(confirmed by the Gemstone Guardian of Amethyst)

Gold locks
Gold in every strand, which is not directly designed to promote and
incorporate the gold vibration in its overall therapeutic effect, is always
emanating a foreign energy compared to the gem vibration. This gold vibration
is overcome by offering a slight amount of gem energy to re-balance the

The best way and as a "rule of thumb" is the amount of gem weight needed is
equal to the gold weight.That means - if you have 2 carats of gold than  2 carats
of the gems are needed to offset the gold vibrational effects in a strand. Gems
also display different strengths.  For example, Emerald, Sapphire, Tanzanite,
Ruby, Diopside and other high energetic gemstones need less carat weight to
balance the vibrations of the gold weight.  
In clear gemstones  (clear quartz, frosted quartz or clear topaz) more energy
would be needed to balance a gold lock/clasp because of their natural
amplifying effect. It is best and easiest to have these gems in a length that
does not need a lock/clasp at all.

Gold versus silver
The vibration of gold is more in harmony with the human life form than silver.
The same general principles would apply to offset the silver vibration just in a
greater amount. For example, if you have 2 carats of gold than 2 carats of the
gem vibration would be needed, whereas if you had 2 carats of silver than 3
carats of the gem vibration would be needed. Fixed rules can not be applied
since no gem vibration is the same to another.

For the convenience of being able to wear short strands of gems,
many are offered with a lock/clasp.  
Since all necklaces offered at Tools4transformation are of higher therapeutic
values there is no need to be concerned about giving up a couple of carats to
balance the lock/clasp.
All necklaces carry in themselves enough energetic weight to fulfill their
therapeutic mission.
designed for holistic / multi-dimensional healing & transformation

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This is your personal source for potent tools for transformation - be it for health, meditation,
expanded consciousness - whatever your goal.

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