All of our liquids are made directly from the "mother" liquid(s).
Enjoy them in this form or they can be easily used to create
additional essences or blends for yourself, friends or clients.
Alpha Centurian Divine Healing Liquid  - Essence
There is a light shining bright.  There is a light-heartedness coming
with the use of this liquid. There is a knowingness greater than is
easy to put into words. This knowingness rather plays on the
instrument of the emotions. There is a peace and a desire of peace
with all creation and all beings in our Universe and even further.

Alpha Centauri - a name carrying wisdom and light.  A gateway into
other dimensions and higher consciousness.   A strength and
clarity comes with the use of this liquid.  A knowing that one is a
Universal being rather than an Earthling. Yes, this life Earth
but...other lives in other places.

Death?  How can there be death if one has that deep knowingness
that other lives have been there. Earth is nothing more than a
holiday place for a Universal being checking in here as we check
into a hotel in another country. 80 years Earth - not even a length of
an in breath in the measures of eternity. A liquid for clarity.
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Andromedan Divine Healing Liquid  - Essence
Grounding, centeredness, deeper look into one's self.  Helpful in becoming
fearless. A rebuilder and healer for the energy system within the body.  
Working on strengthening the Hara. Grounding in it's energies.  Strengthening
the immune system.  Rejuvenating to the cells.  Has a cooling and calming

To the label : orange - rejuvenating to the cells, darkest parts of the picture
stands for the grounding effect, dark blue - calming and cooling,
pinkish-purplish-red for the centeredness in love, greenish for the healing
especially for the immune system.

Works on the 5th chakra to bring forth and awaken more creativity.
Builds up to a very high vibration which leads the awareness to the 3rd eye,
crown and higher dimensional chakras.

This liquid makes it easy to reunite with the Universe as a multi-dimensional
higher being. Expanding the mind into the vastness of pure consciousness.  
Definitely opening the mind over it's set limits into dimensions of newer and
newer possibilities.

Ultimately leading the mind into absolute openness and reaching into the
one-mind / or no-mind.
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Ashtar Command Divine Healing Liquid  - Essence
The Ashtar Command is a huge group of "ETs" under the command of Land Ashtar.
All these beings on service under Ashtar are around to help and protect Earth and
others which are in need. Commander Ashtar is a being of immense this
information for the highest good of the ones in need.

With this liquid one enters into the Universe all around.  Since the ship is not
stationary the energies are vast and flowing. It will help to keep us in flow or bring
us back into flow.  It also helps  to bring the understanding that weakness is not
bad or a low quality but that the "stronger" one might be of service to the "weaker"
one until the strength builds up in those.
Understanding and compassion are needed that nothing happens out of a power
trip and time for change is given.

This liquid can also help the harsh ones to smooth the edges.
This liquid sings and vibrates of Freedom.  Freedom taken and Freedom given.  
It helps to strengthen the "protector" in every one of us.
It is helpful if one works or plays in a group to unite the energies as the crew is
united on Ashtar's ship.
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Bottle size & type of top
Hydran Divine Healing Liquid  - Essence
The Hydran liquid can help us to come more in contact with the land again.
There light and devotion is tremendous.  Astrology wise it could be compared to
the Libra. Very artistic and sensitive.  It can be used for the harsher and tougher
ones to soften and to bring out their dormant sensitivity.

It can greatly be used for any artistic endeavor.  People and animals can benefit
from this liquid if sensitivity is an issue.  Sensitivity is a "high" quality and can
be brought force within all of us.  This liquid will help to remove the obstacles in
front so that the sensitive side can be lived too. Try it on your child if it gets
upset or is right now in the space of the "terrible twos".

It is great to use while painting or acting to deepen into the energies needed to
act or create.
It is quite exquisite to take this liquid.
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Pleiadian Divine Healing Liquid - Essence
Very much for healing on all levels.  Strengthening the sense of
sister/brotherhood on Planet Earth and within the entire Universe. Enlightened
master healers.  

