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What this design does...
We all possess an innate strength and power which we utilize positively or negatively
throughout life.  Some have mastered the use of this power and have risen to the top of
their fields or actualized their vision of success.  Other have sabotaged or blocked this
power within and meet obstacle after obstacle blocking their ability to align with their
power to manifest what they desire in life.
All tend to need aid to access their inner power or strength at times in their lives and this
design aids in doing that.  It brings a strong sense of centering and alignment while it
enhances self control and aids in decision making.  It helps to recognize one’s personal
strength along with transforming the negative into positive.
This design focuses its power on removing blocked or stuck energies within the bodies,
systems, meridians and auric field.  With the clearing comes an influx of energies and light
which opens the pathways to absorb from the Universe what is needed.  As the intuitive
centers are cleansed one can see and feel Divine guidance much easier.  Seeing with the
heart and having greater attunement of the energies between the heart and the third eye
is promoted.  One is able to see the duality of self nature and synthesize it into a balanced
flow.  It also aids in accessing the higher etheric chakras including the star soul chakra and
This design is a powerful healer for father issues or male in general.  Many suffer from
unresolved psychological problems associated with their fathers.  These have been left to
fester and in some have blossomed into all kinds of challenges from difficulties relating to
men to full hate of men.  Both men and women struggle with challenges with the
masculine energy and this design heals the inner man restoring balance and alignment
along with emotional stability.
This design assists with connections to other realms including the angelic and plant
kingdom (nature).  This connection aids in a healing of the Earth and this healing energy
also flows through the wearer/user to promote one’s own healing.  It encourages
partnership between people and nature spirits/energy and leads to the restoration of
living in harmony with nature.
This design helps in cellular regeneration and strengthens the blood.  It can give insight to
the root causes of one’s diseases and illness - showing the links from past lives and their
continued influences.  It is especially good for enhancing sports performance or inspiring a
greater level of physical activity.  Can be a strong tool of success when paired with
consistent exercise and good eating as a weight loss aid.
This design stimulates success of goals/endeavors, draws prosperity and attracts abundance
on all levels.
Therapeutic Design Necklace
Seraphinite, Green Tourmaline and
Black Onyx
#1) Extraordinary Plus Plus
19" with 14kt gold lock
5.3ct. Green Tourmaline
CLEANING YOUR STRENGTH DESIGN: For optimal results it is advised to keep your
Strength Design clean.  The easiest way to do this is by placing it on the purple plate
overnight.  This can be done every 1-2 weeks or if using consistently - place on plate
every 3 days or so.  Purple plates are offered to purchase with your necklace. Simply
select from the pull down menu the size of plate you would like. To read about the
purple plates visit
Select Purple Plate option
#2) Extraordinary Plus Plus
19.75" with 14kt gold lock
4.9ct. Green Tourmaline
#3) Extraordinary Plus Plus
20" with 14kt gold lock
7.0ct. Green Tourmaline
Select Purple Plate option
Select Purple Plate option

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