tools for holistic / multi-dimensional healing & transformation
The Guardian of Cat’s Eye Alexandrite explains...
Cat's Eye Alexandrite has the same focus as Alexandrite: to restore one to the original state of being.  
The "Cat's Eye" found in this gem enhances this powerful "magical" gem.  As with Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye
portals can be accessed intensifying the effect of it.  But what is unique about Cat's Eye Alexandrite is the
gem itself utilizes these portals to bring through some of the strongest healing energies available.
One's nervous system was designed to withstand and utilize high frequencies.  So naturally Cat's Eye
Alexandrite focuses its energies on and throughout one's nervous system to accomplish its task.  
Restoring one's nervous system to its original state of being has a quick and most profound effect overall
on one's being.  One's nervous system is also the gateway to the beyond so the better it is functioning the
easier it is to connect to the higher realms.
Cat's Eye Alexandrite offers one the means to expand into what was originally intended to be our natural
It should also be noted that Cat's Eye Alexandrite utilizes part of the physical eyes to transfer some of
the higher healing frequencies (as with Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl). With this utilization many see benefits to
one's eyesight.

The Guardian of Andesine explains...
Andesine is one of the few gems that have recently been found by design to help support and aid
humanity on its path of transformation.  The colors range from peach-ish, reddish and greenish but all
fulfill the mission of the gem.  It is suggested to select the one which appeals the most as this will indicate
which one you will receive the highest benefit.  Each individual bead flashes colors of gold or blue in
addition to its outer multi-colored appearance which can create dimensional portals when used with
focused intent.
Andesine's main focus is on love and to live in and through the heart.  It helps to increase one's ability to
feel and experience devotion (be it a person or purpose) by streaming a full focus through the heart.  
Using this gem makes it much easier to tune into what one's mission or life's work is and be able to do it
with ease.  Through this it enhances one's productivity since working is done in harmony with being.  It
highlights talents and skills then amplifies these abilities - bringing forth the individual's mysticism.
Anedesine funnels one's ability to see the positive in all - be it people, things or situations.  It is in this
positive space that Source, God or Spirit resides making it easier to see the "God in all".  This in turn
helps to open both the heart and crown chakras to more readily receive information from the higher,
gain greater clarity of mind along with an openness to love without fear.
On the physical it is calming to the nervous system so a stabilized, balanced state can be experienced
when using this gem easing organ function, stress and improving overall well -being.

The Guardian of Light Blue Apatite explains...
Light Blue Apatite allows one's expression to be in alignment with one's pure being.  This gem
accomplishes this through creating an energetic field starting in one's heart area and extending to above
the head (crown).
This field connects not only the heart and mind of one's being but beyond allowing a higher frequency to
be an integral part of any expression.  This allows for expression from one's true being to come forth in a
clear and peaceful form.
Light Blue Apatite continues to keep clear the pathways of expression within the wearer (or user).  It
shows one, through the field created, how to continue to only express from the full source of one's being
(heart, mind and beyond).  This is how expression originated and progresses to a new level of being. This
form of expression needs to be embraced once again.
Light Blue Apatite's energy instantly instills calm in the mind which allows things/thoughts to appear
clearer and make more sense.  The breath is eased spreading the calm throughout.  Often times people
get "caught up" in the world, Light Blue Apatite unhooks the binds releasing one to just be in the world.  
It is perfect for those who get stressed out by their job.
The calm Light Blue Apatite brings effects the physical aspect on several levels.  With the strain and
stress removed from the head area one's face appears younger, headaches disappear, vision (eyesight)
improves and the throat is no longer sore.  It can be used to help with speech impediments such as
stuttering, tongue thrust, etc.  Confidence and ease is restored as the clarity in the head is translated
outward.  Slight effects can be felt in the jaw and it can be used to relieve symptoms of TMJ.
Light Blue Apatite is a great tool for children/teens.  It allows them to retain their heart connection while
positively expressing themselves.  It inspires them to continue to do this even though many role models
(teachers, parents, siblings, etc.) around them do not.  It creates a strong line to the higher self which
resists the blocking of this connection as time goes on.
Light Blue Apatite provides the energy needed to function in the world by still being connected to one's
pure being.

