What is a crystal grid?

A Crystal grid is a layout of crystals, stones, and/or seashells chosen for a specific purpose,
placed in sacred geometry patterns to connect, clear, amplify, generate and re-direct energy.

Everything is made up of energy. Even our soul! There is frequency in energy and we can
amplify the frequencies by the power of thoughts, words, action, objects and love.

Displaying a crystal grid will help amplify your prayers and intention. God/Universe hears
your prayers and it responds by the frequency that you are putting into the prayer. If you
believe - then you added fuel to the energy. If you are hoping, then it will get around to
what you are hoping for - whenever that may be. If you don't believe it will happen, then it
will match the frequency that you are putting out there. Then it won't happen. Believe and
put joy in your prayer and intention. Feel the moment and the excitement. Expect the
miracle! :)

Suggested items ~

Crystals, gems and shells have wonderful frequency and are unique to their "personalities"
which we call metaphysical properties. There are gems that are more geared to whatever
intention that you are looking for to work with. Your crystal grid can be done with one,
two, three or multiple gems to create your intention.

Usually there is a master/generator gem/crystal that is going to help send your prayer out.
Then you can compliment it with other gems or objects to help amplify the frequency to the
master.  It is not required to use a template, your intuition can guide you to a formation
that will bring soothing energy to your intention. However, using a template brings in
powerful energy because of the energy that many people throughout the centuries had put
into the symbol.

The Flower of Life was designed by our Creator and it shows how nature and things were
created through this design. Many religions use this symbol because of the healing effects
from its exposure. Many geometric symbol can be used for your crystal grids with wonderful

There is no hard rules in setting up a crystal grid. If you are guided to design and activate it
differently than what is a commonly used method then go for it. This is very personal to you
and this is your prayer to God/Universe.

Setting up the grid ~

1. The Flower of Life is a very common symbol to use. The design will show that everything
in the universe is interconnected. You will be guided by the lines/petals of the design to
layout your stone.

2. Choose your crystals, gems, shells and/or objects.
I find using Therapeutic gemstones much more potent and the results seem to unfold
quicker.  Using therapeutic placements, hand pieces, spheres - even necklaces are wonderful
choices. They will need to be cleansed of any negative residue. The Purple plates work great
for this. You can also use other methods of cleansing such as  rinsing under running water
then  placing in moonlight or under the sun. Some gems's color will fade in the sun, such as
Rose Quartz and Amethyst - so simply chose using the purple plate. Burning sage can also be
used to cleanse all the items including objects.

3. Put your master gem in the center. Again you can use any of your therapeutic gemstones
as the master.  Often a crystal point will be shown but I use my therpeuitc necklaces as the
center point quite often.  I also like to use a sphere or a hand piece which are naturally
larger and provide a good center point.

4. Use your complimentary stones on a line going out from the master. A mulitple of lines
that can resemble a simple star. Go in the direction that you feel guided.

5. Using two to three different crystals, stones, shells and/or objects are usually the norm for
a grid. You may be inspired to use more. Design your crystal grid that makes sense to you and
feel powerful to your heart and soul.

To activate the grid ~

You can use your finger and start at the master in the center. (Some people like to use  a
quartz wand  or other gemstone wand - but I find using my finger personalizes my intent
more.) Follow the line of your gems to the outside of your grid across to the next line and
go back to the center. Repeat this until you have gone all around your grid and all
gems/objects has been energetically connected. It will appear as if you are cutting a piece of
pie when you are connecting from the master  to the edge of the grid and back.
While you are connecting your grid, say your affirmation or prayer.

You may have a piece of paper with your prayer or affirmation written under the master or
even under the grid board iteself. The paper can be folded. Or you can use a photo. So, for
instance, if you are praying for health of the person in the photo, be sure it is a photo when
they were healthy.

Make this a meaningful ritual for you. Put the grid in a place where it will not be touched or
disturbed. If it has been interrupted, then just reactivate it. Usually once a week to
reactivate it is fine until you receive your intention. If the energy doesn't feel right, you may
add or delete some gems/objects to make it feel right to you.

Your grid can be as large or as small as you feel. Never underestimate the power of a small
grid! These are ideal to have on nightstands, desk or on your sacred altar.
by Sia
For me, the use of crystal grids was a natural happening with my affinity for energy work, my
love of therapeutic gems and my relationship with the sacred forms/geometry.  I also was
searching for ways to use my therapeutic necklaces -as I only have one neck - and my
extensive collection of chakra placements from my session work.  This offered the perfect
solution while also expanded the spiritual nature of my surroundings and daily practices.

When searching the web for information on grids and even checking out a few books - I
discovered most people were using non therapeutic gems.  For me, this did not support the
whole purpose of the grid iteself.  The idea of the gems used is to support the intent.  If we
support the intent with non therapeutic gems the results can only be less than if we used

The crystal grids are a way to use the therapeutic necklaces and placements you already have
combined with a new tool or two for another mode of healing and well being. All tools have
multiple uses too - so each item can be in constant use for an increase in vibration and vitality.

All crystal grid tools we offer at T4t have been crafted for us especially
and the theraputic gems hand selected with great care and intent.

Enjoy looking through all the options and inspiring your creativity.

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