Therapeutic Gemstone Necklaces
designed for holistic / multi-dimensional healing & transformation
CLEANING MALACHITE: For optimal results it is advised to keep your
Malachite clean.  The easiest way to do this is by placing it on the purple
plate overnight.  This can be done every 1-2 weeks or if using consistently -
place on plate every 3 days or so.  Purple plates are offered to purchase
with your necklace. Simply select from the pull down menu the size of
plate you would like. To read about the purple plates visit

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Malachite's most striking physical property is its green color. The greens
can range from a pastel green, to a bright green, to an extremely dark green
that is almost black. It is typically found as stalactites and botryoidal
coatings on the surfaces of underground cavities - similar to the deposits of
calcite found in caves. When this gem is cut into slabs and pieces, the sawn
surfaces often exhibit banding and eyes that are similar to agate.
For the highest therapeutic benefit in a necklace it is important that the
banding is in alignment, wrapping around the drill hole for the strongest
benefit and working.
Some of the benefits of Malachite
- Malachite reveals the truth about oneself and brings to the surface
that which is unknown or unseen to the conscious mind
- It helps to clear the obstructions from your path that may have been
holding you back
- Malachite embodies the power of coincidence or synchronicity, and this
can be used to help  you to take the right path to change your life
- It removes negative energies and attracts positive and abundance forces to
support you on all levels of being
- Malachite heals not only on the physical but emotional levels, drawing out
impurities and stimulating  the Life Force throughout the aura and body
- It is a potent healing gem which is known to help to lower high blood
pressure, and brings strength and vitality to the physical body after illness

The guardian of Malachite explains...
Malachite is a powerful healing gem which detects disharmonies within the
physical aspect.  Once the disharmony has been located this gem gives insight(s)
to the wearer (or user) on how all the aspects have interacted to create it and
therefore what needs to happen to change it.  Malachite works in partnership
with the body and it's systems to bring whatever is needed to correct the

Malachite can return one to an original state of perfect health but the time it
takes varies, since each being has their own unique set of disharmonies.  Some
of the common areas Malachite assists with are the heart, lungs and organs.  
This gem' energies are restorative so it simply saturates the area and returns it
to its proper functioning state.  For example, if the lungs have built up mucus,
the mucus will be discharged.  If an organ has a growth (tumor) it will bring
energy there to dissolve it, etc.  At the same time it heightens the awareness of
the wearer (or user) as to why these situations have occurred to create a
complete healing process from all aspects.

Malachite's restorative nature also works well on muscles and bones.  It can be
used to assist in any injury like torn or strained ligaments, broken bones, etc.  
With time it will also increase one's overall flexibility of movement as it restores
the cohesive functioning of the limbs.  This is a great help for those with
arthritis, joint swelling, pain or stiffness.

Malachite can also serve as a tool for those who have reached a plateau in their
physical.  For example, if one has changed the diet, adjusted exercise, etc. and
still isn't reaching the state of health desired this gem can easily give insight or
even a direct path on how to move forward towards the picture of health.  This
gem can give benefit to weight loss and following a weight loss program.

Malachite with continued use will benefit the immune system and even one's
DNA.  It will restore, to the deepest level possible the longer it is worn, one's
physical being to its ultimate working state.
#2) Extraordinary Plus Plus
24inch with no lock
63.98g @ $3.00/g
#1) Extraordinary Plus
26inch with no lock
86.19g @ $2.75/g
Select Purple Plate option
Select Purple Plate option