The Guardian of Sea Foam Green Apatite explains...
Sea foam Green Apatite's main focus is the cleansing/purification of the body/mind in order to be able to
receive and sustain higher frequencies.  This gem is the carrier of the 8th ray whose vibration, color and
frequency all instigate cleansing and purification.
The main purpose of the 8th ray is to assist one's being to progress further by removing whatever
obstacles that are hindering growth and transformation.  In wearing (or using) Sea foam Green Apatite,
one is able to receive the benefits of the ray's purpose directly and in a consistent form.  This provides a
powerful source to bring one's self to another level of being leading to a more enjoyable state.
Humanity has a natural drive to evolve.  This translates into being in a state of constant change.  
Currently the push to evolve has strengthened as an evolutionary leap is on the horizon.  Many are
experiencing more imbalances as the push to transform meets the closed doors of blockages.  This is
where Sea foam Green Apatite can be a powerful benefit.  It cleanses and purifies the obstacles leading to
easier transitions and fluid movements to a higher state.
Sea foam Green Apatite also helps one to uncover root issues which are creating blockages.  Root issues
tend to be stored in the core of one's being - the subconscious.  For many, this is a place one hesitates to
explore as it requires some "work" to process what is stored there.  The energies of Sea foam Green
Apatite create a safe vantage point to view and dissolve whatever hindrances may lie there.  Tackling
root issues and removing them can also create opportunities for tremendous personal growth as often
root issues are linked to many outward blocks.  Therefore, Sea foam Green Apatite hastens even further
the process in reaching a higher state of existence.
 The physical effects of Sea foam Green Apatite tend to be secondary to its overall cleansing.  Many
experience a clearer head - better clarity of mind, eased eyesight, expanded nasal passageways, eased
breathing, etc.  It's cleansing promotes less stress and uplifted sense of being.

The Guardian of Blue Aquamarine explains...
Aquamarine is a gem which brings one's pure essence (true self, higher self) to the surface.  This is a very
important task which is much needed on planet Earth today.  As a result of society and its rules to
conform, many have buried their pure essence under layers and layers of "stories".  The stories have
been in place for so long that they are believed as fact with no idea of the nature of the pure essence
within.  Aquamarine pushes the stories aside revealing the pure essence.
Aquamarine affects can be strong for some depending on how many stories exist.  Society has created a
belief that protection and preparedness is crucial to be safe.  Even the idea of being safe is misguided and
has been used to regain control over spontaneous free spirited people.  Aquamarine shows that it is
"safe" to reveal the pure essence and to stop perpetuating one's personal illusions.
The process aquamarine initiates and facilitates is very freeing for one's spirit and creativity.  Without
the need to maintain and conform - an abundance of energy is made available.  The pure essence is
eternally young and being in alignment with it can only bring a youthening effect.  The idea of "getting
old" and "aging" is also an aspect of life which has been manipulated on Planet Earth.  The power
currently exists to live fully to 120-130 years instead of the average 70-80 years.  People choose to age
themselves by conforming.  A movement and increased awareness is being shown through the influx of
anti-aging products available. None of this is needed if one returns to the alignment with the pure
essence.  Aquamarine reinstates the alignment.
The effects of Aquamarine touch all aspects of the being.  This gem actually unifies the aspects with the
pure essence strengthening the commonality - "you".  When one is in alignment there is a peace and calm
of being, a gratitude for and wonderment of life exists.  There is no place for anger, jealousy, etc. because
they all originate from an imbalance or lack.
On a physical level, Aquamarine's energy gravitates towards the head and throat area.  Because of this
concentration of the energy here, many feel benefits in the jaws and teeth.  This gem also strengthens
eyesight and with use can improve vision.  It can be used for sore throats and to relieve the swelling of
the throat lymph nodes and tonsils.  It assists in the balancing of the thyroid and thymus glands.
Aquamarine creates a new lease on life by unveiling the pure essence.  This gem diminishes the need for
drama which is naturally replaced with awe for life and existence.  Aquamarine will help one rediscover
the harmony and satisfaction in being who you are.

The Guardian of Carnelia explains...
Carnelian is the gem which carries the Orange Ray and therefore translates the Orange Ray and its
energies to the body in its purest form.  This gem easily restores vitality to the being and fuels one's
creative juices to flow.  Its energies tend to gravitate to and circulate through the blood spreading its
warming, energizing effects throughout.
Carnelian promotes feeling alive and full of energy.  It restores optimism and strengthens the belief that
one is vital and can invoke change.  This gem simply removes negativity, one of the strongest disruptive
energies within the body and directs the focus on the positive within and without.
Because of its effects, Carnelian has many benefits for the wearer (or user).  It can be used as an aid in
depression or to overcome grief.  It can be used in times of new beginnings such as a new project, job or
even lifestyle, to strengthen one's resolve and motivation to "just do it". And/or it can be used to
augment one's current experience of life, enhancing its richness and fullness.
On a physical level Carnelian is great for circulation and tissues.  Because of this combination it has a
strong positive influence on the organs, in particular the stomach, kidneys, gallbladder, spleen and
sexual organs.  It can be used to treat kidney stones and gall stones.
The positivity Carnelian promotes has additional effects on all the aspects of the being.  It brings clarity
to the mind allowing one to be clear in expression and communication and supporting continued
positivity.  On the emotional level, it clears out the created negative emotions accentuating a connection
to the inner heart based essence.  So, through wearing (or using) Carnelian, one can experience an all-
around positive boost to the being.
A note on colors... Carnelian is offered and sold from the color ranges of Orange to Red/Brown.  The
most ideal is that which is closest to true Orange naturally.  Orange/red offers therapeutic effects but not
in the purest form.  Therefore, for unobstructed results and transformation the pure Orange is most
desired.  Red/Brown should be avoided if seeking therapeutic results.

