Therapeutic Gemstone Necklaces
designed for holistic / multi-dimensional healing & transformation
A little about these strands
from the Guardian of
These strands have a
combination of colors of the
Mexican Fire Opal which
gives a very nice effect
throughout all the bodies
and systems. Having the Fire
Opal target several areas at
once brings a harmonizing,
aligning and balancing force
which is easy to assimilate.
#2) Extraordinary plus
24.5" NO LOCK
89.7cts @$4.20/ct
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#3) Extraordinary plus
21" with 14kt gold lock
91.85cts @$4.20/ct
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#4) Extraordinary plus plus
18.5" with 14kt gold lock
49.65cts @$4.50/ct
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19.25" with 14kt gold lock
50.7cts @$4.50/ct
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#1) Extraordinary plus
18" with 14kt gold lock
42.4cts @$4.20/ct
Mexican Opals are known for their vivid yellow, orange or orange-red colors. The
intense color has earned this gem the nickname fire opal. Unlike precious opal, the
Mexican Opal does not usually exhibit a play of color. But it makes up for this
with its remarkable body color. Transparent specimens are considered rare and
valuable and our necklaces are crafted with all transparent beads.

Some cultures believe that fire opals are created in heaven,
filled with the spirit of life.

Gives courage & strength
Inspires creativity
Promotes flexibility
Helps one to be and stay centered
Helps to remove and release all forms of negativity
Reduces/removes stress, tension and anger
Improves connections/relationships
Brings new open-ness to each moment
Helps to attain pureness of being
Opens the pathways to ancient knowledge and wisdom
Balances the aura
Enhances past life recall
Quickly brings relief of colds and flus
Also helps with additional physical issues including - Emphysema,
Headache/Migraine-Relief, Intestinal Disorders & support,
Kidney Disorders & support, Nervous System Regeneration & Healing,
Ovarian Disorders or Cysts, Pain Relief, Pregnancy Ease, Trauma
The Guardian of Fire Opal explains...
Fire Opal is a gem of purification and transformation and supports the user during
these times of great change.  As it is with any change, the majority of the
discomfort is due to the resisting of the incoming "tide" of change.  Fire Opal "burns"
away the limiting beliefs/energies or blockages promoting a new openness to the
moment.  This openness allows one to embrace change and realize that to be fully
alive one must continue to keep moving (changing).
Fire Opal gives the courage to take major steps or even small ones to move closer
to the true nature of one's being.  It "feeds" creativity within and brings it forth in
everyday situations to try different approaches and stay flexible to whatever
On a physical level Fire Opal improves overall circulation.  It boosts the immune
system and purifies the physical during illness (like flu, colds, etc.).  It can also offer
deeper cleansing benefits to those who fast or conduct periodic cleanses.  Fire Opal
can take the physical to the next level either opening the doorway for the next
spiritual step or supporting the spiritual step already taken.
Fire Opal can offer great assistance to many having difficulties with the new
frequencies inputs or simply the rapidly changing world.  It provides strength for
what needs to be done and in that strength a confidence and calmness is instilled.

Tools4transformation is your personal source for potent tools for transformation - be it for health,
meditation, expanded consciousness - whatever your goal.

Tools4transformation difference…
We are a home based business that crafts and creates your necklaces from start to finish.  We do not employee
buyers, graders, stringers, advertisers, shippers, etc but rather do all these steps and more ourselves.  

We hand select out material, going through 100s of strands, finding the beads which suit our taste for high
quality and vibration.  Once we have a group of hand selected beads we then divide them into groups by
similar grading and vibrational emanation - allowing for potent tools to be created.

Your necklaces are then crafted with care when the energy is most optimal.  It is not created as part of some
one’s work but rather crafted by some one who loves and appreciates the gems, their potent powers and
endless possibilities for healing.  

Once we have a grouping of necklaces available we add them to our website and share the news in our
newsletter - all created and maintained by ourselves. Once an order is placed, we carefully pack and send out
asap using recycled boxes and packing as much as possible.

Tools4transformation difference is the personal care given to the entire process
of finding or crafting hi vibrational tools for you to use and enjoy for many years to come.


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CLEANING FIRE OPAL: For optimal results it is advised to keep your Fire
Opal clean.  The easiest way to do this is by placing it on the purple plate
overnight.  This can be done every 1-2 weeks or if using consistently - place
on plate every 3 days or so.  Purple plates are offered to purchase with your
necklace. Simply select from the pull down menu the size of plate you
would like. To read about the purple plates visit