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Therapeutic Design Necklace
Mastery through Love based Thought & Action
Selenite, Phosphosiderite & Lavender
What this design does...        
Loving Mastery leads one on the path of self awareness and self realization through the
force of love.  When we think, act and live with love, we experience life as it was
designed and we ourselves radiate our Divinity.  We become centered, calm and aligned
- filled with purpose and confidence as we navigate life.  

Loving mastery is a natural balancer effecting all levels of self  - physical, mental,
emotional & spiritual - bringing them all into one unified state of being.  It helps one to
stay centered and focused during times of adverse “conditions”, moving through
challenges and navigating the chaos which can unfold in our day to day lives.  It restores
our natural flow, uplifts our spirit and improves our mood.

Loving mastery works strongly on the chakra column and can provide insight  into
chakra issues which exist.  It helps to remove energetic blocks and brings in a purifying
force where needed, allowing one to reach higher levels of vibration.  It also magnetizes
the being to attract higher frequencies, vibrations and colors as needed for restoring
flow, alignment and balance.

Loving mastery can make it easier to relate and harmonize with others.  It fortifies one’
s own sense of charisma and authenticity, naturally attracting others and enhancing
interactions.  It helps to increase one’s tolerance and compassion - awakening the heart
to the reality that we are all in this together.

Loving mastery forges a stronger connection to the higher and helps to cut through the
veil of illusion which holds us back from realizing our full Divine potential.  It opens all
the doorways for this communication line - serving as a bridge for messages to make
themselves known - be it through experiences, people, omens or dreams.

Loving mastery resonates with and helps manifest the energies of the Divine Feminine -
the frequencies of which are being sent to the planet supporting humanity‘s
transformation and evolution.  Its frequencies are harmonious to that of the 5th
dimension and can help one on the path of ascension or working with ascension

Loving mastery can even assist with overcoming grief, depression, low self esteem -
awakening one to the Divinity within.  It can aid in insomnia and enhance the dream
state to receive the nourishment and restoration needed.  It also helps to improve
posture - standing tall and solid in one’s power with an open heart.
LOVING MASTERY Therapeutic Design Necklace
is available in two different styles.
Each contain the same gems - Selenite, Phosphosiderite & Lavender
just with a different ratio of Selenite & Lavender.

A little further info about the beads themselves...
Genuine Phosphosiderite has been selected to create this design.  Recently this
gem has been more difficult to find, prices have escalated and many imitations
have flooded the market.  We luckily have a reputable source for this beautiful
opaque lilac/pink gem and offer it in this design.

Selenite is very difficult to find in beads as it is a brittle gem not conducive to
bead making.  We have found a source which crafts the beads for us but it
should be noted that they are slightly off - round due to the matrix of the gem.  
This does not in any way interfere with the working of this gem.

Lavender is a gem which has been around for awhile and know for its aligning
and balancing energies which are unique to it.  Some refer to this gem as Cape
Amethyst or now even Lavender Quartz but we refer to it as Lavender to avoid
any misconceptions about its working, benefits or authenticity.
Special placement detail on the back of the neck.
We selected two selenite beads to align with either side of the
spinal/chakra column with a lavender bead in the center.
#1) Extraordinary plus
24" no lock/ endless
$181.35 NOW $136.00
#2) Extraordinary plus
25" no lock/ endless
$184.75 NOW $138.55
Extraordinary plus
25" no lock/ endless
$188.10 NOW $141.05

Tools4transformation is your personal source for potent tools for transformation - be it for health,
meditation, expanded consciousness - whatever your goal.

Tools4transformation difference…
We are a home based business that crafts and creates your necklaces from start to finish.  We do not employee
buyers, graders, stringers, advertisers, shippers, etc but rather do all these steps and more ourselves.  

We hand select out material, going through 100s of strands, finding the beads which suit our taste for high
quality and vibration.  Once we have a group of hand selected beads we then divide them into groups by
similar grading and vibrational emanation - allowing for potent tools to be created.

Your necklaces are then crafted with care when the energy is most optimal.  It is not created as part of some
one’s work but rather crafted by some one who loves and appreciates the gems, their potent powers and
endless possibilities for healing.  

Once we have a grouping of necklaces available we add them to our website and share the news in our
newsletter - all created and maintained by ourselves. Once an order is placed, we carefully pack and send out
asap using recycled boxes and packing as much as possible.

Tools4transformation difference is the personal care given to the entire process
of finding or crafting hi vibrational tools for you to use and enjoy for many years to come.


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CLEANING LOVING MASTERY DESIGN: For optimal results it is advised to keep
your Loving mastery Design clean.  The easiest way to do this is by placing it on
the purple plate overnight.  This can be done every 1-2 weeks or if using
consistently - place on plate every 3 days or so.  Purple plates are offered to
purchase with your necklace. Simply select from the pull down menu the size of
plate you would like. To read about the purple plates visit
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