The Guardian of Charoite explains...
Charoite is a multi-system cleanser.  Its energy swirls throughout all of one's systems - cleaning, clearing
and removing blockages.
This gem is the perfect choice when one feels "stuck" - either in life or on one's path.  One's life is ruled
by one's experiences.  Depending on what those experiences are one can lead a sheltered existence or a
robust action filled one.  Charoite brings forth aspects from both the emotional and mental fields
allowing one to see what is actually holding one back.  With this gem, if one desires, these limiting aspects
can be whisked away instigating not only change but a freer flow throughout one's mind and emotions.
Charoite should be considered by the wearer (or user) a strong transformational gem.  It is important to
tune into one's inner guidance on how/when to use this gem in order for the instigated change to stay
within one's "comfort-zone". Charoite freely shares its energies on a consistent level. Depending on one's
current state the effects are from mild to intense.
Charoite's purpose is simply to bring one closer to one's pure nature (higher self).  The effects are
actually regulated by one's self.  The resistance level one has towards change is the deciding factor in
how one experiences this gem.  If one relaxes into the process, changes will occur effortlessly and one's
essence will blossom.  Through this process one is able to understand more clearly one's purpose.  
Creativity and dormant attributes come forth to support one and one's purpose and a new beginning in
life will unfold.

The Guardian of Green Chrysoberyl explains...
Green Chrysoberyl is a high frequency gem which offers a rejuvenating, healing frequency quickly into
one's systems.  This frequency transforms (heals) aspects of oneself which effect one's overall vibration.  
This gem's main focus is to raise the vibration by removing an aspect of duality in order to create a
higher vision of harmony within.
Green Chrysoberyl continues the process of lessening the space between one's current state and the
aspect of one's higher self.  Indications of how to arrive at a new level of harmony are given to the wearer
(or user) and can be acted upon (or not).  This gem simply restores a higher level of harmony within,
which in turn leads to a higher understanding and state of being rarely witnessed in Earth's dimension.
A note on Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye: Chrysoberyl is often found with what is referred to as "Cat's Eye".  This
luminescence is seen within the gem is actually a portal.  It intensifies the effects of the gem's working
allowing for more frequencies of like kind to be transferred.
If used consciously, these portals can offer a gateway to experience the frequencies of the gem from its
original state / place.  This requires a form of "travel" on the user's part and receptivity must be present
in order for this to be done successfully.
It is important to note that the "Cat's Eye" element utilizes part of one's physical eyes in order to convey
it’s working.  The frequency emitted can be sensed within one's "rods" which make up the retina.  
Through the utilization of the eyes, a positive effect on one's vision can occur.

The Guardian of Yellow Chrysoberyl explains...
Yellow Chrysoberyl is a high frequency gem which introduces high frequencies into one's systems
quickly.  If one is receptive, visions of understanding will be given that will perhaps change the
perception of life currently held.  These visions of understanding are easily accepted because they come
from a light source already known (at least at the heart level) one's higher self.
This gem can be used to continue one's light journey beyond areas already explored.  This exploration
increases the light held within one's current state along with the many aspects of self in other states.
Yellow Chrysoberyl protects one's essence during these explorations making it the ideal gem to utilize
for this specific task.
A note on Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye: Chrysoberyl is often found with what is referred to as "Cat's Eye".  This
luminescence is seen within the gem is actually a portal.  It intensifies the effects of the gem's working
allowing for more frequencies of like kind to be transferred.
If used consciously, these portals can offer one a gateway to experience the frequencies of the gem from
its original state / place.  This requires a form of "travel" on the user's part and receptivity must be
present in order for this to be done successfully.
It is important to note that the "Cat's Eye" element utilizes part of one's physical eyes in order to convey
it’s working.  The frequency emitted can be sensed within one's "rods" which make up the retina.  
Through the utilization of the eyes, a positive effect on one's vision can occur.

The Guardian of Citrine explains...
Citrine clears or creates the path for more light to enter into one's systems/bodies. Light is an important
element in living as the true being.  With light there is nothing or nowhere to hide - one is only able to be.  
Therefore, the more light one holds, the closer one is to one's true being.
Citrine in itself is not a high frequency gem but creates the pathway for higher frequencies to enter.  This
is done simply by Citrine as it focuses its energies on any imbalances which are blocking the flow of more
light.  Citrine also adds a strengthening aspect to one's systems/bodies to hold more light.  This gem is of
great use to create a strong foundation to work with higher frequencies or to lay the path to begin doing
One can mainly experience Citrine's effects on the physical level through the senses.  The cleansing and
additional light allows one's senses to be heightened.  They are extensions to one's true being and the
closer one is to one's true being the more the senses naturally evolve. Many people experience Citrine's
effects on the organs, especially those whose functions is elimination (such as stomach, and intestines),
detoxification (liver and spleen) and regulation (pancreas).  Citrine's cleansing assists in the natural role
of these organs and allows them to function at the peak of capability.  Citrine is a natural choice to
support for example liver or colon cleanses.  One will experience deepened effects reaching beyond the
physical level.  With time Citrine's energies will increase vitality and renew one's being.
It should be noted that to ease the occasional strong physical effects of this gem (like headaches) it is
recommended to drink water (to flush out) and exercise (to move out).  This will offer a way in which to
dispose of that which is clearing out and enhance one's overall "good" feeling.

