If you wish to share your experience working with them just drop us a note
We also can have video testimonials or shared experiences
so if you'd rather send your comments in video form feel free
To see aura photos of the effects of
the Divine Healing Liquids and
Therapeutic Gemstone Necklaces
click here
Hi Sia
The necklaces are stunning. The Tanzanite (Tanza) is so beautiful with the
blueviolet color ...
The Moldavite (Molda) is rather gorgeous, and the green colour is more beautiful
than it looked like in the picture.
I am so glad that I found your Web site and bought the Tanzanite and Moldavite
from you. I intend to buy more from you in the future.
much Love and Light to you Sia TM (7/18)

Hi Sia and V.  Received your beautiful necklaces today.  Mom saw one and
grabbed it.  I guess she will be wearing it. : ) I just noticed the "Be with Ease"
necklace which I didn't notice before.  I don't have a tektite necklace but I really
like the pearls on that design.  I'll go back and order it on the website.  Love and
Light, K (2/16)

Hi Sia/V:
Thanks so much for the exquisite necklaces. I liked the 10 mm White Coral when
it was 27.5 ", but something didn't feel quite right to me about it. NOW it looks and
feels great!! (I haven't worn it yet, but just from looking and handling it.) And the
Super Consciousness really is Ultra High Frequency. Again, I have not yet worn
it, but from the look and feel of it, I love it.

In considering Tanzanite, I like that it shifts color from an earthy hue, brown, to
the divinely beautiful Blue it displays. It embodies that kind of transformation, and
offers that kind of metamorphosis, it seems.

Thanks guys!!
Love,D (2/16)

Received today, Put it on right away and felt a shift almost immediately. This
never happen before. Thanks so much! (2/16)

Let me intro myself so those who read this will have a better understanding of my
perspective of Tools4transformation. My name is Thoraya, I am almost 64 and
since early childhood if my mother couldn't find me in a store, she knew I would
be in the jewelry section. Even then I was only attracted to the finest gemstones
jewelry, set in the finest gold. This passion has continued to this day, often
knowing what would benefit others, not just myself. There was another couple
who traveled the world searching for the finest gemstones, I met them when I was
studying at Maharishi International University in 1974 and lost contact with them
in mid 1980 due to circumstances beyond my control. I have bought and dealt
with other very well known companies or people who deal in gemstone
vibrational healing BUT until Sia and V, no one, (in my opinion) had the quality on
the level of my early friends!!! Not only is their gemstones of exquisite quality, but
their love, service, support is beyond words. Sessions by Sia I have found to be
without fail accurate and most beneficial. If you have any hesitation about buying
from them, hesitate no longer. Love to all who read this (6/15)

They are truly beautiful and it is such a nice experience working with you. I've (over)
spent my budget so it may be a little while until I'm in contact again, so it's not that I'm
taking business elsewhere. I just have to get some business (-:

Seriously, your service and fairness with pricing has enabled me to get further on my
journey than I thought I'd be able to achieve this year. I really am so grateful. And it is
such a pleasure working with you. I appreciate our mutual trusting relationship and the
compassionate, humanness of our transactions.
I wish you and your family great, healthy, fun, easy times.
Until next time...thanks! (6/15)

My white flash moonstone necklace really is full of  glowing flash, I am delighted with it
and by its prompt delivery! I really appreciate that you are offering these beautiful
quality therapeutic bead necklaces, and at such reasonable prices! (8/14)

I have purchased 2 chakra sets and 2 therapeutic necklaces from you. I love all my
purchases, I love your website, I love your products, and I love your prices! The new
necklaces are very interesting, beautiful and the combinations are powerful. Bless you.
Sincerely, K.L. (5/30)

I want to thank you for the gemstones and gem waters. Gemstones "talk" to me
energetically and I can tell when something is really therapeutic. Yours are excellent
and will really help me to round out my pharmacy for a fraction of the cost I've been
paying. Service is lovely and I can feel the personal caring behind everything you do.   
V.G. (5/14)

Hello from France,
I'm sending you so many Thanks for the magnificent Moldavite that arrived today, so
carefully wrapped ! After "love at first sight" in your shop, it was "love at first touch" !!
... your wonderful stones are at very reasonable prices.
Thank you so much !!  Isabelle (4/14)

Dear V and Sia
Our package arrived. Its hard to describe the beauty and wonderfulness of each
individual necklace in this shipment.
We started with the White Coral. A wonderful smooth feel. We have never seen stones
this brilliantly white, very impressive. The tapered stones and knots at the ends are
absolutely perfect workmanship. Thanks again V for the special attention to details.
The Andesine came out next. Another wonderful stone with amazing
flashes of colors. We love it.
The Moldavite was next to emerge. Lovely lovely shades of green, and
is so sparkly…
The natural Pearls are indeed very special, and have a wonderful look and feel to them.
A soft but powerful energy is abundant from them. A very precious necklace for sure…
The Heliodor are bright colorful cheery stones, that we are eager to
get to know better.
Last, but most certainly not least, out came the beautiful White Sapphire. What a
powerful necklace. It seems to almost be vibrating with power. A most interesting
combination of clearness tinged with white color…
Love and Great Appreciation
G & G ( NC 4/14)

Hi Sia,
Thank you for sending my order so soon. I wasn't expecting it until I nearly tripped over
the package on my front porch Saturday. I'm already falling in love with my Blue Topaz
necklace, and I'm walking around hugging my purple plate! (Of course, I love my frosted
Quartz too.) Thank you again, T (North Carolina 2/14)

I received the necklaces, and I LOOOVE them!
Love, P (Washington 02/14)
Peace to you and everyone you love...

Hello V and Sia!
It was a blast opening the package when it first came! I had several misc. packages that
came all at the same time, so in order to open them one by one I plopped them all in my
lap. Immediately after, my knee started tingling! It was your package that was directly on
my knee. The energy coming from the cardboard box was just that powerful.

It's now been just over a week, and I am constantly wearing the frosted quartz and blue
lace agate necklace. This combo is a godsend! I used to be plagued by terribly stiff
neck and shoulders, and I would constantly get eye strain and headaches from staring
at any screen for over an hour. In fact, I was fighting one of those headaches when I
opened your package. As soon as I donned the blue lace agate though, it literally felt as
if a butterfly wing was fluttering over my temple, right where the headache was. It was a
very real physical sensation and kept going for a few minutes. When it finally
disappeared, so did my headache!

After a week or so, I can safely say that these necklaces definitely help with the strain in
my neck and shoulders, and it REALLY helped the tension in my eyes. I haven't had a
tension-related headache since then, and I can be on the computer for much longer (if

Thank you so much for these wonderful tools! I will write again once I work with the
other necklaces I bought.
with love, Aisha (01/14)

Hi Sia & Virendra,
Just a note to tell you how much I am enjoying the Osho necklace I received from you. I
have so much fun with Osho, it's such a blessing to have the wonderful energy of the
necklace to connect even more deeply with my dear friend.  Also,the Divine healing
sprays are amazing!  Such beautiful fragrances; and the Osho and Metatron essences
have taken me to a whole new level of communication with these two Great Ones.  
Thank you so much,  Many Blessings, M

Dearest Sia and V,
I received the beautiful Emeralds yesterday. They were so beautifully presented. Thank
you for lovingly selecting and stringing them. Today I am wearing them for the first time.
They feel wonderful and I am so very grateful. They will accompany me on many
wonderful adventures...
With Love and Gratitude,

Dear Sia,
Thank you so much for the speedy delivery. I am enjoy wearing the green sapphire
necklace so much.
I love the high quality of the knotting and finishing of you necklaces. Whoever is
making them is doing and excellent job. Wish I could learn to make necklaces the same
best wishes, J (New Mexico)

"I was blown away with how powerfully loving my personal liquid was the first time I
tried it.  One of my intentions for my liquid was to increase my self-love and the energy
felt so pink and heart-centered.  Now, having used the liquid for a month diluted at
dosage strength I have noticed a big shift in my attitude towards myself- effortless self-
respect, and just the other day a friend commented on how much I've changed!  

