Therapeutic Gemstone Necklaces
designed for holistic / multi-dimensional healing & transformation
CLEANING PHOSPHOSIDERITE: For optimal results it is advised to keep your  
Phosphosoderite clean.  The easiest way to do this is by placing it on the purple
plate overnight.  This can be done every 1-2 weeks or if using consistently -
place on plate every 3 days or so.  Purple plates are offered to purchase with
your necklace. Simply select from the pull down menu the size of plate you
would like. To read about the purple plates visit
This stone is named Phosphosiderite because of its mineral makeup. It
contains phosphorous, phospho, and iron, siderite. The word siderite is
from the Greek word sideros, which means iron.

Highly Therapeutic Phosphosiderite is distinguished by having little to no
yellow veins or stripes within as this is another stone entirely - Cacoxenite.
All of our offerings are highly therapeutic for potent results.

Some of the benefits of Phosphosiderite
- Phosphosiderite is a door opener for an expanded experience of life, paving
the way for more profound experiences from a place of centered being
-It is calming, soothing and peace bringing allowing one to navigate with
grace and ease
- Phosphosiderite helps to remove the element of drama, especially in
emotional recovery/personal processes, allowing for true inner healing to
take place at a faster pace.
- It provides a space to move through your process while still being able to
take care of your day to day obligations
- Phosphosiderite provides great insight into what influences are helpful or
hindering while increasing intuition, understanding omens/dreams,
connecting with higher guidance
- It helps to eliminate patterns, programs and wiring established through
life's experiences and is especially helpful with neuro-feedback and somatic
experiencing work
- Phosphosiderite aligns one with the Divine helping to guide one on the
path of purpose -  giving indications of the best choices and even helps to
ascertain exactly what is in the highest alignment with one's true self
- It promotes self care and guides one to make choices which supports you
the best along with attaining the best possible version of the self
-Phosphoiderite helps to deepen the connection with others establishing
healthy and fulfilling relationships - either with those existing or forging
new ones
- It helps to cut cords, psychic or otherwise, to free one to engage and
connect authentically
-Phosphsoderite helps to fortify the core of the being and facilitaes a
stronger flow to the soul star chakra

The Guardian of Phosphosiderite explains...
This gem tends to have more of a spiritual nature first allowing benefits to
realize and make manifest the best possible expression of one’s self. It
connects to the “glue” of the universe - love - and through a love based
vibration allows one to unfold with the personal understanding needed to
progress and master this planet/plane.

The healing brought about is based on a deeper recognition of Source
through the gem.  So, the experiences one may encounter could be quite
different from one individual to another - since we all are coming from
different points/ approaches - yet the end result will be the same – self-
realization.  It is great for all, regardless of where one is on the path - beginner
or initiate.

It can also unveil chakra issues giving greater insight to the issues within the
chakras which may be hindering or holding us back from our true nature.  It
supports one to have courage to look at or admit to the existing issues, which
in itself is half the battle and continues to assist to making necessary changes.

Phosphosiderite not only aids in the relationship with the self but can
definitely help in harmonizing with others.  It is soothing and washes away
anger, resentment and judgment, making way for easier recognition of the
Oneness wherever we look.  Through this, our consciousness is expanded
giving greater tolerance for all, increasing compassion and honoring

Can be a powerful tool for group or event leaders, bosses or heads of families
as it helps to harmonize or brings forth harmonizing energies through the

Regardless of it’s spiritual inclination it does have some definite physical
healing properties.  It heals ulcers, hives, rashes and other disruptions
especially reactive in nature.  Can aid in sleeping disorders of all kinds. Can
also help regulate blood pressure and ease digestive issues.  It aids in
overcoming grief and depression while restoring optimism.

Phosphosiderite is most commonly found in a pink/purple lilac color or deeper
purple hue. Purples are challenging to photograph but I did my best to replicate
the exact color of each strand.  In general all fall in the range of lilac hues but
the pictures might vary in intensity depending on how the light happens to hit it.
#1) Extraordinary Plus
25inch with no lock
57.25g @ $2.25/g
#2) Extraordinary Plus
26inch with no lock
58.99g @ $2.25/g
#3) Extraordinary Plus Plus
25.5inch with no lock
55.27g @ $2.50/g
#1) Extraordinary Plus
25inch with no lock
70.2g @ $2.25/g
#2) Extraordinary Plus plus
26inch with no lock
63.96g @ $2.50/g
#3) Extraordinary Plus plus
25inch with no lock
70.92g @ $2.50/g
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Select Purple Plate option
Select Purple Plate option
Select Purple Plate option
Select Purple Plate option
Select Purple Plate option

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