This liquid and it's energies enters in and is very nourishing and balancing for all
the body.  Here again we can see and feel how the label designed itself. The
balancing to the body shown in green, to the emotions shown in red, to the mind
shown in blue and to the spiritual aspect shown in pink/purple.

Many of the Native American tribes had their connection to the Pleiadian
energies and beings. Medicine men/women got their intuitive knowledge for
healing and Earth ceremonies from this star system transferred into their
systems. A deep appreciation of life and nature comes along with the intake of
this liquid. It helps us to come back to our roots before too much artificial
knowledge corrupted our minds and hearts.

It helps to stay away from drugs and alcohol by showing that life is worth living as
it is. This liquid can be of great assistance to re-open the door to one's own
nature.  It is so profound in being simple - as simple as the truth is in itself. Being
in the moment does not mean being high or low.  It simply means being here and

This liquid is a great reminder to the quality stressed by Buddha - the golden path
of being in the middle - .
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Sirian Divine Healing Liquid - Essence
Seems to be building up on the Arturian one.  Using that established peace for
even higher intelligence.  Also to do with higher geometry and spirituality.  Very
high vibrational tool.  One has to get out of the way to come into alignment to the
energies coming to Earth from these higher dimensions.  Of course, the liquid is
designed to help come to this state of let-go.

As the label has designed itself  we can become aware of a deep love (red)
flooding our heart and a higher intelligence (yellow) entering into our mental
bodies and even physical brain.  Brings forth the conscious awareness of being
multi-dimensional (universal) then only Earth-bound.

A fearless positivity spreads through one's being leaving no chances for second
thoughts.  Out of body experiences can happen within a couple of minutes.  
Strongly working on the inner and outer ears which helps one to get out of the
controlling mind and to come back to the intuitive aspect of one's self.

Helps one to relax into the silent and thoughtless moment of the here and now.  
When the thought of any kind of achievement is given up, true enlightenment is

This liquid can be a great tool in treating emotional heart and breathing problems
when used with focus and attention during meditation/contemplation.
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Vegan Divine Healing Liquid - Essence
The Vegan are the forefathers of Sirius and Centauri.  This liquid also feels very
calming but also very healing especially to the mind.  It might help one to open up
to "other" ideas never really considered before.
The Vegan liquid carries very much the energies of harmony.  It helps to stay
connected to a loving heart within oneself while expanding the mind via
meditation.  The Vegan have learned a lot from their past and now this liquid
might help one to learn from the past.  Fight never makes a difference.  Peace
and knowingness does!
This liquid is relaxing to the entire being and carries lots of information to the
one's drawn to it.
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Divine Healing Liquids (Essences)
vibrational medicine for holistic / multi-dimensional healing & transformation
All these liquids teach us about life within our Universe. Showing that we
are not alone and also showing that nobody is an enemy to the other. There
might be differences in appearance but the spark each from the entire
collective of each star system.

Invoked are only the energies from the enlightened and ascended ones.
They bring forth energies for the highest good of humanity on Earth and in
relation to the alien nations.  The Universe is one - don't be afraid of the
brothers and sisters out there. They are more evolved then us and have a
lot to teach us.  They are not here to over rule us or even wanting to take
over our planet like in the movies.  They are more centered in love and
clearer in their actions.  They help us to understand our purpose and
mission better related to Earth and her surroundings.    

All these liquids - afterwards seen - have not shown any kind of thought or
energy towards any kind of aggressiveness or negativity.  All these systems
and their beings are rooted in love, peace and harmony.  Which does not
mean that their existence is a boring one.  It's just much higher than we can
yet think of.
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Available with dropper top
or oral spray top
Arcturian Divine Healing Liquid - Essence
One sentence came: If everyone on Planet Earth would be taking
this liquid, we would soon have a better world.
It's very balancing to the brain and helps to activate more of the
"sleeping" cells.
Very much peace and harmony.  Makes one feel very at ease and is
good against stress.

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