Another intention of my liquid was to increase my psychic and intuitive abilities.  I found
that clairaudience, something I'd suspected I could access but hadn't experienced
much of, really opened up for me to the point where I intuitive information comes to me
real-time without needing to go into a deep meditative state.  I'm taking an intuitive
development class and a couple of classmates commented on how well I receive
information- I've already sent them to your site!

I could go on and on about both the personal liquid and the other incredible liquids I
have, but needless to say it doesn't take much intuition to know I will be getting more in
the future!" - KR

Dear Sia,
It’s such fun for me to tell friends about you.  They are always blown away by how
affordable your necklaces are in comparison to Gemisphere.
I’m  loving my new necklaces.  I still can’t get enough of yellow sapphire – it feels like I’
m constantly drinking it in.  Right now our days in this northern land are so short (not
much sun) and cold, yellow sapphire is my sunlight and warmth.
Love from S

Dear Sia and V.,
I’ve been enjoying the new necklaces for a couple of weeks now, they are wonderful!  
The way that you sent them (as a gift) brought them to me in about a week, so that was
really fast! Thank-you!

I’m beginning to notice a pattern that the necklaces which I dream about are the ones
that I’m really experiencing big energetic shifts with.  I dreamed about yellow sapphire
(several dreams actually!) and I love this necklace so much.  My meditations are
amazing when wearing it and generally I feel filled with sunlight and love.  Botswana
Agate has been one of my favorite stones since childhood and it’s an amazing
necklace.  I’ll need to get another one though because my sister was very drawn to it
and I gave it to her.  

I’ve worn the pink tourmaline when teaching and doing client sessions and it definitely
allows me to stay more centered and grounded.
The opal feels quite different each time that I wear it, feels very spontaneous and
childlike and freeing.  I’m very drawn to this necklace.
The mother of pearl and peach aventurine are lovely and I haven’t really felt pulled to
work with them yet.

Thank-you again for the many blessings that you offer through your gemstones.  I just
read on your sugilite page about the care that you’ve taken over the years choosing
these beads, wonderful to know this.
Blessings of love and light to both of you,  from S in Canada

I was again thinking about the chakra work and all the services and items that I have
gotten through you and I want you to know that the money I have spent, has been spent
well.  I am seeing the benefits, so grateful of my pathway to cross with yours.
J in Alaska

Dear Sia
Just letting you know that my order has arrived. I love the placements, they are very
beautiful and have such lovely clear energy thank you, hoping for some sunshine now
so I can take some pictures. Thanks again all the best love U, Ireland

Hello... I just received the necklace and, as expected, it's beautiful. I really love how
you provide a pouch that matches the color of the necklace; that is very helpful as I
have a tendency to carry them around in my purse.
Thanks again for offering such wonderful necklaces at an affordable price. I've already
recommended you to several friends. Best regards, L, NC

Dear Sia
The order arrived this afternoon and is wonderful! We have been wearing the necklace
already. Thanks and Love to both of you! NC


"Dear Sia and Virendra, I just got the carnelian, blue flash moonstone and 2 lavender
necklaces; they are wonderful.  Thank-you!    Wonderful quality of beads!Love from S",

"Sia, Sia, Sia,
What can I say? This has been a Very, Very busy day! and this has been the first moment
to check back with you.  Yes, I  got the packages and tore into them as quickly as
possible-I loved that you sent the beautiful silk bags with them, what a treat. I have to
tell you that the only one I could compare to my past experience with Gemisphere  was
the mother of pearl necklace-what a huge difference in feel and quality and price! A few
years ago I ordered their exquisite plus 8mm 25" MOP necklace because I felt I really
could benefit from it, the picture was beautiful and I felt very drawn to get one. I was
soooooo dissapointed when I got it, I felt nothing from it but decided to keep it anyway
thinking my feelings would change toward it. They didn't and so several months later I
gave it to my best friend and she likes it just bec. I gave it to her.

Well, the MOP necklace you sent me is so much less than I paid them and oh do I love
it!! So much more beauty, lustrous, and so exactly what I had expected from them and
the picture they show in their catalog and site. I can only try to imagine the comparison
to the rhodochrosite, which I have always wanted but could not afford; especially in the
quality I wanted, which you gave me! I've always loved chrysoprase (I have an antique
ring), but except for my ring I've not seen any other-I think just not a 'popular' stone as
I've looked at jewelry thru the years. Yours is such an uplifting and joyous color-I love it
too...the sugilite is beautiful and yellow gold has been my favorite metal since I can

Anyway-I put them on straight away except the rhodochrosite which I felt to tuck into my
bra so it would be close to my heart.

I am excited to see Charlotte's rainbow obsidian when it get's here. I am emailing a few
friends in the morning about you and your wonderful gems, especially the one who
introduced me to Gemisphere. I can't thank you enough for love and support and the
wonderful work you and your husband are doing-please quote anything you like from
this if you feel to.

I love you and am so thankful to you. "  TF, Arkansas

Dear Tools
"Ever since I stumbled across tools4transformation I have had nothing but outstanding
experiences with the products and my contact with both Sia and V. I truly believe they
were brought into my life with a true purpose. After all I believe that in life there are no
coincidences. I hesitated for a bit but knowing all along that eventually I would take the
plunge and receive one of Sia's intuitive readings. I have to say when I initially read it I
was pretty much speechless. WOW! :) I am not exactly sure how she communicates with
the highers but there is no doubt in my mind that she does. The information she
obtained was spot on. I REALLY needed to hear everything she heard and
communicated back to me. In my daily meditation today, the day in which I got the email
back from her with the information from above, I can honestly say that I have never
reached such a peaceful state of bliss. T4T please keep providing the great tools and
services to the people of this beautiful planet. If you are debating whether or not to get
a reading from Sia, please take my advice and just do it.
Love and Light,
~Pete from PA "

Dear Tools
I love the Botswana Agate necklace. I can feel it running the scales up and down me.
Awesome. BL, Arkansas

Virendra & Sia are wonderful people to deal with. They are always so helpful and ready
to graciously give advice when needed. I have many of their products and have always
been very pleased. They really got me started along the path of gemstone energy
healing. They ship promptly and are a pleasure to deal with. I have spent many hours
reading all of the wonderful information on their site! JG, New York

Dear Tools
I wore the Pink/White Coral Necklace on Thanksgiving and found it to be a very nice
necklace for the holidays. Shortly after putting it on, my child ran over asking for lots of
hugs and my mother began calling - both more than usual. I wore it to my child's
birthday party and found a similar effect with a child running up and giving me a very
long hug. It has a softening and loving effect. ~ DM

Dear Tools
Others don't compare in anyway to the high quality that V uses. His necklaces really are
something special and awesome and well worth the price!
RZ Irvine, CA

Dear Tools
I got my necklace today. IT IS TRULY EXTRAORDINARY! The color is literally breath-
taking! I see a slight lavender hue in the pink. Thanks so much for making this
available. I will pass it on to the planet. CD, Washington

