Thank you so much, Sia.   I really appreciate your time and work, and you've truly been a
huge help in my transformation and healing in the past year.  With lots of love and light, R

Thank you.  I am feeling great. Thanks for  working with me on a energetic level. I really
appreciate all the help and healing work you have done for me and the family to this point. It
has been great.
Color Ray Reading / Assessment
Primary & Secondary Colors
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Field of Harmony
Unique Energy Shifting and Blessing
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Healing Session with Therapeutic Gems
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Healing Session with Therapeutic Gems
for Relationships
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Manifesting Healing Session
attract what you desire
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Sacred Geometry Healing Session
with the Platonic Solids
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Sia is not an M.D. or licensed medical professional. She does not diagnose or treat medical conditions and
does not consult or advise about such conditions. Energy healing and vibrational therapies are performed as
complementary practices to relieve stress and to clear and balance the body’s energy fields. While these
practices can enhance and strengthen the healing process on all levels, they are not a substitute for
appropriate medical care. The healing sessions do not constitute as medical advice. It is the responsibility
of each individual to seek and utilize a physician’s care and advice for medical conditions.
Please note- I am not one that will talk you into getting a session.
If you feel drawn to the session work take it as a sign that your Higher Self/Guides/Angels are guiding you
to me in order to help.  I do not believe one person can be a healer for all but each person can provide a piece
that assists one in moving more in harmony with their own Divinity.
Trust yourself and your intuition - follow what resonates.
Confirmation will follow payment and session will be as soon as I have availability -
I will let you know when the session will be done - usually within a week.
An email will be sent upon the completion of your session
with any inputs or comments that may have come up during the session.
Everyone has what it takes within to live her/his full potential.
On occasion, a new insight or input can catapult us to another level, creating
inspiration, new found energy, motivation, drive or simply an opening of another door
of awareness.  These sessions and services are designed to do just that -providing a
new inner harmony to stimulate an expanded version of yourself.  My focus is aiding
one to bring forth their Divinity.  I am not trying to give you anything but rather take
away what is not yours - revealing the radiant being that you are.
energy shifter & space holder for healing
Session / Consultation
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comments or website challenges