Therapeutic Gemstone Necklaces
designed for holistic / multi-dimensional healing & transformation

Tools4transformation is your personal source for potent tools for transformation - be it for health,
meditation, expanded consciousness - whatever your goal.

Tools4transformation difference…
We are a home based business that crafts and creates your necklaces from start to finish.  We do not employee
buyers, graders, stringers, advertisers, shippers, etc but rather do all these steps and more ourselves.  

We hand select out material, going through 100s of strands, finding the beads which suit our taste for high
quality and vibration.  Once we have a group of hand selected beads we then divide them into groups by
similar grading and vibrational emanation - allowing for potent tools to be created.

Your necklaces are then crafted with care when the energy is most optimal.  It is not created as part of some
one’s work but rather crafted by some one who loves and appreciates the gems, their potent powers and
endless possibilities for healing.  

Once we have a grouping of necklaces available we add them to our website and share the news in our
newsletter - all created and maintained by ourselves. Once an order is placed, we carefully pack and send out
asap using recycled boxes and packing as much as possible.

Tools4transformation difference is the personal care given to the entire process
of finding or crafting hi vibrational tools for you to use and enjoy for many years to come.


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CLEANING PINK SAPPHIRE: For optimal results it is advised to keep your
Pink Sapphire clean.  The easiest way to do this is by placing it on the
purple plate overnight.  This can be done every 1-2 weeks or if using
consistently - place on plate every 3 days or so.  Purple plates are offered to
purchase with your necklace. Simply select from the pull down menu the
size of plate you would like. To read about the purple plates visit
Some of the benefits of Pink Sapphire
- Pink Sapphire assists the emotional body through the transitions of life,
stimulating the emotions of love, forgiveness, acceptance, and letting go.
- It soothes the heart and aligns it with the mind, healing wounds of the
past and encouraging compassion for others.
- It helps one develop the courage to be open again to relationships and to
find joy in interacting with others
- It regulates our interaction with the external world and controls what
we embrace and what we resist.
- Pink Sapphire helps to resolve blockages and to re-balance the Heart
Chakra,  allowing us to understand our own needs and emotions clearly.
-  It is also useful in balancing blood sugar, glucose metabolism and in
cases of diabetes, hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia.

The Guardian of Pink Sapphire explains...
Pink Sapphire enhances one's love aspect.  Love is the key ingredient to finding peace on this
plane.  The love I am referring to here is not that of loving another or being "in love" with
someone.  It is the idea of every action done, is done with love.  Everything that you do, if
done with love, will bring the entire fulfillment ever needed.  There will be no lack of
anything because all nourishment is received by your own actions.  Pink Sapphire cultivates
the love within to do this and with time experiences of frustration, anger and stress lessen
and eventually disappear.

The feminine nature is that of loving unconditionally.  Pink Sapphire awakens this with all
and enhances this aspect giving it strength to spread to all parts of life.  Because of its high
frequency Pink Sapphire also draws higher frequencies into the wearer (or user) to expand
one's capability to consistently hold the love vibration.

 This gem has a profound effect on women because it directly targets the very essence of
their being.  Many women today have chosen to be something other than what they
actually are (nurturing, patient and unconditional).  This has created an imbalance in the
world and the ramifications of this are now coming to light.  This is not to say that women
should not enter into what is termed as a "man's world" but don't become a man to do it.  It
is a misinterpretation that femininity is soft.  The feminine one can effect great change.  Pink
Sapphire supports and gives strength to stay true to the innate femininity whose energy is
needed for the current state of Earth and humanity.

 On the physical level, Pink Sapphire blankets the body with its energies.  Often times the
love frequencies Pink Sapphire supplies is the only healing that is needed to clear a physical
issue.  In particular it can be used to target any feminine issues or discomforts.
One of the most FAQs we receive is how can we offer such low prices on precious gems.  Our carat price is usually
less than $80/ct whereas others in the market charge prices starting at $250/ct and going to over $1000/ct.  

We are offering the same therapeutic quality. V is selecting and doing our purchasing - so we don't have to pay
some one else to seek out therapeutic material.

We also don't follow the usual mark up directive for precious gems but charge based on what we pay. Our goal is to
get the gems out there for people to use and heal. It is possible to own a precious therapeutic necklace.  Often you
can purchase a full necklace from us - where others charge the same price for a design or bracelet.
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#1) Extraordinary
Natural (not heated)
16.5" with 14kt gold lock
35.2cts @ $24.00/ct
Select Purple Plate option
#3) Extraordinary plus
Natural (not heated)
17" with 14kt gold lock
37cts @ $26.00/ct
Select Purple Plate option
#2) Extraordinary
Natural (not heated)
20.5" with 14kt gold lock
48.50cts @ $24.00/ct
Select Purple Plate option
#4) Extraordinary plus
Natural (not heated)
22.5" with 14kt gold lock
41.9cts @ $26.00/ct
Select Purple Plate option