Divine Healing Liquids (Essences)
vibrational medicine for holistic / multi-dimensional healing & transformation
All of our liquids are made directly from the "mother" liquid(s).
Enjoy them in this form or they can be easily used to create
additional essences or blends for yourself, friends or clients.
The Taras are making their energies more available as we go further into the
"Golden Age". Enlightenment is a feminine process and the Taras bring assistance
to everyone with their high vibrational gifts they offer. Enjoy these newly incoming
heavenly vibration for meditation, healing and pleasure.
Red Tara Divine Healing Liquid - Essence
Enters and first contacts  the 4th, 2nd and 1st chakras.  Clears and
expands the lower chakras - 1 and 2 and the pelvis area.  Works on
sexual issues of all kinds and their connectedness to the emotions.  
Warms the entire body and charges it with energy (good for low energy).  
Good for blood circulation.  Eases tension in the solar plexus - 3rd
chakra.  Definitely a feminine energy moving through the systems.  
Strong love inflow through the heart chakra.
During meditation it helps to keep the focus easy on the heart.  Very nice
for "strong minded people".  The strong femininity helps to stay out of
the active/male mind.
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Orange Tara Divine Healing Liquid - Essence
The energies of the "Orange Tara" contact first the second and fifth
chakras.  They connect to the life force entering at the second - Hara  - and
start instantly clearing energies in that area.  Attachments and cords are
being cleared and through it more centeredness and self worth are possible.  
Frozen creative life energies come back into flow. Acts positive on the throat
chakra.  Artists and those who like to be more in the creative flow can benefit
as much as others who's mental energies seem to take always over.  It brings
a warm and relaxing flow into the bodies.  If there are difficulties with taking
time to relax and be at ease, try the offered vibrations of this Tara.  Life taken
relaxed is much more fun than vibrating all the time on the strings of tension.
Very nice to add to the bath water!
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Yellow Tara Divine Healing Liquid - Essence
High light input while the "edges of the mind" are smoothed.  By entering
through the gate of the 3rd chakra it allows to reach into higher dimensions
going beyond the material realm.  

Connecting with the energies and/or being of the yellow Ray bring higher
intelligent inputs into ones being.  The door for learning, scared geometry
and understandings beyond the "ordinary mind" are being opened.  The
feminine aspect to it keeps always the warms of the heart - love -
connected.  Through the "love connection" no stress or tension is
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Bottle size & type of top
Pink Tara Divine healing Liquid - Essence
This Tara's vibration and her Ray enters through the auric field after inviting
it in by using the liquid.  It enters into the emotional aspect of one's being to
heal, clear, align and bring in harmony and back into flow what was stuck,
blocked and frozen.  Those are the emotions which we label with anger,
frustration and fear.  
In truth there is nothing but love.  Love not expressed in the moment it wants
to flow starts freezing.  Once frozen, we name it with those different words
actually showing the "thickness" of the "ice".  Thin layers might be called
"frustration" where strong layers carry the label "hate" or violence".  By
using the vibrations of the pink Tara, those frozen energy blocks are being
healed.  Bit by bit they start melting again until the final day comes where the
last piece of ice turns back into "water" and back into the free flow.
This Tara gives a hand to everyone so that there is no need to fear the
process of coming back to emotional harmony and free flow.  On the road
back to this harmony we learn once more to discern what are real emotions
and which ones are "men made".  We learn once more that we do not lack
anything and through it can let go of any self produced drama in our life.  This
will then effect the people we are in contact with and it brings us more truly
joyful and honest relations.
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Blue Tara Divine Healing Liquid - Essence
Enter through the mental aspect and works mainly from the heart upwards.  This
does not mean that it does not effect anything below the heart.  The cause
happens "up there" but the effect is noticeable everywhere.  Brings in a very
peaceful input to the mind.  It brings the feminine receptivity to the mind instead
of the active male vibrations.  It is time on this plane to nourish the mind finally
also with the feminine aspect.  The male alone has been used now for age and
made us harder and tougher.  

Now, it's time to free the mind from male energy orientation and to bring it back
to balanced harmony.  Any gem which works on the mind is also somehow limited
to the male way of mentality as we used it for so long.  To program the vibrations
of the blue Tara into the gem's matrix will benefit the wearer with balanced and
harmonies mental energies.  

