Give the gift of higher vibrational tools
Uplift, spread love & joy!
#2) Liquid Gems - Therapeutic Grade of Gemstone Essences
We have 205 different gemstone choices including gems for the chakras.
1oz. bottles are $12 and 2oz. bottles are $23 - a bargain price for these gemstone
essences created directly from the mother liquid (aka concentrates).
Non alcohol version available too.
Chakra liquids can be found
here. We have gemstone blends too for specific
#3) Therapeutic Gemstone Placements
These are single hand selected pieces that can be used for meditation, specialized
healing, gem therapy layouts, chakra gems, "worry stones", cool things for your
desk, Reiki tools or gem specimen for essence/gem liquid making.  
Prices vary from $5 to $100+ depending on gem, but most average around $15.

We also carry Therapeutic Hand pieces.  Thiese pieces tend to be slightly larger and
used for the same purposes as listed above in addition to being held in both hands
or placed under the feet. Prices vary from $15-$35 with some rare pieces over $100
#4) Therapeutic Chakra Gems
a deep healing using gemstone vibrations.  This practice has been started to
use in spas with simple stones but now you can have a stronger effect at
home using therapeutic gems to raise your vibration and heal.  We also offer
a FREE home-made audio music cd which will provide back ground music and
guidance to give yourself (or others) a personalized session. Prices vary from
$35-$100+ depending on weight and size of gems.
#5) Purple Positive Energy Plates
Remove disharmonies energies from your therapeutic gemstones,
food, water - the applications are endless.
Small Plate $19 (quantity discounts available)
Large Plate $49 (quantity discounts available)
Disc $9 (quantity discounts available)
#9) Pet Lovers
We offer specialized liquids for your or your gift receiver pet's
health and well being.  Just add the liquid to drinking water for
easy absorption. Prices start at $18.
Also the
Purple Positive Energy Discs are great to add to collars.
#7) Chakra Healing Sprays
Perfect gift for those who love essential oils.One of our newest scented sprays offerings -
specially crafted with high vibrational essences and Therapeutic grade essentials oils.
$18 for 2oz. bottle
We also offer high frequency and wonderfully scented Divine Healing Liquid Sprays/Essence
Sprays for cleansing - Purity Rose or Peppermint, raising your vibraion & great headache
reliever -Elohim, exotic - Divine Bliss and a full line of Angelic Sprays.   
To see our full collection visit here
#8) Angel Divine Healing Liquids / Angel Essences
We have created liquid which contains the angel essences to open lines of communication or
just feel the presence of the angels.  Have an angel lover on your list - this is the perfect gift.
Prices are $12 for 1oz, $23 for 2oz.
We also carry Archangel Metatron is our
Ascended Masters Liquids/Essences
under $20
have a star
#6) Zodiac Sign Liquids
"What is your sign?" takes on a whole new meaning. Here at Tools we have created a special
blend of therapeutic gem liquids, sacred geometry liquids and astrological energies based on
the zodiac signs.  Great gifts for those who love astrology. 1oz. bottle $18
Gift Certificates are available in any denomination.
They can be purchased a couple different ways depending on
the way in which you would like it delivered to your recipiant.

Online you can purchase any denomination via Paypal.  Paypal
then notifies your recipiant of the Gift Certificate and will
apply it upon ordering via our site.

If you would like a physical gift certificate - like those shown
above - please email or phone in to make arrangements.  Then
your recipiant also will need to contact us direct in order to
have gift certificate applied to purchase.

If you would like an email gift certificate but not within the
Paypal system and with a nicer presentation resembling the
physical gift certificate - please email or phone in to make
arrangements. Then your recipiant also will need to contact us
direct in order to have gift certificate applied to purchase.

Tools4transformation was established in 2002.
We are a simple home based business doing what we love.  We provide high quality - therapeutic
gemstone necklaces (and tools) in a wide variety and at affordable prices.  We sit with and/or work
with everything we offer to assure the quality and benefit potential is the highest possible.  
This is your personal source for potent tools for transformation - be it for health, meditation,
expanded consciousness - whatever your goal.

Thank you for visiting our website!
#1)  Therapeutic Necklaces
Therapeutic Necklaces are our specialty and we offer a wide range.
We have 20+ gems available right now with prices under $100 or less.
Moss Agate
karma resolution,
past life work,
connection to nature
Earth tone Agate
stabilizes & balances,
nature connection
Tree Agate
prevents colds & flu,
alternative to
traditional medicine
Light Green Aventurine
detoxifies lower vibration
within the bodies and
Peach Aventurine
works on digestive
system, brings peace
and well being
relieves frustration,
anger & stress, helps
overcome grief
Polychrome Jasper
removes negative energies,
improves circulation,
stabilizes systems
helps with fear,
depression & grief along
with migraines
Black Obsidian
purifier, shields one
from negativity
heart connection,
restores flow within
emotional body
patience and
harmonizes feminity
Golden Sheen Obsidian
helps attain higher state
while staying grounded,
attract abundance
Snowflake Obsidian
improves circulation,
helps with weight loss,
Rainbow Obsidian  
booster of immune
system, helps integrate
higher energies
Petrified Wood
skeletal system, earth
connection, grounding,
insight into past
shields from negativity and
low amounts of EMF, DNA
repair and enhancement
unveils chakra issues, aids
in relationships, helps
with sleeping disorders
Clear Quartz
amplifier of harmonious
energies, balances &
helps against
karmic issues and heal deep
Frosted Quartz
softer force for amplifier
of harmonious energies,
balances & alignment
improves circulation,
balances heart and mind
Red Sardonyx
blasts issues in the lower
chakras, helps with
weight loss
transforms physical to
make way for spiritual,
potent healer
This spray at a glance...
- calming
-eases trauma
-brings one to center
-heals emotional upsets
-supports and nurtures
-releases anger & frustration
-initiates forgiveness
-warms the heart
-restores joy
This spray is unscented which makes
it wonderful for both men and
(800) 270-1510
Please connect us if you have any questions,
comments or website challenges