The Guardian of Copper explains...
Copper directs energy towards the pursuit of a higher evolution, a reaching for that something more -
but with a focus on a universal perspective rather than a self-centered one.  It's energies embrace the
spiritual approach and help to advance intuition, increase vitality and renew/restore
life force energy.
Copper help to initiate a more positive outlook on life and attracts good and even luck to support a
better outcome.  In wearing/working with copper, one has a higher level of self-acceptance and can
suspend judgment of the self and others.  It encourages one to seek to be a better version of one's self on
all levels be it spiritually, mentally, emotionally or physically.  It helps release limitations, hindrances
and self-doubt - making success easier.  Those who are plagued with boredom, lethargy, restlessness or
even depression, will find this to be a potent tool to move out of those states and experience a zest for
life, humanity and the planet.
Copper can help to magnify energy transfer.  This can be seen through clearer and more easily
understood communication - be it verbal or written.  Speaking and/or writing, using Copper as an ally,
will help one become more engaging and much more can be conveyed in fewer words.  The magnified
energy transfer can also be of great benefit to healers, and care takers as it will magnify the healing
abilities (such as massage, energy work, Reiki, remote sessions, etc.) encourage intuitive inputs and
overall increases one's healing potential.
Copper is well known in healing/helping with arthritis and joint pain but it even has expanded physical
effects.  It helps the electrical system, meridians along with our subtle and astral bodies to function
optimally.  It helps issues of the blood to harmonize, balance and heal all types of disorders.  It also
assists with metabolic processes which in turn can stabilize hormones and weight.

It should be noted that there is more and more evidence that many are copper deficient as the nutrient
level in the food we are taking in is depleted. Using one of our necklaces is an easy way to help with
addressing Copper deficiencies

The Guardian of Black Coral explains...
Pink Coral offers a boost to the emotional body in addition to areas of the physical often affected by the
emotions.  The energies of Pink Coral saturate the emotional field enhancing its strength and relieving
any "trapped" energy.  This offers a free flow unhindered by previous emotional disturbances and a
reconnection to the joy within. (Therefore it is a great aid for depression issues.)
On the physical level Pink Coral targets those areas strongly influenced by the emotions.  These areas
include (but are not limited to) the stomach, heart, breasts and sexual organs.  Pink Coral facilitates
regeneration and revitalization to restore the optimum in functionality.  For instance, Pink Coral works
well on the stomach lining, assisting in the healing of ulcers.  In the heart area Pink Coral's energies
saturate the tissues of the organ.  In the breasts it regulates hormonal balance and is ideal for those
Pink Coral is an ideal tool for those who are experiencing poor health due to their emotional state.  It can
also be used as a preventative tool protecting one from an emotional imbalance manifesting in the
physical (causing illness).

CORAL – RED (Italian)
The Guardian of Red Coral explains...
Red Coral offers a powerful boost to the physical body/system.  Its energies give a unique fortification
which strengthens down to the core of one's being.  It is an all-around revitalizer - transforming the
physical to an efficient specimen of nature.
How does it do this? One might ask as Sia did.  Coral has a natural affinity to the human physical
structure due to the fact that it's largely made up of water (in very general terms).
Red Coral in particular has the strongest physical effect providing healing within many of the body's
First it supports the skeletal system strengthening bones and ligaments.  Simultaneously it nourishes the
muscular system through the enrichment of the blood.  One experiences increased flexibility and
The blood enrichment is due to enhanced processing capabilities of nutrients.  Red Coral facilitates the
clearing of any physical blocks within one's system hindering its optimal functioning.
It should be confirmed here that Red Coral is ideal for pregnant women!  Because of its natural processes
within one's body it guarantees that the fetus is receiving optimal levels of nutrients for its development.
Due to the high identification level with the body - Red Coral allows for a door to be opened to other
levels.  If the physical body feels good/empowered, one tends to feel good emotionally and mentally.  
The good feeling transcends all levels with time and one's being is strengthened and uplifted.  Confidence
is enhanced and a power from within is experienced.
Red Coral is excellent for those who lack physical strength or lack a strong foundation for one's being.  
It reawakens and calls forth the inner strength each possesses.

