Sessions by Sia - Field of Harmony
An unique Blessing for your home,
business or event
Sia will set a field of peace, equality and love in your residence, practice, business or event
location.  Experience support from your dwelling through energies anchored from the higher
for your fulfillment and abundance on all levels - personal and professional.  Residents or
visitors will not affect the field directly regardless of their energy but they themselves will
experience an atmosphere of positivity and comfort.

The field will emit, maintain and expand as needed to continue to offer a peaceful and
nourishing space for all to enjoy.

Great tool to remove hindering or negative energies from traumatic events or memories stored

Can also be used prior to events (like weddings, seminars, etc.) to allow for an enhanced
experience of the happening anchored in peace and love.
How it works...
Provide address of location in which you would like a field of harmony created
or in which the evennt is taking place.  A special invocation and infusion will be
done taking 24 hours to fully unfold and establish.

Keep this 24 hour time frame in mind in case you would prefer for the field to
be created prior to an event, moving into a residence or business.

Field of Harmony $45.00
Some comments from others about the Field of Harmony and it's effects...
Within 24 hrs of Sia setting a Field of Harmony, there was a noticeable improvement in harmony replacing
tension and anger with openness and partnership. It worked!
D in AZ

I scheduled a Field of Harmony to create a sacred, peaceful, and protected space for my dog to cross over,
if that was meant to happen.  Within 7 hours of the Field being set, he revived.  So, I am blessed with
unexpected extra time to appreciate his company.
I am seeing a change in my other senior pet too.  She is more attentive and has a renewed glimmer in her
eyes.  Chandler, AZ

I have to tell you lady, you are the best, I am giving you full credit for our good luck, seems everything has
gone smoothly and we are so comfortable , I have to tell you we were highly stressed ... and boom it all went
into place... for some more good news, I hit a $3000.00 jack pot in vegas, and some small wins, you
are the best girl!!!! thank you for your wonderful being! take care ... love T & L

I have had a number of Field of Harmony sessions with Sia for myself, family, friends and specific
situations. I just love these sessions. I highly recommend them to all beings, and want to reiterate that in
using these wonderful session/life tools that one shoot for the stars or the pot of gold at the rainbow,
because it is there.
My daughter got married this last year and I ordered Field of Harmonies for all of the special wedding
activities. I can say that the wedding week went above and beyond my expectations and the Field of Harmony
sessions felt like they linked up and build off of each other to reach a crescendo of love, forgiveness and
connectiveness at the wedding reception. The whole week and events occurred with calmness and minimum
stress, everything flowed beautifully without any negative interaction. When I ordered the Field of Harmony
sessions, I was guided to ordered five specific sessions, which were Bridal Shower, Rehearsal Dinner, Big
Family and Out of town guest dinner for 75 the night before the wedding, the actual wedding and the
wedding reception. Again all went well and the wedding and reception were magical.
I ordered another Field of Harmony for my daughter, when she had an interview for a job she recently
applied for and she got the job. I can definitely say the Field of Harmony session provided the framework
for good connective and very effective communications which was a key ingredient for manifesting this job
for my daughter.
I generally will order Field of Harmony sessions for special family/friend events and holidays. Two that
come to mind recently were a dinner party for a friend that had moved from the area about fifteen years
ago. He popped into town without notice, so I had a last minute dinner party for him at my home. Everything
fell into place. It was a pure heart felt and heart connection for all. I could feel the heightened energy
flowing which made it an evening that will be remembered by all. Thank you.
The second one was a birthday party/dinner that I had for my husband. I was a little apprehensive about the
event and had a hard time with figuring it out. So I ordered a Field of Harmony session and there was a big
change with how I felt about the upcoming party. I was able to really let go of the stress and pre
expectations that I was feeling, along with the control of how it would play out. The session put me in a
wonderful place with the preparation work all coming together. It was a small party and all the people that
came had a relaxing and again connecting time. The food was excellent and all the stories told were
entertaining. My husband has a great birthday and said it could not have been better.

I finally decided to get a Field of Harmony done after trying nearly every other space clearing method
possible to not much improvement:  crystal grids, sprays, methods I'd learned from books, candles, sage.  
There were not only unpleasant energies at night that hadn't allowed me to sleep well, but I sensed and
friends mentioned that the energy of the house was not allowing me to manifest desired changes in my life.  
Sia set the field over the weekend, and when I came back on Saturday the Field has noticeable lifted the
dead energy.  The lights actually flickered off and then on for a couple of seconds and I felt my crown
chakra open up!  
Miraculously, in less than two weeks several amazing outcomes manifested and I've made major strides in
my own personal development as well.  Thank you for this amazing service!
Specialized Divine Healing Liquids can be created for your event, seminar, wedding,
dwelling - even exams or interviews.  This liquid can be taken internally or sprayed in
the space for optimized results.  A wonderful way to gain awareness, accelerate your
results and amplify effects of the Field of Harmony.
For more info about personalized liquids visit
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