Therapeutic Gemstone Necklaces
designed for holistic / multi-dimensional healing & transformation
There are basically three qualities (types) of Shungite.
The first quality is not possible to shape into forms because it is too brittle
though it is the highest quality and the most silvery, shimmering one.
The second quality is the highest quality in which beads and spheres can
be made.  This quality has a shiny appearance.
The third quality is the most dull looking one and is mostly used for
building materials such as slate tiles.
We have hand selected all our beads and they are the highest quality
possible offering the fullest manifestation of the benefits.
Our Shungite is genuine and comes from the
Zazhoginsky Mine located in the Republic of Karelia
Russia near Shunga village where it gets it name.
How to use Shungite Therapeutic Necklaces...
Shungite necklaces are not just to be put on and forgot about.  It is recommended to
ease into wearing them constantly - starting with an hour at a time and increasing as
it suits - staying in tune with it’s effects.  It is a wonderful tool as it will keep you in a
field that is constantly in the process of balancing and aligning while correcting all the
harmful influences including EMF.

It is especially powerful healing tool for the ill and those in rehabilitation.  Increased
amounts of wearing time can be used as it speeds up the healing process and does not
conflict with other therapies including medications.  It acts on the energetic body and
supports everything that is aiding the journey to re-establish health.

Place at least 75-100grams (our 10mm strands would do the trick here) in bathtub for
10 minutes to prepare bath water.  Or place 10mm necklace (or two 8mm - needs to
be in the 75-100 grams range) under running water as bathtub fills - needs to be under
running water for 5-6 minutes for full activation. Necklace can be attached to faucet
with rubber band or held under incoming water.
To reap maximum benefits soak in bath for 20 minutes once water is created.

Shungite Water
Use about 100 grams of shungite (a 10mm strand will work or two 8mm strands) to
one liter of water. Let soak in water for three days.
If you are in good health - drink 1 glass a day. Take a week break once a month
If ill or rehabilitating drink 2-3 glasses a day.
Remember it stimulates removal of toxins. It is purifying and regenerative and will
speeds up ALL processes in motion.  It is not recommended to take large doses.

Shungite Therapeutic Gemstone Essence
If you are not into creating Shungite Water yourself we have formulated a
concentrated form of the Shungite water. Add 9 drops to 8oz. of water in place of
home made Shungite water to avoid 3 day wait of formulation of water.
This Shungite essence can also be taken 4-7 drops 3-4 times daily.
Our Therapeutic Shungite essence can be found
Shungite Therapeutic Necklaces are recommended not to be worn on
light colored clothing until strand is washed a few times and worn for
awhile.  It is possible that through the drill holes some carbon powder is
released.  It is best to wear underneath clothing touching the skin.  Any
blackish spots, if they happen, are easily washed off the skin.
CLEANING SHUNGITE: For optimal results it is advised to keep your Shungite
clean.  The easiest way to do this is by placing it on the purple plate overnight.  
This can be done every 1-2 weeks or if using consistently - place on plate every 3
days or so.  Purple plates are offered to purchase with your necklace. Simply
select from the pull down menu the size of plate you would like.
To read about the purple plates visit
Best to wear
these with
contact to the
"If you’re thinking of shungite, I would take the plunge. . its such an easy way
to transmute and transform.
My older cat (18) was definitely on the wane. She had become very “fragile” ,
wasn’t eating a lot, and her little eyes were fuggy. I placed a small sphere in
her sleeping area, and added the shungite essence to her water fountain. It’s
been about four weeks, she plays now, she meows for her food, and she is
alert and connected to us. . . rolling back the years. .
"My little dog also had a sphere in his sleeping spot and I added the shungite
essence to his drinking water. He is young and seemed fine but I have noticed
increased energy, and interestingly an increased connection to us . He is much
more conscious in his interactions, and he’s begun to talk about what he
wants! (maybe a good thing. . or we’ll see!)
"I noticed first with my necklace a significant physical detox.ll I was having a
session with a person who I have done a lot of body work with about a week
after that. And she is very clairvoyant. She said, you know you’ve done
something that has released old stuff from your physical body all the way
through your energetic bodies, and it’s “gone”. I now think it’s working on
emotional stuff! I can feel it when it starts to get heavy, and I take it off and
put it on the purple plate. . and then resume. I do lots of pc work, and I don’t
feel as tired. . YAY on SHUNGITE. . . "

Tools4transformation was established in 2002.
We are a simple home based business doing what we love.  We provide high quality - therapeutic
gemstone necklaces (and tools) in a wide variety and at affordable prices.  We sit with and/or work
with everything we offer to assure the quality and benefit potential is the highest possible.  
This is your personal source for potent tools for transformation - be it for health, meditation,
expanded consciousness - whatever your goal.

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