tools for holistic / multi-dimensional healing & transformation
Single hand selected placement pieces
for meditation,specialized healing, layouts, Reiki/Energy
tools or gem specimen for essence making
Pictures are NOT true to size - please refer to dimensions listed the visible rainbow
(at the top) is not part of the gem but a reflection of the light from the scanner
Therapeutic quality - the Violet Purple of Purple Dumortierite
should be a rich shade not one with a grey influence or overtone.
It is confirmed that the placements currently offered at T4t (below)
are of a very rare , hard to find therapeutic quality and fulfill the
properties/mission.  The visible white veins and occasional black
patches in no way inhibit the mission and are part of the gem itself.

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Therapeutic Properties of Purple Dumortierite
Purple Dumortierite
The Guardian of Purple Dumortierite explains...
Dumortierite is commonly found in blue - usually referred to as denim or jean blue.  But on rare
occasions it is found in a violet purple.  The purple variety is a strong crown chakra enhancer.  
Before going further let’s look generally at chakras.  Chakras are energy centers within the body
and when functioning well can enhance our experience of life.

The crown chakra is the gateway to higher energies when focusing on the 7 main chakras.  This
gateway is where pure energy can enter, energy from other dimensions, in order to assist on this
plane of existence.  When we are young the crown chakra is fully open and serves as a gateway to
the Source of where we originated.  Hence the innocence, bliss and joy little ones convey.  As time
progresses, the crown chakra tends to shrink or close it’s opening as many find it too difficult to
continue the connection to Source and function successfully in the way of the world.

On the spiritual path the opening of the crown and receiving energy along the column is a focus.
Also to bring energy up the column - Kundalini rising.  Regardless, the chakra colum and flow is of
importance to unveiling our full capacity and since the crown serves as a gateway to the higher it is
optimal to have a strong, fully functioning crown chakra.

Purple Dumortierite has unique properties which enhance, heal and restore the crown chakra to it’
s original state.  It is a strong tool to do this and through it’s effects will also expand the third eye
chakra.  Through this one can become like a child again - filled with wonder and bliss along with
being open to all adventures and aspects of life.  It is a constant state of gratitude and wonderment
- just happy and content - in being.

Even though Purple Dumortierite has strong spiritual benefits it does effect the other aspects.  It
improves mental clarity along with enriching one’s perspective with a heart/mind approach adding
warmth and realness.  It tends to cut the illusions and games of life showing what is real.

On the emotional the effects are usually seen as a result from the strong spiritual input.  Spiritual
focus naturally brings more meaning and fullness to life so in that way it aids depression, low self-
esteem, lack of enthusiasm and removes suicidal thoughts and tendencies.  Helps those that feel
they don’t belong on this planet - to be a part.

Lastly on the physical Purple Dumortierite helps the immune system.  Not necessarily as strong as
some other gems (such as Sugilite or Emerald) but does benefit the overall well being of the vehicle
we are inhabiting.

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