CORAL – RED (Japanese)
The Guardian of Red Coral explains...
This Japanese Red Coral offers both the properties of traditional Red Coral along with the Pink Coral. It
vibrates a Red/Pink Coral energy which encompasses the properties of both varieties in one. Naturally
these two colors are definitely harmonized and since the color within the beads in uniform in appearance
it also offers some unique traits exclusive to it.
Japanese Red Coral targets physical issues which have been a direct result of the emotions. Some
examples are: ulcers, stress related issues such as headaches, hair loss, etc., skin break outs such as
rashes or pimples along with more serious heart issues such as heart attacks, palpitations, etc.
All corals help the skeletal system on one level or another but this type seems to be the most efficient
preventative and help for osteoporosis.
This Japanese Red Coral also has the strongest effect on the Hara. The Hara holds in balance our inner
duality of the feminine and masculine. It is also the spiritual seat where we receive power to experience
life on this plane through all our senses - our creative center. It (the Hara) is a strong source of power
and often when one is not fully in balance it is stifled and hindered by unexpressed emotions, repressed
memories and all types of denials. A fully functioning, clean and clear Hara inspires creative flow,
increases intuition and allows for further cultivation of the self to fully realize on this plane.
Japanese Red Coral helps to clean and clear the Hara making it a great tool for personal realization and
Also if one finds the traditional Red Coral (from Italy) too strong to wear (as can be the case for the
elderly or the young) this is a wonderful alternative. It slowly allows the vibration to unfold so it is
gentler for those who are more sensitive.

The Guardian of White Coral explains...
White Coral offers a boost to the overall being due to its protective nature.  It blankets one in a soft white
coat maintaining an unaffected inner state. Due to this it is an ideal gem for young ones.  It facilitates an
easy transition from womb to outer world and it’s protective “coat” nourishes.  It can be continued to be
used to maintain an unaffected inner state in children.  Much of the world houses disharmonious
energies which penetrate the beings of the young ones due to their openness.  White Coral protects from
these outside forces.
On a physical level White Coral strengthens the teeth and bones and can easily be used in the treatment
of any issues with these (such as osteoporosis).  It also activates tissue regeneration and has a youthening
effect.  White Coral could easily be worn throughout one’s life to ease the transitions of time and receive
them with grace.
Mentally it leads one to a meditative state bringing simplicity to thoughts.  Emotionally it invokes an
inner peace and calm allowing one not to be overrun by the emotions.  Physically it is soothing
throughout, creating a multidimensional experience of serenity.  This serenity envelopes one and
uncovers the perfect environment for the true essence to flourish.  It is an ideal gem to wear when one
has removed the "mask" of the outer persona to reveal the inner true being for the world to see.

The Guardian of Green Diopside explains...
Green Diopside is a strong healing green force like no other.  It uses its yellow aspect to clean and clear
any vibrations which are out of alignment throughout one's bodies/systems. Once these unaligned
vibrations are cleared, the green saturates the areas allowing the full force of this gem to enter.
On a physical level it works strongly and gives particular focus on the organs.  Green Diopside fortifies
the organs and assists in enhancing their function.  It is the key to have the organs functioning well in
order to support the other healing aspects of this gem. Green Diopside simply saturates and transforms
whatever vibrations are not in alignment with one's original design.  Because of this focused intent it can
be used in treating cancer or other strong abnormalities.
On an emotional level Green Diopside targets fear.  It promotes the ideal of no fear. In reality and when
one is one's pure being, there is no fear.  So this gem can be used to overcome all types of fear holding
one back to experience one's full potential.
On a mental level Green Diopside targets thought patterns which are not in alignment to the pure being.  
Often one creates a justification to avoid situations and eventually one believes it as truth.  This gem
breaks through the "stories" created to reveal the full truth - one's original being.
On a spiritual level it is incredibly expanding.  Green Diopside naturally gravitates towards the pineal
and pituitary glands which enhance one's third eye and crown capabilities.  It also leads energies from
beyond into one's brain instigating activations leading to great expansion.  It is a great gem to remove
obstacles blocking one's way to the next step on the path or next evolutionary level.  It allows one to
quickly progress due to its ability to effect the physical, emotional and mental all at once.  When used (or
worn) with conscious intent it can easily transform the eager seeker into the one who is.

The Guardian of Emerald explains...
Emerald is the carrier of the Green Ray which is known as the "Healing Ray".  The purpose of Emerald is
manifold on planet Earth but one of its main uses is to remove disruptive energies in the physical.  Illness
and disease are results of disharmonious energy in other aspects manifesting themselves in the physical.  
Emerald aggressively uses its power to dissolve the disruptive energy in the physical relieving one of
illness and disease.  As one continues to wear (or use) Emerald the disharmonious energy in the other
aspects are addressed.
The energy of Emerald is quite powerful.  This is needed to overcome the disruptive energies which have
formed into what are commonly called illness or disease (such as cancer).  It offers a quick effect in the
physical (relatively) and is supported by the willingness of the user to heal.
Emerald is not only for those who are dealing with an illness or disease.  It can be used as a preventative
"medicine" for the body, removing whatever disruptive energy exists before it has developed into a
"formal" illness/disease.  It provides the physical with an uplifting energy and creates a state of perfect
The energy of Emerald easily enters the emotional and mental aspects.  It also works to remove
disruptive energies in these parts affecting one's overall state of mind and heart.  This is another way
Emerald works as a preventative "medicine" as most physical disharmonies originates in another aspect.
Emerald is a tool to transform one's entire being.  The physical vehicle is on the brink of an evolutionary
step and Emerald offers the energy to accelerate this process within everybody.  The body simply can be
more efficient and can integrate new frequencies/ energies/vibrations in a manner which is not
disturbing or uncomfortable.  If one's physical aspect is maintaining a higher vibration then the other
aspects can also expand and heighten their vibration unveiling a whole new way of being.  Emerald helps
create the "upgraded" physical vehicle, opening limitless doors of expansion.
Much has been written about the uses of Emerald for healing cancer.  The specific suggestions listed in
Virendra's explanation I, the Gemstone Guardian Spirit of Emerald confirm and would recommend him
as a source for consulting with to formulate a gemstone treatment plan against cancer or any other issue
(s).  I chose to focus on a wider spectrum of effects Emerald has in these few words to alert people of the
"new" physical vehicle which is emerging and the crucial role Emerald can have in accelerating this.