Dear Sia/Tools4Transformation,
Wanted to share my experience with the Green Tourmaline therapeutic necklace. The
first few times wearing it I felt a subtle uplifting energy and as the day went on I started
feeling a little warm with a slight hot flash feeling, so I knew I was over doing it and
needed smaller amounts of time. Have to tell you I have fibromyalgia/cfs and have signs
of estrogen dominance, so I knew the Green Tourmaline was supporting my hormonal
system from the type of warmth I was feeling. Now I wear it almost every day and the
uplifting energy continues! My stress is reduced, I’m able to do more while feeling at
peace, more outgoing and talkative while out doing my errands. All these things have
been difficult when my inflammation is increased. I Have to thank you for bringing these
wonderful Gems into our lives. Your Green Tourmaline has helped reduce my
inflammation, given me strength to get my needs met and brought happiness back into
my life...
Thank you again, Erik

Hi Sia,
Just had to write back that the necklaces came in today and had to say they are really
beautiful pieces of art. Put mine on for just a brief time and love the energy that it
brings. So glad I stumbled on to your website and looking forward to some new pieces
in the future... Thank you for the wonderful work your doing.
Happy Holidays, E from San Diego, CA

Thank you Sia, I received my Apatite Necklace and I am wearing it constantly. It helps
me and my body to hold all the energies I am supposed to carry and transmute in my
work for mother Earth and mankind.
With love M from Switzerland

HI Sia,
I should have let you know, but P also received his necklace and he is really loving the
power of the green flourite, he says it really helps his lungs. I told you over the phone
that P feels the energy of the gems much more than I do. However, I neglected to put
my necklaces on one day last week and I could really feel the difference without them. I
got home and I thought, "Oh that's why I felt so out of synch, I forgot to put my
necklaces on!" Thank you for providing us with such high quality, wonderful tools for
our transformation.
Love and light to you as well,
N,  Maryland, US

Just wanted to take a moment & thank you, Virendra for the healing.  I felt the 1st day
very obviously & by the time I meditated during the Wesak full moon time I was very
grounded yet light. The entire weekend that followed that was so busy I was able to
handle much more easily. I could really feel that the healing had helped to empower me.
I found it interesting that from the onset it also brought up a particular
subject/relationship for me to heal that I thought I was pretty much done healing.
Thank you for your time & gifts.
Love & light,
A, California, US


Thanks so much. I am passing you web site around to friends who might be interested. I
have been working with stones for about 5 years. Most impressed with the quality of
material you get and your great instinct for arranging and balancing energies and your
understanding of the vibrational regime. EML , Arkansas, US

Dear Sia and V,
My special package arrived today and i just picked it up from our mail drop. Everything
is so beautiful!   Invoking the blessings of my Gurudeva, I put on the emerald green
aventurine.  It is awesome; the color amazing. And the blue aventurine is just as
beautiful as I saw in the photos.  My original necklace is nice but this one seems super
Thank you both so much for your help and generosity.  This, indeed, is a very special
birthday for me.
Wishing you abundant blessings,
C - Arizona, US

Hi Sia,
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the heart and Divine Intelligence
you infuse into everything you do on your website and in your products.  I stumbled
upon your site while looking for EMF protection.  
I'm enthusiastic about receiving and wearing the necklace.  One of my mentors, a giant
oak tree in the forest behind my home (whose name is Legend), communicated to me
that I should buy the tree agate necklace.
Blessing to you!
L - Indiana, US

I shall treasure the necklace and wanted to say thank you for the mastery, love, and
care you and Virendra put into choosing, grading, preparing, stringing, and all the other
things you do that go into making up these remarkable "Tools4transformation".Thanks
Love and light,
C - Hong Kong

Dear Virendra and Sia,
Thank you so much for the Divine healing Spray.  What a lovely surprise!  I loved my red
coral and was so happy to receive it.  You (and your wonderful necklaces) have made
such a blessed change in my life!   I know that the red coral (along with my pink/white
coral) will be a joyous addition to my growing collection...
I do hope to meet the two of you some day.  I am sending you the link to my web site, so
that you will feel that you know me as well as I feel that I know the two of you (I have
read all of the pages on your wonderful web site.)   Now you will have a face to go with
the energy of the e-mails we share back and forth!  I already know of your beautiful
With much love and many blessings,J
P.S. I have told all of my friends about you. You are such a pleasure to deal with, and I
do appreciate  your generosity in giving insights and guidance.  I feel so blessed to
have found you.

Thank you for the nice work that you do and the kind and friendly service that you
Blessings and light, N

Hi,Got the necklace on Monday.  All I can say is WOW.  It was buzzing when I took it out
of its little pouch.  Put it on that night to meditate before bed.  Next thing I remember is
waking up at 4am;  felt like every cell was completely full of the light of Osho.  Words
are pretty inadequate.  Heaps of Thanks to you both. M

Dear Tools
The package came today and everything is just exquisite.  What Tools offers is always
such great quality.  - C

Whoowee!!  That's some necklace.  Gorgeous. Energy from the picture is amazing!  I
can only imagine the effect of wearing it.  You people ROCK. (pun intended).    Love, M

Thank you so much. I received the essences and LOVE them! (The picture of Sai Baba
Love K

Thank you Sia. I look forward to restarting use of your fine products. As I said in my
previous email, I had a true miracle experience taking your Elohim elixirs in the past,
that's why I ordered the whole line. I'm going to be ordering other of your products as I
am prompted by my intuition.  I'll share my experiences with you so you'll know how this
particular customer of your no doubt many others is doing with your products. Your
elixirs are a part of an overall broader Ascension Protocol I've been doing for a while
now.  your friend, V

Hi Sia,  I love the healing liquids and adding to the ones I have...they are all great but
my most favorite is the baba. I've had seasonal allergies that make my eyes very
swollen, hot and itchy and i find that when i rub the baba liquid on my eyelids it cools my
eyes off INSTANTLY and they feel 100% better right away..this is really powerful stuff!!
Thank you again for offering your wonderful products..
love m

Namaste Sia and V, I hope you are well.  I am really enjoying all of my lovely Therapeutic
necklaces.  They have worked wonders for me!  Thank you so much! Many Blessings, K

Dear Sia and Virendra,I just received the Pink Tourmaline and Pearl necklace.  Oh my
gosh, it is absolutely beautiful!  I am so thrilled to have followed my instincts and
purchased it before it was sold.  As always, thank you so much for your generous
assistance, wisdom, and wonderful service.  You are such a joy to deal with, and I have
learned so much from both of you and your beautiful web site!With love & blessings, J

Sia, Just wanted to let you know the items arrived this morning and they are wonderful.
Thanks so much for the quick shipping.  I am going to enjoy every item!  God Bless. H

"Immediately upon wearing Blue Lace Agate, my child was able to stay focused and
complete a homework assignment in one sitting for the first time this school year. ~ ML"

Dear Tools
I'm doing great..while I am experiencing lots of changes, challenges and fears at times,
I realize that I'm transforming..and I'm excited..Thanks again (to both of you) for your
time, advice, love and caring about people, the gemstones and what you do for them
and us.  Peace, Love & Light, R :)

Good Morning!
I have been working with the Elohim Spray and think something very interesting is
happening.  ... the Elohim Spray is having a magical curing effect on the chronic
problems with my neck and spine.
For a long time now, the right side of my neck has been tight and i have gotten ongoing
treatment for the C7 in my neck.  Yesterday, just for fun, i sprayed that area of my neck
and noticed rather soon that my neck was significantly relaxed.  This morning doing
yoga, i noticed that my lower back was achy and sprayed it there.  Again, the achyness
went away. I will keep working with the spray and wanted share how surprised and
pleased i was with the spray.
Hope you are enjoying this beautiful, sunny morning.
Namaste!   C

