Divine will
Whatever we do, we need the will to do so and the power to
bring it through.  If there is no will, things will fall asleep again and
at the end nothing is accomplished at all.
The liquid of the energies of Hercules are helping to strengthen the
will in everyone.  Actually it helps to make clear if what one thinks
one wants is really the underlying will.
The will to do is the first step of whatever one takes on.  The will
is deciding if the desired agenda - whatever it is- will come true.
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Elohim Apollo Divine Healing Liquid
Divine Compliment Lumina
Wisdom, Illumination, Constancy
The liquid of Elohim Apollo and Lumina is helping to keep awareness
and focus.  If we loose our awareness, we loose it all.  To keep the
thought, the idea alive is needed as the next step to manifest.
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Elohim Heros Divine Healing Liquid - Essence
Divine Compliment Amora
Love, Adoration, Gratitude
The liquid of Elohim Heros helps to stay in love and e-motion.  If we
want to really create, we will have to embrace our ideas with love
and with e-motion.  We have to be able to tune-in and feel what
and how we desire.  Feel how our creation should manifest.
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Elohim Purity Divine Healing Liquid - Essence
Divine Compliment Astrea
Purity, Harmony, Peace
Our intent to create must be pure.  It must be clean and cleared from
every doubt.  All dust must be wiped away that our ideas can
manifest purely and clean.  The more pure and clear we see and feel
what wants to be accomplished the more easy it comes true.
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Elohim Cyclopia Divine Healing Liquid - Essence
Divine Compliment Virginia
Truth, Healing, Science
The liquid of Elohims Cyclopia and Virginia contains energies to bring
forth and stabilize our concentration which enables us to stay pure
in intent, embrace it emotionally, keeping the attention and the
will to manifest and create.
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Elohim Peace Divine Healing Liquid - Essence
Divine Compliment Aloha
Peace, Ministration, Service
This liquid of the Elohims Peace and Aloha helps us to stay at peace
within and that all action is taken in service.  Creation done in
service is the purest and most lasting with a foundation based in
peace and love.
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Elohim Arcturus Divine Healing Liquid - Essence
Divine Compliments Victoria
Freedom, Mercy, Transmutation
Invoking the rhythm which creates and brings the perfection and
symmetry to the manifestation while transmuting whatever is not in
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Elohim Synthesis Divine Healing Liquid - Essence
A combination of all the Elohim energies.
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The God spirit created the Elohims as the creators of all the worlds, planets and stars.
The Elohim liquids now carry energies to teach us about creations and being co-creators
in our Universe and in Spirit.  Every one of the 7 Elohims has his individual teaching for
us and later on, after clearing and preparing, they teach us how to use the combined
force to manifest whatever we desire.  The first stage is the clearing of any "negativity"
within our bodies, emotions and minds so that later on only the purest intent creates
what is needed and desired.

Of course there is a lot more to the energies of the 7 mighty Elohim then written here.  
Again, I can only say that if one feels drawn to the liquid one should use it and in my
opinion not doubt the feeling.  Our energies and beingness knows best what is needed at
our state of consciousness right now.  
If we trust that, then the most important step is taken.
1 ounce bottle $12.00  2 ounce bottle $23.00
Available with dropper top
or oral spray top
1 ounce bottle $24.00
2 ounce bottle $46.00
The Elohims have Divine Compliments (female aspect).
If you would like the Divine Compliment added to your healing liquid
simply select it from the pull down menu. Cost is an additional $3

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