The Guardian of Purple Rainbow Fluorite explains...
Purple Rainbow Fluorite is a gem which enhances the spiritual approach to life.  Spiritually, the many
people of Earth have reached a plateau and need to change to progress further.  The natural drive within
one is to change.  Take the physical aspect as an example.  It begins as a baby and through changes it
grows, all through natural drive and motion.  The spiritual aspect has the same natural drive but is often
denied.  Focus is diverted to other aspects because the spiritual aspect requires the deepest changes of
Purple Rainbow Fluorite removes the denial of the natural drive allowing for a new approach to be
taken.  At some point in the future the majority will have the new approach but at the present time the
denial is very strong.  Because of this, it is recommended that the ones who choose to work with this gem
are full of strength and courage not sustained by what the outside thinks.  The new approach requires
one to break away from the "masses" and forge the way for the "masses" to follow later.
Purple Rainbow Fluorite works strongly on the nervous system as that is the means in which higher
frequencies which support the spiritual approach are distributed throughout the body.  It also works
strongly on the mental aspect to clear away the patterns created by the long term denial.  These are
generalities of how Purple Rainbow Fluorite works on the aspects.  It will target denial however one has
chosen to manifest it to free the natural drive to spiritually move forward.
If one is drawn to work with Purple Rainbow Fluorite I recommend you further read Virendra's
explanation of the working of this gem along with the different influences its colors have.  I, as the
Gemstone Guardian Spirit of Purple Rainbow Fluorite confirm the information conveyed by him and his
personal experience with this gem in particular makes him the perfect consultant and creator of the ideal
strand for you.

Purple Garnet - aka Royal purple Garnet or Purple “grape” Garnet
The Guardian of Purple Garnet explains…
Purple Garnet is a unique and rare gem which has recently been unearthed, bringing in energies needed
for the transformational times we are in.  We are finding ourselves working, step by step to reach a
higher vibratory rate and be able to radiate our true nature’s with ease and grace.  Our environmental
and societal influences have not always supported this and we are working our way through these
obstacles to become the fullest potential possible.
Purple Garnet helps to provide the inner strength and direction needed to move forward.  It starts with
connecting to the universal energies and cultivates unconditional acceptance of ALL life forms.  This
encompasses a great amount of things, beings and energies which in the past many have chosen not to
accept or even recognize.  We are becoming more aware and we see more of all the life forms which are
in our world. This gem helps to create an open-ness to accept all as we would family and friends because
in essence we are all part of the whole.
Purple Garnet helps to stimulate a higher expression of the self.  It helps us to be kind, considerate and
cooperative in alignment with Divine intent.  It helps us to accept our current conditions while preparing
to make changes to improve and become a better version of ourselves and within our world.  Purple
Garnet helps to integrate the qualities of wisdom, compassion and generosity and inspires no self interest
and a greater creativity to serve.  
Purple garnet uplifts the mental, emotional and spiritual fields and aspects.  It helps to rise above old
programs of limitations, suffering and even pain - working through the challenges/obstacles and helping
to see the lesson or higher purpose of each and every event and experience.  It amplifies trust in the new.
Purple garnet emanates the energy of the Divine feminine/Goddess energy.  It exudes the nurturing
power and strength of this force providing the needed piece of the puzzle for our unfoldment.  It
replenishes the life force of both the physical and the spiritual - giving new juice, power and vibratory
frequencies needed.
Purple Garnet can help to materialize or dematerialize - whatever the case calls for - drawing forth the
energies needed for a full expression of self and being.  It enhances all vibratory communication and
helps one to work with frequencies with greater ease for healing and service.  It also relates to the sacral
area and hara - allowing one to fully access all facets of creativity. Purple Garnet can help one access all
the 5th dimensional chakras and the 5th dimensional chakra column leading to ascension.

The Guardian of Kunzite explains...
All colors of Kunzite have the same vibrational base which radiates love making all shades similar in
nature.  Even though it contains different shades and colors of Kunzite, it draws a full force of
harmonized energy promoting the highest form of love - unconditional.  It simply blankets or bathes the
entire being in love instantly raising the vibration and uplifting the spirit.
Multi Kunzite’s vibration is a strong purification from the muti-colored inputs allowing for hindrances
and challenges to easily fall away.  Working with (or wearing a strand) brings a strong sense of peace and
calm.  It is a slice of “home” creating a space to be in our original state - which we naturally always
gravitate to and crave here on this plane.  It allows us to experience a sense of fulfillment and
contentment in it’s use.
Multi Kunzite also offers the individual traits described in the different color write ups because of the
amount of the individual color provided through the “chunk” shape.  A powerful and unique tool.