Hello Virendra and Sia,
I just want to thank you and let you know that the parcel arrived a few minutes ago. I
expected that Rhodochrosite to be nice, but this is just amazing. It's like a dream
coming true...  just holding it feels like "being back home" at the place we love the
most...Thank you again.
Sending you all lots of love. P
I have to tell you I have been sleeping so well since I got the Rainbow Moonstone
Many Blessings, K
After 3 days wearing my new Pink Sapphire and Kyanite, I was able to say something I
had been putting off for weeks. I felt such a relief. I was drawn to the Pink Sapphire to
add softness and sincerity and the Kyanite for courage to speak. And they are simply
beautiful! M

O, Sia, I was so pleased to receive my beautiful necklaces today. ..  Oh, my.  The Blue
Sapphire and the Rhodochrosite are both so beautiful they take my breath away.  The
Rhodo is amazing!  I'm wearing them both at once right now-- And I feel as if I have all
these people hanging around in my auras from the infusions.  It's not just the
infusions.  The energy coming off of both nearly knocked me over.  
Thank you.  I'm a happy camper! In love and light, s

We want everyone to know how much we appreciate you and Sia.   Bill and I very
grateful for both your wonderful necklaces, the EMF protection and spheres, your  
healing abilities, and your group healing sessions.  You are  true treasures and
resource for anyone walking along the path wanting an uplift for the journey, and a
lighting of the path ahead.  Your  generosity of spirit is present in everything  that you
do. And, both Bill and I  have experienced such wonderful openings of previously
closed doors with our work with you, that it is difficult to describe, because it falls in
“wordless realm.” If you are reading this and wondering what to do;  here’s a thought
from our work;  whether you choose a necklace, an individual healing session, or join a
group healing;  you will always be happy that you made the choice.  Since sometimes  
its easier to actually talk with someone than just read, we have  told Virenda and Sia we
are glad to talk live with anyone who would prefer to have a conversation over reading
a testimonial.  Since we are both on the road a lot with work, we'll have to connect
through email first to set a time, but our doors our open.  Much love . .sara and bill

Dear Sia
The necklace arrived today thank you very much, it has such wonderful energy and
very shortly after after I put it on the back and shoulder pain I had for about a week just
disappeared. Never had such dramatic physical effects before, amazing.
thank you all for being who you are and doing what you do
with love light and joy U

Dear Team:
A work friend in the office ( non new agey if you will..) approached me and asked me
what a yellow aura meant. I said well, it relates to the solar essence and the yellow ray
and that I was just talking about this ray least night when I shared some yellow sapphire
essence drops (tools
4 transformation brand thank you) with a friend. I said that I expected that the extreme
heat wave and sun of this month’s beginning seemed like an initiation to me- so that we
can all hold more light energy.
This friend then said- “well, I saw the yellow aura around you, just a flash, it doesn't
happen very often. “ I showed him the yellow sapphire drops and briefly explained the
gist. Fun stuff.
Thanks again P

The necklaces arrived today.  I am delighted with all of them but especially the Blue
Green Apatite one.  It is spectacular!  I am looking
forward to wearing it.
Love and Peace, P

Thanks again, will be in touch shortly to purchase more as I cannot stop myself- your
gems and service are world class.
Many thanks, P

Dear Virendra & Sia,
I received my necklace. It is amazing! I love it. Thank you so much for it & Sai Baba's
In love & light,   A

Virendra's gemstone necklaces are the highest quality gemstone necklaces on the
market with unbeatable prices.  I have been using these necklaces for some time now
and they have connected me to my intuition, made me more spiritual, and given me
greater peace of mind.  They are also a lot of fun to implement along with any therapy

Here are a few notes on some necklaces purchased:
Alexandrite Cat's Eye - This wonderful gemstone connects me to my intuition in a way
no other gemstone has.  It also provides psychic glimpses that have proved to be
synchronistically charged.  It led me also to purchase labradorite, which makes a great
combination with cat's eye.  I went to my office on Saturday to be there to pick up and
sign for the labradorite, hoping to wait for the UPS delivery person to arrive.  However,
I had no idea when he/she would be coming, but right when I arrived at the office, the
delivery person arrived.  What timing!  I've had several coincidences like this when
wearing both cat's eye and labradorite.

Labradorite - When worn with cat's eye, it makes a great intuitive combination.  One
night I placed the two necklaces on a purple plate to energize.  In the morning I was
woken up by my dog begging me to take him outside.  It was unusual for him to wake up
at this time.  As I opened the door to the yard and walked outside I witnessed a truly
astonishing sight.  There was a dense layer of fog obscuring all visibility; I could
literally see huge droplets of mist swirling about to form the clouds.  Directly overhead
shone the sun, its rays penetrating through the mist with a truly mystical sheen.  
Needless to say, the scene seemed imbued with a spiritual significance: the sun
burning away the fog of illusion to reveal illumination.  I feel that the two necklaces
"woke me up" to see this wonderful natural sight.  

Snow Jade - Great for lucid dreaming and connecting to heart chakra in daily
interactions.  I had some crazy vivid and intense dreams with this necklace!

Carnelian - Probably the most powerful gemstone I've ever worked with.  I can only
work with this necklace for short periods of time but it's well worth it.  Highly
energizing, motivating, and invigorating to the spirit.

Thanks so much for your help these months and I wish you and Sia a great holiday
season.  You guys have the best service and I hope to work with more of your

Hello Virendra,
I appreciate the info.  Actually your responses have been very helpful so I've been
extremely happy with the service and appreciate it.  Your gems have been
exceptionally high quality and I've been very satisfied with the results.  Nowhere can
we get gemstones with the same quality at the prices you sell them for.
Thanks again!  P

I love my new necklaces.

Sia- I received the Ruby/Rose necklace and I love it!  It’s beautiful and I’m sure it will be
perfect for my healing purposes.  As usual, I can tell that each bead/gem is hand picked
and of the highest vibrational quality.  I’m so glad that you and V are in the business
that you are.  If it weren't for the two of you, I would never be able to afford this kind of
tool.  I hope that you never doubt the importance of your work.   
Blessings to you,

Dear Sia,
Thank you for your wonderful products they are very helpful in this time of rapid and
accelerated change!!!  

Hi Virenda and Sia,
I want to share some feedback with you on my experience with the gemstones.
Azurite/Malachite & Tree Agate:
I've observed that my bone's structure is slowly feeling more sturdy.  I feel the
difference in my exercise and I have been holding my chiropractic adjustments in my
hips longer.  Also, the joints and ligaments are moving more freely during the
adjustment.  I usually have problems sitting for long periods of time...
Rhodonite/Rose Qtz/MOP:
This has bought back to memory of a mother's true love.  This is a big deal for me
because from a little girl under 6yrs old. I did not have a good relationship with my
mother.  The energies in this comb necklace --have helped me to re-connect with that
energy and allow comforting, consoling, nourishing and healing.  The morning after
waking up while wearing as I slept was so blissful and I truly felt loved.  This energy
talked to me and counseled me while I slept.  It also encouraged me to have more
confidence in myself during the week I attended training..I am very sensitive especially
when in crowds of people.  I could feel these energies keeping me centered from my
solar plexus...
Violet Flame Essence-
I'd taken it one morning before reciting the VF mantra.  I then started the process and I
did feel more of its energy coming down.
About and hour later, while on the train reading unrelated materials, I heard myself
chanting the VF mantra was so strongly heard and would not stop..this caused
me to stop my reading and join in...

