When people start to work with Therapeutic Gemstones one of the aspects that is run
across across is the Color Ray gems.  The most familiar ones are  Red- Ruby, Orange -
Carnelian, Yellow - Yellow Sapphire, Green-Emerald, Blue - Blue Sapphire, Indigo -
Indigo (the gem) and Purple - Amethyst but the Color Rays are not limited to these. For
instance more individuals are coming in under the rays of Pink (to bring more focus on
love to the planet), Aqua (to bring more focus on the inner and higher self) and Gold (to
draw in a higher level of energy to the physical plane).  These are what I have
encountered so far but I am told there are even more.

One way to approach working with Therapeutic Gemstones is to find out your Color Ray
and work with the corresponding gemstone.  I will consult with the Gemstone Guardians to
find out what your Color Ray is so you can use this method of Therapeutic Gemstone
Therapy for yourself. When some one wears their color ray they are in a field of where
they originated allowing them to easily radiate their authentic selves no matter what is
happening.  It is easier to hold your center and not get pulled in the directional flow of
those around you or situations occurring.  This keeps an even field of balance and
harmony within.

This reading provides you with your main Color Ray and your secondary Color Ray.
Simply provide your name and birth date and I will use this as an anchor to gain the most
accurate info. (There will be a box saying "message to seller" on the payment page for
you to type in this info)
SESSIONS by SIA - Color Ray Reading
Color Ray Reading $25.00
Confirmation will follow payment and reading will be
done  as soon as I have availability - I will let you know
when to expect your Color Ray Reading via email
(usually within a week)
Thank you, Sia, for the reading. It makes perfect sense. When I first read your
email I felt laid bare!!!, in a good way. So insightful of you.  My best to you, J
Side note:
There are several sources and methods to determine your color rays available among
therapeutic gem sources. Please be aware that my results may vary as other methods can
be influenced by the individual's thought or wishes rather than actual info.  For instance, one
may like to see themselves as a certain color ray but are in fact something different.  This
reading provides great opportunity to really learn about the authentic "you".
Some other questions that have come up...
What is the reason for the second ray?
I found that in doing readings that telling people what their main ray was limited them - as it was just
a fraction of who they were.  The guardians told me that people also have a secondary influence that
adds to and brings fullness to the main ray.  So I started asking for this info as well in my readings.

Do White Ray people have a secondary Ray?
White Ray people do indeed have a secondary ray.  Even though their main ray encompasses all colors
it does not mean that they can not gain something from an individual color or secondary influence that
effects their fullness of being.

I have heard from other sources that we have a limiting ray.  Do you work with this?
I have a hard time with limitations and hence of course "limiting rays".  In the end it is ourselves
which limit us so I do not even look into the concept of what some one's "limiting ray" is.  I am here to
guide people to be the fullest expression of themselves and not reinforce their own limitations.  
Perhaps the description means something totally different but with the words chosen to describe it - I
chose not to look into it.

There are many approaches to Color Rays and the reading I provide are just one way that perhaps the
gems can be used for becoming closer to self.  Some people start here, others look into later - there
is no right or wrong - just a tool to give some direction and a method to get to know the gems that
may assist.
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