The Guardian of Larimar explains...
Larimar is a gem to not only bring the heart and mind in better alignment but to realign oneself with the
Earth's oceans and skies.  This gem holds a unifying force that promotes the Oneness in all.  Humanity
along with the Earth is at a turning point in existence.  For the evolution of the transformational cycle to
continue a change of perception is needed.  Harmony is the next desired step to support the "new age"
which is dawning and Larimar promotes that within.
Larimar is experienced by most as a very calming and soothing gem (reduces stress).  This is because it
helps to shed the high maintenance self-created roles of life.  It simply returns one to the center which is
the aligned essence of heart and mind.  This is where the peace lies within everyone and the more is able
to function from this center, the more peace will be all over.
Larimar promotes a higher expression of the self.  The throat chakra is soothed and nourished,
improving one's communication.  It is a great gem to use to restore harmony within the family or other
relationships.  It allows one to cut through the unimportant elements and return to the basis of the
relationship - love.  Larimar also helps to radiate out harmony to the world.  It melts the lines of
separation between one's self and others and cultivates understanding and compassion for those around
Larimar, on a physical level, affects the thymus and thyroid restoring youthfulness and regulating the
metabolism.  It can also be used to sooth the throat and dry coughs.  The energy Larimar also feeds
creativity and improves the way one communicates.  Thoughts and speech gain more clarity and the
expression is easily said, not pushed. Overall Larimar is a gem to restore peace and harmony within the
being which in turn brings those aspects to one's surroundings.

The Guardian of Moldavite explains...
Moldavite is a high frequency gem which holds immense power for healing.  It stores the healing energy
from beyond one's planet and transfers this readily to the wearer (or user).  It is concrete evidence that
there is support from beyond and with experience of this gem one can feel and sense the love in which it
shares its energy for the betterment of the being.
Moldavite inspires one's loving nature to come forth and to extend it beyond the normal realms to all.  It
touches the unifying link within and awakens the drive for peace.It recreates the ties to the origins and
activates the systems and body to expand beyond one's current state.  Moldavite penetrates down to the
cellular, activating and stimulating the DNA.  Its only goal is to expand the being to its fullest capability -
to transcend.
Some of the special benefits that one experiences physically are its boost to the immune system,
expansion of the senses and the increase of energy.  It lifts one up, purifies and adds higher frequencies.
Moldavite perfects the functioning of the brain, nervous system and chakra system in order to enhance
the experience in one's physical "vehicle".
Moldavite offers the unique opportunity to expand the consciousness to encompass Universality.  One
experiences becoming "one of the whole" and is motivated to instigate change for the better.  This gem is
great for those tired of the current state of affairs.  It also offers support to the light workers and those
consciously evolving.
Moldavite is the response to a call for help from those on Planet Earth and those who choose to use this
response will benefit greatly.

The Guardian of Rainbow Blue Moonstone explains...
In describing Rainbow Blue Moonstone I would like to choose the word mystical.  If one examines this
gem closely, one will find that it is pure clear/white with flashes of blue and sometimes yellow.  The way
it looks gives great insight to its workings which include a high purity, clarity and activation.
Rainbow Blue Moonstone connects to the higher realms easily integrating the higher frequencies within
the body/system.  It instantly creates balance with the intake (of the higher frequencies) making the
integration as simple as eating.  These higher frequencies enhance one's intuition, creativity and senses
(including inner hearing and sight).
Rainbow Blue Moonstone surrounds one entirely in peace.  One's vibration is raised that a new level of
living or experiences of life occurs naturally.  The mind, emotions and body are balanced. With blue
Rainbow Moonstone worn, one sinks into a state of calm and the stresses of the world drop away.  
Profound effects of this can be experienced if this gem is used in meditation.
Rainbow Blue Moonstone has many physical benefits for the wearer (or user) that are easily seen in the
head and throat.  It clears the sinuses relieving pressure and easing headaches.  It soothes the throat and
facilitates creative expression.  It slightly activates the brain but in particular its energies target the
pineal and pituitary glands.  It eases breathing and it is confirmed that it strengthens the teeth.
The healing energies of this gem can also be experienced in the lower part of the body.  In particular it
offers a strong soothing effect to the stomach relieving any emotionally caused discomfort (including
ulcers, acid reflux, etc.).Overall Rainbow Blue Moonstone offers a peaceful balance within so one may
become a peaceful one without.
Please note that blue Rainbow Moonstone is actually White Labradorite. We still carry it under Blue
Rainbow Moonstone because mostly it is known that way.