Again I am so very grateful.
Thank you. R

Dear Virenda,
I am very glad I found your site and your gemstones.  You and Sia have been absolutely
perfect with your business practices.  I appreciate all that you (both) are doing to
continue to bring forth the information and the quality of stones to "us" out here trying
to go forward on our spiritual quest.
Much respect to you both.
With highest regards,

Greetings Sia!
I am very pleased.  Thanks for everything.  I gave a little purple plate to a friend.  He
thought he'd look silly with it.  I gave him the whole little package with the instructions.  
He put it into his refrigerator just last night.  This morning he called and said it worked!  
It took away a lingering smell that he hadn't been able to get rid of...a fridge demon?   
ha-ha   I said, 'maybe you oughta see what else it can cleanse and wear it'.  So he is.  I
got a picture of Aura Photography done here in a local store, Nature's Treasures, in
Midwest City, OK.  But before I went I sprayed Kuthumi and Melchizedek and some
Synthesis over me.  The picture turned out beautifully.  My favorite colors in fact.   
Mostly blue, pink/lavender and white. The lady that interpreted it told me the blue is
peace and the pink at the bottom was love.  There was a streak of white overhead on
the left, and at my throat a white ball of light.  She told me that I was able to 'speak my
truth'.  I feel it also has to do with my singing.  I have been doing that all my life.  Now,
she also said that I was manifesting from on high.  That was wonderful to hear.  The
other girl working there said, 'you are beautiful' ha-ha.  So I was well pleased with the
results.  I'll always be using the essences before a photograph now.  I also had a purple
plate in my pants pocket.  Last night I slept with the big one under my pillow.  I slept
absolutely sound.  My cat, Cuddles, was even with me most of the time.  I will suggest
your sight to everyone, and when I have my own site, hopefully soon, I'll have you as
one of the links or references.  I'll let you know when I get one.  It will mostly concern
music, but I am also going to be working with health and spiritual values as well.  S

Hi Sia and V,
Enjoying CA weather.
The new full blue apatite helped last night when my jaw was hurting; woke up feeling
much better.

Hi you two. . first of all your specials look wonderful. . I really encouraged my friend
Donna to get the pink tourmaline and black onyx. You recently did a chrysopase
necklace for her husband Michael which they love. . .And, we LOVE the stickers and the
spheres. .BIG difference.  I realize that I was  pulled to the spheres because we are
near and in sight line of microwave towers, and I think the spheres have neutralized
the tower energies. .anyway we love it. .

Sia & V - I received my package and, once again, I'm thrilled with the product!!!  The
lavender beads are so beautiful- I'm definitely glad that I stayed with 30 inches- and I'm
so excited about the essences.  I decided to hold off on the Yellow Trinity for a few
weeks but I'll be starting the Violet Flame & Baba soon.  Thanks to both of you for
taking the time to talk with me and for helping me during this time of change.  
Many blessings,  :)  

Virendra- I received my amethyst & indigo necklaces and I'm absolutely thrilled with the
quality of both. They are the most beautiful gems I have ever seen! I never thought I'd
be able to afford gemstone necklaces of this caliber until I found your site. I hope you
know how much the service you're providing matters and I pray that you'll be in
business for many years to come.
Thank you for the personalized guidance you gave me over the phone.
Needless to say, I'm very impressed with your service and product!
Many Blessings, K  

I am so happy to have found your website after E. referred you to me. The Aventurine-
Peach has processed so much toxicity out of me already. I can feel the e negativity
dissipate out into the air as I rinse it about every other day!
So, Thank You so much for your amazing help.
Sincerely, M.

Dear Virendra and Sia--
I hope you are enjoying your trip in India. Just wanted to thank you for helping me pick
out the right necklaces to wear. I am especially enjoying the green fluorite necklace
right now. As a former smoker, I definitely noticed my lungs healing by the day I am
breathing deeper and making faster faces in my yoga practices. Thank you, and I look
forward to talk to you soon. Enjoy the rest of the trip!
Best wishes, F

Namaste Virendra and Sia,
Yesterday I received my parcel. The necklaces and pendulum are beautiful, each have
their own unique vibrations and I am fortunate to have such Blessings !!!  They make
my heart fill with Divine Love and Peace. Thank you both for your part in providing
these for me, I know that I will visit with you again soon.
Much Love and Light,
R, Canada
PS: I am expecting miracles and will tell you when they arrive!

Hi Virendra,
I have had the most incredible experience with Rhodochrosite.  Your analogy of the
giant entering and shaking everything up is exactly what happened.  This last two
weeks has been very hard on me.  It is the best thing that has ever happened.  I have
worn the Rhodochrosite almost 24 hr. a day for the last 2-2.5 weeks.  I could tell it was
making enormous changes at a very fast rate and wondered if that fast was "good".  
However, every time I checked in with myself I was told to continue on and wear it
constantly.  I have connected with myself and the Universe, I have cried, I have
stormed and shouted at God and the Angels, and finally I have opened and accepted
everything.  Things that I have resisted and not really known I was resisting.
My heart hurt very bad at times.  Vulnerable.....oh yes.  

Ruts had formed that I would continually slip back into when certain situations came
up.  I was responding as if preprogrammed to some things.  It was frustrating for me as I
was trying to work on and change some of these issues.  The Rhodochrosite has
helped me wash away the ruts (sometimes with tears) and smooth out the ground
again.  It is like starting anew in certain areas.  I see things totally different.  I am
responding in a better light. It seems to be a whole new world. I love myself and others
for who and what they are.

You know I have many necklaces, essences and I love them all.  I thought I saw many
changes with the PRF and others, but never anything like this.  A person would really
have to be prepared to go through this earthquake.  

But now, it is spring, all is new, I have changed more than I ever have.  And in 2 weeks!  
A miracle.  It was very hard but the most rewarding thing I have ever done.  I took a
week off my job to stay at home and integrate all this.  It was necessary.

So, once again, thank you for the work you do and the tools you make available.  You
and your family are a gift to the world.
Love, R

Hello Sia and  Virendra
The necklace arrived yesterday afternoon.  It was vibrating when I removed it from the
packaging and sent a tingling up my arm as I held it in my hand.  I am absolutely
delighted with it!  My sincere thanks for all the loving care you both have taken with it.
In gratitude

Dear V:
Thank you (beyond words) for your kindness, your spirituality, your faith in what you do
and for, most importantly, giving so much of your time and self yesterday to help me
figure out where to even begin to help myself!  Unfortunately, I have alot going on right
now and it's all at once.  I pray so hard that there
are answers for me on their "way" right now!  
You are a wonderful human being and a kind, gracious angel.
Thanks again, B

Dear Tools - My first necklace was a gift for a healing given to me, but the energy is so
beautiful I'm buying one for myself too.  Thank you.

The personal essence is very strong, purifying and lovely! I did ask for Lady Nada and
the White Ray and I feel them both. I also feel a Buddha like presence. Everything is
softening and warm and also showing me things that I need to know in order to
transform more. Feeling the present moment is more possible and stress, which I do
carry a bit of, seems to go away. I didn't realize that I had some hardness around my
heart but now I feel it healing and opening to allow me to feel more joy. I can be a bit
hard on myself and this shows me how not to do that. It feels like it was created just for
what I need. Thank you once again for a marvelous healing essence! I am so glad I
found you guys a year ago. I am a very different person than I was then and part of that
is the work I have done with your tools. Bless you. Love and Light always! LL

Hello there,
I just wanted to thank you for presenting me with such a wonderful gift. I am still in awe
at the flawlessness of the quartz. My many thanks and I wish you and all those you know
a wonderful journey and hope only the best for you. Thank you.
Most sincerely,  SR

*cheers* hello, you have my thanks.. :) this is perhaps the best thing (Crystal sphere $
127) I've received in quite awhile, & upon touching it, i felt immediately communed with
its power...power to dispel & set order to chaos.. but just a note to say thanks & that i
received it well, & I'll be sure i'll let my friends know about this place ~ may the blessing
of Light guide us all.. ^^

. . . I would be very interested in you infusing homeopathic remedies or rescue remedy
etc. into frosted quartz. . !! could be wonderful for everyone. . .the most wonderful
energy I have ever experienced have come from your work. .and they enrich our lives. .
thank you and Sia for really being who you are.
Much love as always to you two. .I hold you all close in my heart. . Sa.

