Divine Healing Liquid (Essence)
vibrational medicine for holistic / multi-dimensional healing & transformation
Available with dropper top
1 ounce bottle $12.00
2 ounce bottle $23.00
or oral spray top
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A paradise, a myth, a magical place. Only peace is known there
and people eternal young and healthy.
Shambala is the "City of Light". Home and residence of Sanat
Kumara. It's a place where the rays of light pass through before
reaching earth. Through it it has become the residence of many
Masters working with those rays and making sure that the right
amount at the right time reaches to earth as and when needed.
Further it is a place of learning and education for Masters and
the ones who become a master one day. Learning never ends so
that even Masters are Scholars and Scholars are Masters.
The further we go on our "spiritual evolution" on earth, the
closer we come to Shambala.
Shambala is one of the sources of true Wisdom. Many people
are guests during sleep time in their light bodies in Shambala.
Many see those energies as the true home.

Welcomed by Sanat Kumara.  Home of the Homes.
Powerful color rays which seem to work different at this level
then experienced here on Earth. Every Ray displays an even
higher God-Self-connection.  Those colors are so strong - to me -
that it is nearly overwhelming.  Intense tool for silent
meditation. Is - to me - like entering a new dimension not
experienced before even though it gave the feeling of home.  
Huge information / vibration input.
Exciting, intense and too new to have many words. If it attracts
you, use it!!! I will!!

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