The principle of Yin and Yang / male and female can be applied to any and all
aspects of being.  The Oneness divided itself into opposites to start creation on
all levels.  Now the time has come to experience the Oneness once again by
fusing those opposites back into oneness while maintaining the outer
manifestation.  It's time to allow left and right to merge within the circle of
oneness.  Many ways of looking at things and circumstances will change by
re-entering the unity of left and right, male and female, yin and yang.  Given and
written laws loose their necessity.  They were needed only because half of all
was only perceived and the other half was hidden.  If I see only half of what is, I
easily can step into darkness and make mistakes.  If the light is lit on both sides
of the "road", I can see where I go and do not need the guidance of any law.  I
see again what is right and wrong out of my being whole again and so there is
no question of what or how anymore.
The blue Tara can certainly lead the mind by activating the other half to
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Indigo Tara Divine Healing Liquid - Essence
Enters through the intuition - a deeper connected state of the mind.  
Works on establishing better / higher intuition and channeling abilities.  
This is where the "individual mind" become one again with the "higher
mind".  "KNOW THYSELF" and all the connections can be looked in once
more again.  Question of what is life and what is soul can be answered
from the deeper oneness with the Source itself.  Why am I here?  Who am
I? are questions which loose their substantiality by becoming more and
more selfless SELF again.  The silence goes as deep until there is not
even a noticing of silence left.  It might lead beyond any idea of identity
which is not needed in the depth of absolute Oneness.
What do we need words or thought if we are externally alone in Oneness.
If there are no thoughts, then naturally there is no fear, no desire, no
wanting, no regret, no nothing.  All just is as it is.
In a state of pure emptiness anything can be perceived if it is needed out
of itself.  Any information is available.  Future, past and present is all right
here and now.  Nothing there to be added and nothing there to be taken
away.  All is as it is.  All reveals itself if needed.
I guess this is what is called the Akashic Records into which one can enter
if entering is meant to be / happen.
The feminine indigo is very much home.
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Purple Tara Divine Healing Liquid - Essence
Enters through the spiritual gate - the Crown Chakra.  Eye to eye
with the God-Self.  Connection to the "Masters" of all age.  
Becoming all while maintaining a focus point.  Being the circle while
keeping the awareness in the "circle center point".
Very healing to the mind and physical brain.  Opening to inner sight.  
The high priest.  Balanced, clear.  magical.
Take the hand of this beautiful "Lady" and start wondering about all
there is.
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White Tara Divine Healing Liquid - Essence
It does not enter.  One enters.  To me beyond words.
You'll have to experience for yourself. Does certainly a
lot, depending on where you are at. To me only bliss.
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Tara Synthesis Divine Healing Liquid - Essence
This is a blend containing the liquid of all the 9 Taras in the amount every
blend from the 9 liquids but it will have a much softer impact. This blend
brings in an Orchestra of Light played with the energies of all 9 Taras.
It is not as specific as the single ones but a pure joy to play with.
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Green Tara Divine Healing Liquid - Essence
Entrance is made instantly through the heart chakra by expanding it through more
and more inflow of nourishing healing energy.  Certainly good for heart diseases.  
Spreading from the heart, the healing energy enters through the bloodstream and
breathing into all parts of the body carrying the vibrations of "healing love"
throughout.  It's food for the "hungry" soul and brings harmony and beauty from
the inside out.
Healing to the mind by bringing it to ease.  Feeling of being surrounded and
embraced by the Tara of this Ray.  It enters strongly into the respiratory (breathing
system) to bring more fresh oxygen into the lungs.  Good for allergies, asthma and
bronchi.  The green Ray is an "enemy" to cancer.  The high vibrations of it do not
allow those lower and disturbing energies in the body to hold on.  The green Ray
aims direct for the roots of those energetic intruders to raise their vibrations and
in that way transforming and disintegrating them.  Same it does with the shadows of
any addiction.  It certainly is not a three day process to transform those low
vibrations and needs a strong and constant input.
Emerald necklaces are great tools to supply the green Ray on an 24 hour basis
which can easily be charged (infused) with the green Tara's healing energies to
make them an even more powerful tool.  Also quartz necklaces can be charged with
those Tara energies (any of them) to help especially in deleting addictive
The green "light" also brings one back into connection with one's own nature and
through it also with "Mother Nature".
It's time to come back home
1 ounce bottle $12.00  2 ounce bottle $23.00
Available with dropper top
or oral spray top
1 ounce bottle $24.00
2 ounce bottle $46.00

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