Hi There
These times we are in are really amazing. Things happen every day that are........ well, it
is definitely exciting times….
Your tools are such an important part of the process. The necklaces and liquids have
helped me to go smoothly into changes and I feel to accelerate this process.
When I work on someone I make them a dosage bottle up with the liquids that helps in
their process. For family or great friends I sometimes loan out my necklaces, or
occasionally buy one for a present. You and Sia and Miriam are a very important part of
what is going on for the planet and her people right now.
Thanks, Rc

Virendra & Sia,
I received my first order of Divine Healing Liquids ( Melchizedek, Djwhal Khul, Violet
flame, Osiris), along with a magnificent necklace of citrine, moldavite and sugilite. What
has happened in my life since then is so profound I feel I need to share it with any who
are considering working with these incredible tools.

I had been in a place of "stuckness", feeling like I should be doing more to create my
piece of the divine puzzle, but tripping over issues I had thought (ha ha) I had cleared.
Fortunately, Spirit led me to your website. When I received my order the first thing I did
was put on the necklace. I haven't taken it off except to clean it. Just wearing the
necklace got me going-I had more energy than I've had in years! Then I started taking
the Violet flame liquid to help me transmute my "stuckness". Huge amounts of old
baggage started melting away and I found myself receiving many new insights.
Guidance from Spirit was coming in loud and clear.

I felt the need to really change the energy of my home-I wanted it to be a sacred space
that would support my Spirit. I decided to paint my kitchen and living room the first
week in January. As I was stirring the paint I was blessing it and placing my intentions
into it and was told very loudly by Spirit to put a dropper of the Melchizedek Divine
Healing liquid into the paint. Wow! As I was painting, I could feel and see the energy of
the whole room shift. I used Melchizedek in the kitchen and now it feels like the sun is
always shining in there. I was guided to use the Djwhal Khul Divine Healing liquid in the
living room. It feels like I'm in his ashram when I sit there. Now, let's see... who should I
put in the bedroom? Violet flame, or maybe Quan Yin? What a blast! Truly, I can't thank
you enough for the amazing gift you are bringing to this planet.

Wishing you both every blessing,

Virendra and Sia,
Well you've got me smiling again!  This Onyx is wonderful!  The first time I put it on I felt
the "straightness" you talked about... it seemed to occur because I felt myself
becoming more "glued" together.  My soul seemed to laugh in the fact that I had finally
given it something really good for it.  I felt happier and more grounded... and the
sensation of white light was strong and wonderful - yet it was grounded and secure. Of
all the light I have experienced through your tools- I find the white light the most
wonderful.  I remember the feeling of the white Topaz as being extraordinary also.
The Orange Tara is wonderful too.  So gentle at first, but insistent later on ... her idea is
that it is time to relax.  I'd never felt my 5th chakra before like this, but I'm glad that She
has given me this experience.  I definitely feel the clearing happening that you said
would happen.  And this is only after the first day....
Thank you once again for all your help!  These tools are really fantastic.  
With Much Love and Light,

Hi, Today I received the beautiful necklace. I feel that it is very clear and full of light
and healing. I am very happy to be able to wear this necklace and know that it will be a
wonderful "tool for my transformation"! Thank you so much.    …P.

I love the amethyst/quartz design. It really is so wonderful and pretty to wear. Thank
you so much again. This necklace and the amazing purple plate have already had a
powerful effect on me. I commend you both once again for such fine products and all
the love you put into them. You are helping so many...
I look forward to working with this amethyst for a little while though... I am so amazed
with the energy I feel from these things! Thank you sooooo much. If I saw you in person
I would give you a giant hug.... Can you feel how much calmer I am with your help?
Much love and light and all the good stuff,

Virendra and Sia: my brother sent me to you (R. R. )he is coming to Arizona for a
conference and will be connecting with you. He suggested that his essences could not
do the healing that yours do, especially the sprays. I have already shared your site with
many and will continue to do so. I admire your "integrity" for lack of a better word, a
quality that I rarely find any more, but know that Spirit led me to you and your healing.
Peace and Light to you, Sia and Miriam T. R.

So very beautiful. . the topaz and ruby is a combination of liquid light, and deep
emotional warmth. .washing through me when I wear it-very very loving. . .and what a
wonderful little worker and a surprise the little citrine, moldavite and black agate is. .a
very deep groundedness, with expansive love and a true sense of the heavens. .thank
you again. . for all you magic. Xoxoxo sara

Hello Virendra and Sia,
First off, I have been continuing to work with the Ray Master line and it has been a very
nice addition to My energy work regiment. Awesome work, and Thank You for Your
invaluable service through these (r)evolutionary products.

I look at your site all the time. As soon As the means are available I will be letting you
know by buying all that I can. I just love your stuff it's the best in the world I have seen.
Love and Light

Hi Virendra:
I wore the Chrome Diopside today by itself for the first time. It is a really remarkable
necklace. Within an hour my wife and I were walking in a beautiful green park and I felt
alot of psychological upliftment---joy of being alive---with this gem.
………….Again, I am very moved by the Chrome Diopside necklace. It might not be as
focused on physical healing as is Emerald, but it uplifts the psychology beautifully along
with its healing....enjoyment of the physical world.
Dave, Canada

I received the Elohim spray, among some other tools for transformation essences, and I
must say I was convinced of the effects of the spray on the auric field from a
bioenergetic point of view just from observing the color changes captured using the
aura photo device. But let me tell you. I am a student at a Taoist Acupuncture and Herb
University that focuses on Qi development so I was ready for whatever sensations may
present themselves. I did not know or think at all that I would have the response I did. I
almost hesitate to say because I wouldn't want others to enter into the experience with
preconceived notions. Anyhow, upon spraying above my body 2-3 times I felt a tingling
sensation that can best be described as ecstatic mist descending on me. I was blissed
out.....although I don't use cannabis anymore, this was comparable yet superior, this felt
so much more pure and had me smiling cheek to cheek, I had to contain myself ..... had me in wonder of the creation of these sprays and how the
energies from on high could be drawn and captured into these droplets of liquid. I
intended to set aside space for meditation and reading and was just in awe----feeling
like someone would think I was "high" if they saw me. The love I felt was amazing, the
words do not do justice as I try to explain what happened. I would buy a case of this to
keep if you guys ever transition from this type of service....please let me know. Thanks
divine one for channeling this info through some beautiful souls who chose to share
with humanity. You are appreciated.

Sia and Virenda...
Wow is all I can say. This necklace is quite powerful. I can feel my crown and third eye
and throat chakra bringing in brighter energy. It is an awesome feeling. I am very
impressed with the purple plate to! Just holding it warmed my hands and brought a
great deal of relaxation to my stressed body. Thank you SO much. This is the best
birthday present I have ever given myself.
Peace, Love and Light to you both.

Dear Tools
The pure sweet white light and energy of this wonderful piece is both “heavenly” and
“grounded” here. Putting the necklace on resulted in a wonderful flowing throughout,
very delicious .
You are truly alchemical magicians. . .so beautiful, so loving. .
I see why I was pulled. . thank you so much for your work here. . we all benefit. . .the
essences are also magical beyond words. .
Much love light and blessings to all of you
S. M.

