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How to use Sugilite as a placement for optimum results
The Guardian of Sugilite explains...
Hello my Friends...
This is the Gemstone Guardian of Sugilite with some information about why to use Sugilite
as a placement and how to best do this. Humanity has been "called" to realize that they
(their true essence) are not their bodies but the bodies are the vessel holding their Divine
nature/essence/true self.  Many have written and spoken explanations of this fact
constantly putting out the reminder in the ethers making it easier for all to come to
realize/remember the truth.

Sugilite has an unique effect on the human thought pattern often referred to as ego-based
thinking. While strengthening & bringing forward the Divine Source power within, one is
able to respond/react from the Divine space rather than the ego based .When one aligns
with the Divine Source energy or "goes with the flow" manifestation of desires comes
easily and new levels of happiness can be attained.

For many, the wearing of a necklace can initiate a strong resistance to recognizing this
facet of themselves and to the healing aspect that Sugilite offers (even though they do
benefit from the other healing effects of the Sugilite).Therefore, the ideal tools to target
aligning with the Divine Source/nature/essence/true self within are Sugilite placements.
Through placements a concentrated input with conscious awareness can be used with deep
lasting effects.  It can simply be held (or placed on the chakras) during one's "normal"
meditation session or used in sessions to help a client (or one's self) to gain a difference

It should be noted that all discomforts, sickness, lack, etc are all ego based thoughts or the
result of them.  The Divine has no limits.  It is abundant, pure, constant love and that
Divine Energy resides within each one. Therefore - each one is limitless, abundant, pure,
constant love.

Sugilite brings this Divine Energy to the forefront so that one's functioning happens from
this place of abundance and purity at all times creating the true "heaven on earth".

Which shape to choose...V & Sia asked me to also talk a bit about the shapes of the Sugilite
placements and their specific effects.
Rectangle/Square - Strong tool to remove stuck ego-based thinking. Place either on the
3rd eye or the crown chakra.
Round/Oval - Balancing and unifying.  Integrates ego with Divine Source
lessening the pull/drive to act constantly from ego-based thinking.  Place on heart, 3rd eye
or crown.
Teardrop - Accesses the creative Divine Source easily.  Great tool to co-create reality
desired or to manifest. Place on heart.
Triangle - This is a "target" tool.  Gives pointed focus to remove blocks or manifest reality.
Place on heart or crown.

Any shape of Sugilite(even necklaces) can have these attributes if the intent is set at the
If no intent is set then the general shape will guide the vibration/force in a direction.

Final note to my friends...This information applies to Therapeutic quality Sugilite (such as
what is available through Tools4transformation) Sugilite has been named the gem for the
"new age" because it is time for the truth of your Divine Nature to come forth and
Sugilite can help in the process.
Pictures are NOT true to size - please refer to dimensions listed the visible rainbow
(at the top) is not part of the gem but a reflection of the light from the scanner
To read about the Therapeutic Properties of Sugilite
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