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The guardian of Mother of pearl explains...
Mother of Pearl brings a deep sense of comfort and protection being of great use to many during
times of rapid change (like now).  Mother of Pearl balances emotional disharmonies and helps to
see situations in a different light.  Just as you would call a good friend when you've had a lousy day
for comfort/consoling, this gem becomes that good friend and internally offers the same.

Mother of Pearl offers a protection field which shields one from the radiation given off by TVs.  This
is an especially good tool for children as they are often unaware of how close they stay by the TV
not to mention how long they watch (unless monitored).

Mother of Pearl is of tremendous value in exploring and resolving childhood issues.  Much of the
patterns for dealing with life situations are developed when one is young and often the approach
are out of date or simply not of benefit.  To respond to life for one's highest good it is best to
evaluate often to avoid formulating or continuing negative patterns.

Mother of Pearl gives courage to do just that and creates positive approaches.  Mother of Pearl is
an invaluable tool when dealing with inner child issues, abuse, abandonment, rejection,
self-confidence, self-esteem, etc.  It restores a loving balance within that outer situations do not
cause a shifting away from the center. Because Mother of Pearl strongly affects the patterns
established in childhood, it is also a wonderful tool for children to avoid patterns from being
developed in the first place.  This gem holds a loving space for the child to exist in regardless of what
is occurring outside.

Mother of Pearl restores the element of vulnerability without having to sacrifice or compromise.  
Vulnerability is the key to being open and the more open; the closer one is to the pure essence

Heals the digestive system and all its symptoms including ulcers and tumors,
helps with muscle strains and quickens recovery from overuse,
eases skin irritations and wrinkles,
heightens wakefulness of self, helps with self expression, develops intuition,
roots out negativity, helps promote inner equilibrium,
brings a deep calm in challenging times helping one to stay centered
#1) Extraordinary
25.5" with no lock/endless
53.51g@ $1.50/g
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Mother of Pearl is naturally found in a Carmel color and is often
bleached to a off white color. The bleached form of this gem is what is
commonly found and seen in offering of Mother of Pearl.

Below you will find Mother of Pearl Necklaces in its natural form -
unbleached.  It should be noted that the bleaching of the gem does not
interfere with the working or its mission.
#2) Extraordinary
26" with no lock/endless
53.54g@ $1.50/g
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#3) Extraordinary Plus
26" with no lock/endless
55.72g@ $1.60/g
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#4) Extraordinary Plus
26.5" with no lock/endless
56.69g@ $1.60/g
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#5) Extraordinary Plus
27" with no lock/endless
57.75g@ $1.60/g
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#6) Extraordinary Plus
26.5" with no lock/endless
57.38g@ $1.65/g
Select Purple Plate option
We recommend to infuse this gem with Mother Goddess energies
which would multiply the benefits and properties.

To read more about energy infusion visit
The Mother Goddess Energy infusion available on this page only
Infuse with Mother Goddess Energies

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Tools4transformation difference…
We are a home based business that crafts and creates your necklaces from start to finish.  We do not employee
buyers, graders, stringers, advertisers, shippers, etc but rather do all these steps and more ourselves.  

We hand select out material, going through 100s of strands, finding the beads which suit our taste for high
quality and vibration.  Once we have a group of hand selected beads we then divide them into groups by
similar grading and vibrational emanation - allowing for potent tools to be created.

Your necklaces are then crafted with care when the energy is most optimal.  It is not created as part of some
one’s work but rather crafted by some one who loves and appreciates the gems, their potent powers and
endless possibilities for healing.  

Once we have a grouping of necklaces available we add them to our website and share the news in our
newsletter - all created and maintained by ourselves. Once an order is placed, we carefully pack and send out
asap using recycled boxes and packing as much as possible.

Tools4transformation difference is the personal care given to the entire process
of finding or crafting hi vibrational tools for you to use and enjoy for many years to come.


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CLEANING MOTHER OF PEARL: For optimal results it is advised to keep
your Mother of pearl clean.  The easiest way to do this is by placing it on
the purple plate overnight.  This can be done every 1-2 weeks or if using
consistently - place on plate every 3 days or so.  Purple plates are offered to
purchase with your necklace. Simply select from the pull down menu the
size of plate you would like. To read about the purple plates visit