Thank you Virendra. I LOVE working with your essences!!! I have also made a 30ft.
labyrinth out in my backyard and dropped the essences into the center circle along with
my statue of Buddha, crystals and many gifts!!
Love, K.

Happy easter energies. . quite strong here last nite on the full moon. . thought of my
little necklace charging! And, I received the moonstone. .what a sweet sweet strand,
and the integration and soothing of my various emotional bodies was amazing. .it was
like liquid love pouring through.
Sweet blessings virenda and sia
Light to you both. . much love xoxox S.
p.s. bills necklace is now “glowing” so much everyone (even folks) who normally never
see anything out of the ordinary are amazed. Its almost a neon pulsing energy. . at night
the glow is incredible. . its like angel light toward home. .

Sia and Virenda, I have been using the essences daily and have found them to be very
powerful. They really do lift that thin veneer of negativity away! I am so pleased and
wanted you both to know.... Thank you again for all your help and advice! I'm sure I will
be ordering more in the future... L

Hi Virendra
Your therapeutic gemstone necklaces keep me stable, help me to do more, and to
move forward faster. I really do value them for my body as well as for the work. Thank
you so much for what you do and for making these tools available at affordable prices.
Love, light, and rainbows,

Hi Virendra:
The Emerald is fabulous! A great deal of change has already taken place with my health,
including a conscious focus by me on healthier food, etc. For the past couple of days
I've been wearing my Dark Green Aventurine with it and the combination is exceedingly
smooth and feels wonderful.
I absolutely LOVE the 2 necklaces. Also, I love that they both have a strong presence of
Pearl, especially the shorter strand with the light Pink round beads.---And you even
managed to make the longer strand have a nice Pearl presence as well, even with the
darker colored Rubellite beads....I really like how you've arranged the beads by
color/tone as well. A psychic man once told me that I am a male who understands
female....My understanding can only increase now with these necklaces!
I'm thinking now of making a "gift" to my wife of the Pink Tourmaline Bhati strand that I
obtained from you some time back as it contains no pearls at all and that is actually a
plus for my wife, pearl not being a favorable stone for her in her Jyotish chart.
Mucho Gratias, Amigo!

To everyone at Tools4transformation:
I wish to thank you for being so helpful and generous.  I have so much respect for how
you run your business and the quality of your products.  I thank each of you for having
touched my heart and awareness.

Hello- The liquids are giving me much spiritual support.  They are great for all spiritual
Thank you. L

I received the necklace, as I've come to expect from you, nothing less than incredible.  
I love it!   Even my wife said WOW.  Thank you very much again for the enlightening
experience and journey.  I will keep in touch and share any experiences I encounter. T

Hi - I really have benefited SO MUCH from the Mother of Pearl and all the liquid gems I
have used. The Topaz is especially memorable.

Dear Tools4transformation
I was loaned and then given some Elohim healing spray, and was amazed at how it
worked.   thanks M.

Hi Virendra
One of the main tools that have helped me through this turbulent initiation period are
your beloved liquids. I thank you once again. They have been just wonderful.   love K.

Hi Virendra & Sia
I received your beautiful necklaces Monday, and am in awe of the clarity and quality of
your work. I have not taken them off except for cleansing as per your instructions.
My experience so far with both the liquids and gems has been very powerful. I am
detoxifying at a very rapid rate and everyone around me is commenting that I look much
better and that my energy seems much stronger. I can feel the difference also, and
believe me any relief from pain is very welcome indeed.

Please let me know if there are other liquids or sprays I should be using.   A.   ……
….    Your necklaces give me so much energy that I am actually able to live my life.
Before I had difficulty even getting out of bed. In about 1 month I will be receiving
another evaluation as to the progress of the cancer. I am hopeful that I will show

Thank you again so much for sending me so much love. I know that your necklaces are
responsible for the added strength I have each day and I am extremely grateful. Also, I
was sent a message that the boy with brain cancer passed away last week. He lived
longer than expected and his mother said that your liquids seem to have helped
comfort him a great deal. I know I feel much more peaceful when I take them and the
Elohim spray is something I never want to be without. It brings me so much relief from
pain and centers my energy in a way I would not have believed possible.   A.

On Friday afternoon I received the package. I have since had the opportunity to
experience the 7th, 2nd and 12th Rays and I must say that these Essences that You
have created are absolutely amazing. Friday night, the Violet Flame of the 7th Ray
permeated Me to a degree that I shall be more in tune with it forevermore, and the
other two Essences have equaled the first in this respect. I know that they are a major
assistance in both My and Our spiritual evolution during these times of change and I
very much look forward to experiencing the other liquids that You have developed.
I wish You abundance and joy beyond Your wildest dreams, and I honor You deeply for
the courage and openness to create such treasures for the human race.
God Bless Us All, …D

The necklace is fantastic. I got it on Saturday. Wearing it on Saturday I felt very warm,
actually hot, and a little odd. Sunday, all day, I felt much better than I have in a long time.
Even today I feel very at peace or at ease. Not wound up at all. This whole energy thing
is a whole new experience for me. Don't know if all of this is expected or not but it's
pretty exciting. Thank you again. We'll see what happens and how things continue. …T.

I am in awe......................this is the most incredible package I have ever received.
The energy in these beautiful tools is beyond description. My heart chakra is so open
right now.
I thank you very much. What a gift that you can find these tools and pass them on to
I am so excited to work with each one.
Love and Light, R.

Thank you so much for the beautiful picture of Osiris. I love it very much.   Really I am
so thankful for all you are doing.  I love the larger new necklace.  I like to hold it when I
fall asleep and when I meditate The energy plate is nice to hold. My friend was really
amazed when I showed her my necklace (she's a Tai chi master) and felt a presence
she could describe as very compassionate and forgiving and comforting like going
straight through the body and inside the heart.  This is amazing. I have looked up many
websites on Osiris and most of them only know what the archaeology or Hellenistic
magic books tell them. You are the first one who really helped me get an AUTHENTIC
connection that goes far beyond just the myths and carvings. May you always be
blessed.   AA

My personal liquid has been perfect. The Arcturian and Sirius liquids have fit in
perfectly also.  I have been experiencing a focused and accelerated clearing time. I just
wanted to let you know. I am so fortunate to have met you.  Your work is important.
Many thanks.
Love, C

I really LOVE the necklace you blessed for me of Osiris. A Reiki teacher who had no
idea, said that as she touched my necklace, she could see a scarab! Wow! That's a
powerful confirmation. I would like to order another necklace for Osiris with the bigger
beads so I am sending that order in. With the world shift coming up I want to make sure
I have an extra one on hand since I am already beginning to experience confirmations.
Two other people when touching my necklace felt a whole lot of love in the heart
chakra and a very loving presence. Thank you for all the wonderful emails you send
and for helping me with my connection with this wonderful deity. Since then, many
people are telling me how wonderful I look and that I look younger and even prettier.
Since wearing the necklace, my self esteem and feeling of connectedness have gone
up ( we the followers of the Force just can't afford to be down at this time of this world
shift.     Amira

Virendra & Sia
I am having a great time taking the Arcturus and the Pleiades liquids. And also using the
necklace. It works multidimensionally, and not just on the physical - I was not expecting
that bonus!

