5 Day Healing Intensive
Transformational Journey
- from the old to the new -
Transformational Journey
From the old (year) to the new (year)
5 Day Healing Intensive
This event has been discontinued
Happy new Year to you!

Sia will be conducting a 5 Day Healing Intensive designed to ease the
transition from old into the new by closing the old year with peace
and embracing the new with grace. Through the group dynamic the
individual participants will be accelerated along their own personal
paths. It will begin a few days prior to the end of the year and
conclude on the first day of the New Year.

How it works:
A daily long distance session (approx 1 hour)
will be received by every participant.
In each session Sia will utilize Therapeutic Gemstones,
Divine Healing Liquids (essences), Reiki & a 6-star formation (an
ancient form from the Atlantean times).
(Usual price per single Therapeutic gem session is $90
and this intensive provides 5 sessions with additional elements)
The sessions are done remotely connecting to your energy field and
anchored through your birth date  - so it doesn't matter where you
are - what country you are in - or what you are doing. Participants
can go through their "normal" routine - sleep, work, play, etc and fully
receive the benefits.

The Divine Healing Liquids & Gems
have been specially selected to amplify the effects
of the energies of the specific days during the intensive.

Thursday December 28
Therapeutic Citrine on all the chakras
St. Germain's Violet Flame Divine Healing Liquid
for purification & cleansing

Friday December 29
Therapeutic Charoite on all the chakras
St. Germain's Violet Flame Divine Healing Liquid
for deeper purification & cleansing

Saturday December 30
Therapeutic Pink Sapphire on all the chakras
Baba Divine Healing Liquid
for forgiveness of self & others
along with an increasing of the love quotient

Sunday December 31
Therapeutic Tektite on all the chakras
Pleidian Divine Healing Liquid
for an increase of the cosmic consciousness & higher purification

Monday January 1
Therapeutic Aquamarine, Indigo & Pearl on all the chakras
Maitreya, Mother Mary & Sanada Divine Healing Liquid
for an amplification of the connection to the self
for purification, cleansing and self realization

Last day to register is December 27, 2017

I am one of the members in this journey. It is so easy you don't have to do anything, the
energy works for you for your highest intent. I certainly woke up feeling a lot happier than I
have lately and it's Sia work that is helping my inner journey. It's only day one, cant wait to
feel what happens on the next 4 days, thanks Sia for the wonderful work you do, it's great.


This has been the most powerful and transformative time, within a very powerful and
transformative time in and of itself (;
Thank you so very very much Sia. I am forever grateful and happy to know and be connected
to your beautiful ways of healing and bringing light to this world.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
JM, Kentucky


Dear Sia,
Today's session was so powerful and peacefull and I experienced wave after wave of healing
energies working through the chakras and bodies. Thank you so much for everything - I'm so
appreciative of the opportunity to have been a participant in this group. Thank you also for
leaving up the healing space that we can all access through meditation.
Abundant blessings on your New Year!
Session / Consultation
Transformational Journey
From the old (year) to the new (year)
5 Day Healing Intensive
Adult $185.00
18 & under $85.00
Sign up for Healing w/ friend or family and save $50
2 Adult Special $320.00
Bottle details
I have created a special
Transformational Journey
From the old (year) to the new (year)
Divine Healing Blend
This blend has been formulated with a combination of
therapeutic gemstones liquids, master & angelic
energies along with the Flower of Life liquid (soon to
be released) which is the visual representation of
Oneness - the all.

This liquid will help cultivate a gentle transition from
the past & the old year - into the bright new future
filled with more light and love with grace.  It is infused
with blessings to aid in whatever challenges you face
in your continued unfolding journey.  It will anchor
love and light within - helping you to more easily
manifest and radiate your true self.
Available with dropper top
1 ounce bottle $18.00
2 ounce bottle $34.50
or oral spray top

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This is your personal source for potent tools for transformation - be it for health, meditation,
expanded consciousness - whatever your goal.

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