Dearest Virendra ***
You are welcome!  I so appreciate your trust and you sending your Divine Alchemy to
me so quickly.  LOVE the new liquid. The Three-Fold flame is like a Heart Mes-sage of
Light from my Mighty I AM Presence! The entire package my order came in was so
charge with Love, Light, Divine Energy.
Love and Blessings...Yanna

Hi There-
Did I tell you how amazing your Healing Liquids are? I enjoy them so much - being in the
energy field of the Masters this way is very powerful, the energies are so strong. I have
to confess to you that I sometimes use them just because, not just for meditation. Like
when I sit at the computer and work on something, like the newsletter or the book
translation. I just had wonderful divine communion with Sananda this way while working
(that is, energies were so strong I just enjoyed feeling them and took a few breaks). I
also sometimes take them at bedtime just to feel the Divine energies I so love to be in. I
can't thank you and the Masters and angels enough for making these wondrous and blessings to you - I AM Olam

Hi Virendra,
I just wanted to let you know that the necklace is working miracles!  Joey has calmed
down so much and is more inclined to follow directions than to argue.  And when he
does feel he needs to argue it doesn't contain the anger and violence that it had
before.  Usually the argument is about wearing the necklace.  He doesn't always want
to, especially when he's playing Batman, but I have been insisting.  He is also using the
bathroom now instead of wetting his pants (for the most part) which tells me that he is
feeling better emotionally.  All of this began occurring after he wore the necklace for
less than a day.
The Sai Baba liquid seems to be helping as well, and he loves to take it.  I can give him
yogurt now, which he loves, without worrying about the sugar in it making him (and then
me) crazy.
love S.

Dear Tools
I have been using your elixirs for over 18 months, and they are just wonderful.  I wish
you all success in the work you are taking on. Bless you. - vs

Used St. Germain last night for meditation and wow.. Hadn't used him in a long time. It
was great.  -S

Lady Nada has done wonders for me. What's next Virendra dear.? ...B

… using them to heal hurts in children (or self). For instance, I put a few drops of
the Buddha one on my forehead and have felt extreme calm..there are just endless
things one can do with them other than ingest put a few drops on the
Love B

I am using these master products for about three months now, and receive benefits as
advertised. bill.

WELL, WELL NOW-- This just keeps moving right along!! I love it. I must have these
other components . Who could ask for anything more? This is a typical example of the
Universe providing me with something before I even realized I need it. It looks as
though your "pharmacy" is moving along and creating itself.  I am eternally grateful to
all the Divine Beings and all of you for the abundant, powerful, and loving resource.
Thank you so much. I feel so blessed and honored to be a part of this.     With unbridled
love and appreciation,  F

Dear Tools
The Quan Yin is so reinforcing of the energies I call on and hold, the Metatron is
incredible edible (well drinkable) light infusion...I feel I know what light tastes like in
these drops, the Kuthumi feels like such love & a great big inner hug from He who
revealed himself to be my primary master oh so many, many years ago, & Sananda feels
much like Kuthumi for me, allowing me to tune into the gentle love and devotion of the
sixth ray (gave it to some friends and we had the sweetest of times) and also gives me
an expansive sense of the pure Sananda quality, which somehow expands my galactic
and cosmic sense.  Do I want the entire line...? Of course I do.  All my love, Y

……it's just too good and too unique, unlike anything I have ever seen or tried. - With
love B

I have found out a few things - like 7-11 drops before or during meditation is good, but I
take them sometimes during the day just because I want to be in the energy field of the
master. I have also found that if you keep the spray bottle sitting around open after it's
empty, the wonderful scent lingers for weeks...same with liquids even though they
have no scent, I just can't throw the bottles away. You can hold them while you
meditate, place them on your altar (full or empty) and I think that's just as good as a
master photo/image. I even put a drop on various chakras, and I feel the energy
immediately. I bet you can put the drops directly on a painful or sore spot (will try this
when I have one).
Thank you so much it was nice to have meet you. My mediation is going great with the
Love and Light               M…

Dear Tools4transformation
...Well this morning I put a couple of drops of Metatron in my Left ear, where my TMJ
acts up horribly. They felt so light going in, made me giggle. So far, so healed of pain!

Dear Sia:
I am so very happy with the drops. I have carried and talk with Blessed Baba for many
years. I find that the liquid helps me to stay grounded in the Heart. I have used it as a
first -aid tonic. After bumping my Mothers leg with the Wheel-chair. She tends to bleed
under the skin. I reached into my bag and pull out the bottle of Liquid and dripped some
onto her leg . She still can not believe that the leg never changed color or became
swollen and painful. I have felt energized. I know that things will work out for me. I
LOVE the drops and will continue to order them.
love, m. a.

Dearest Virendra,
what a joy, a gift to have met you at Wesak! I truly love what you do and know it's
blessed. I love my St. Germain drops and Elohim spray and will order more soon. I gave
several of the bottles of drops as gifts to my Wesak friends, and they also love them.
With much love to you and your family,

Hi there Sia, Miriam, Virendra,
You have been very busy creating more Miracle  Potions.  I will be ordering something
soon.  These Liquids have been extraordinary to say the least.  I have used them now
for a little over a month with  amazing results.  Purchasing 2 bottles at a time was a
great idea  because I am able to place  the bottle on 2 chakras at a time. OR one in
each  hand.  I have used them in my bath, on my eyes, while  meditating, before bed, on  
3rd eye and all kinds of things. Powerful stuff.  I am eternally grateful to you and Baba of
course.  Now you have created an essence from St. Germain,  wow, I am thrilled.  
Much Love and Light.
OM SAI RAM, Namaste,

Dear Tools4transformation
I appreciated and enjoyed meeting you in Shasta (Weed) you inspire a new hope for the
future new life here on this planet. Thank you.

Dear Brother-
Your gift is impressive- I am moving truly back into God consicousness - Of course I
have acquired the necessary knowledge and desire to do so - along with these
"elements" and the energy you bring forth true enlightenment is possible.

Namaste...this is R ... and you have quite literally changed my world, and through me, all
my worlds...

Hello Virendra!
I'm so glad to keep in touch with you.  Talking with you about Osho and Sai Baba had
MANY gifts and blessings in it for me.  I am very grateful.  It is also wonderful to know
ONE as true as you are.  Please keep me on your mailing list and keep on with the
Divine service work you are doing.  What a blessing you are providing for so many!
In love and light,

Hi There
I have been using the Elohim Spray and the energies are so strong that I feel like I am
still at Wesak, or even better.
I even spray it on my pillow before I go to bed!

Dear Virendra,
Thank you for the message. I always appreciate your updates on things.  Received my
personal healing liquid today.  I am so grateful.

Dear Virendra and Sia,
I love the Osho/Baba essence. Thanks.
Love, T…

…and yet another thank-you again for the drops and spray - they're wonderful! I can
already sense shifts happening - I've felt an incredible sense of well-being (like I can't
remember feeling for a longgggggggg time!) since they've been here in the
Love & Blessings, K…

I have experienced extreme fatigue, but have become more centered in my journey to a
new dimension.  Will keep you posted. Thank you for this wonderful gift.

Dear Tools4transformation-
I will be happy to keep you informed as to the  miracles from the Divine  Healing  
Liquid.  There is no doubt in myself that I will be taken care of exactly as is intended by
Baba.  The message was sent to me to hold the bottle to my  3rd eye, interesting you
would say that too.  My feeling is that the imbalance in my physical sight is actually
being sourced from a possible imbalance in the 3rd eye. Already I noticed a slight
difference in the way I was interacting with a client last night. More later.
May the light of love surround you,  
Hello from France,
I'm sending you so many Thanks for the magnificent Moldavite that arrived today, so
carefully wrapped ! After "love at first sight" in your shop, it was "love at first touch" !!
... your wonderful stones are at very reasonable prices.
Thank you so much !!  Isabelle (4/14)
(800) 270-1510
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