The Guardian of Peach Moonstone explains...
Peach Moonstone main focus is to restore balance which was affected by past experiences/situations
and have been left unaddressed.  It creates a "safe place" to look at the root issues within and frees the
courage to change one's attitude about it.
Peach Moonstone also allows one to feel "safe" in exposing more of oneself.  Be it emotionally or even
physically.  It provides a protection layer that gives the courage to be more of one's true nature rather
than hiding behind the mask of "I shouldn't do that".
The feminine spirit is strong, wild, playful and unpredictable and this is what is brought forward in
wearing (or using) this gem.
On the physical level Peach Moonstone provides support for the tissues and skin.  It is nourishing both
inside and out and a type of rejuvenation and regeneration can be experienced.  It has a slight
youthening effect and the heart itself is supported and nourished through using this gem.
Peach Moonstone overall has a freeing effect.  One feels safe and protected and therefore it opens the
door for the true nature to come out.

The Guardian of Moonstone explains...
Moonstone is a gem whose main focus is the overall balancing of the body/system.  In these times of fast
change and higher energy inputs Moonstone can provide the stability to move through it all with grace
and ease.
Moonstone provides a tie to lunar aspects which translate to the emotional body.  This gem allows one to
easily explore the emotions but with an objective detachment.  This is accomplished through a direct line
to the higher self and the view/perspective is easily seen from this level.  Moonstone is a powerful gem to
transcend emotional issues which are impeding one's journey.  (Some examples of the emotional issues
are: self-worth, victim consciousness, abandonment, rejection, etc.)
On a physical level most of Moonstone's effects are seen within a woman's body (versus a man's).  
Moonstone has a profound effect on any issues relating to the natural cycles.  This includes puberty,
menstruation and menopause.  In simple terms these cycles throw one off balance and Moonstone
restores this balance.  It can be used specifically for skin "break outs", cramps, bloating and hot flashes.  
It is also of great benefit to be worn during pregnancy.  The more one can retain a balance during the
creation, growing and birthing process the more balanced the new being will become.
Moonstone also enhances one's intuition which allows approaching life through the heart.  It inspires
one to allow the spirit to flow and re-enliven the creativity.  Moonstone shows the way to regain one's
own inner balance to live fully and free.

The Guardian of Pink Morganite explains...
Morganite is a high frequency gem whose purpose is to show the path of love in action.  Love is a very
misinterpreted word on planet Earth.  In order to express the love this gemstone works with, it is best to
use the phrase "unconditional love".
This gem connects one to the source of unconditional love and allows the wearer (or user) to experience
this emotion in its purest form.  Morganite creates a bridge for the unconditional love frequency
enabling this frequency to enter into one's physical being.  The direct path that the majority of beings
once had on this planet to this frequency has long been blocked by simple misuse of power (ego).  
Morganite recreates this bond with this frequency allowing one to live life as it was designed - though the
After sharing this explanation, the (Gemstone) Guardian Spirit of Morganite asked me (Sia) "Where do
you see unconditional love?"  I thought of the image of a mother and child in my mind's eye.  The
Guardian Spirit of Morganite then showed how even this did not show the true essence of the
unconditional love frequency anymore.  The vision expanded out to encompass all of planet Earth
showing only here and there a few light depicting beings holding this frequency in their hearts.  This
vision gave a clear picture of the current state of planet Earth and it's relation to love.  Morganite seems
to be really needed for most of humanity.

The Guardian of Salmon Pink Morganite explains...
This color is a bit less common and often is considered more rare of all the Morganite colors.  Besides
fulfilling the mission of Morganite
these strands tend to be felt more physically initially rather than the etheric/higher effects the pure pink
Morganite draws in immediately.
This shade of Morganite helps to merge the heart chakra - our love center - with the third chakra - the
ego/will base.  Through this merging one can transform ego issues more quickly and have a more
spiritual approach to things transcending the mental approach the ego tends to fuel.
 It is also a powerful tool to bring the feminine energy  of unconditional love down into the second
chakra for a more spiritual approach to love expression.  This works for both men and women.  All love
making and expression can be taken to a higher spiritual level.
 It is a great tool for enhancing creativity and supporting one’s expression of individuality.

The Guardian of Ethiopian Opal explains...
Opal has profound effects to the wearer/user and just as its appearance depicts it can be magical.  It
brings forth the true essence/nature of the individual and helps to cultivate lasting changes to continue
to radiate the true self.
The world and humanity is at a time in its evolution where truth is greatly needed - most importantly
truth of the self. Societies have been built around dogmas, conditionings, rules which constantly restrain
the individual.  It is time to move forward and to honor the individual within, allowing freedom and
tolerance for all not just those that think like us.
Opal is a powerful tool to personally honor and support the true self.  It helps to cut away illusions which
bind and supports the radiant being within.  Each individual is highly intuitive, creative and intelligent - it
is simply buried under the untruths (illusions) which have been accepted.  This gem strengthens he
awareness of these inherent traits/abilities allowing for them to be more readily used.
On the physical level, Opal helps the eyes and over time can even improve eyesight.  It also works on the
circulatory system, increasing purification and removing toxins.
Opal can also be a great tool for those who are at a crossroad or who are "stuck" in their life.  It
immediately restores the flow of the true self giving guidance, direction and purpose.

The Guardian of Fire Opal explains...
Fire Opal is a gem of purification and transformation and supports the user during these times of great
change.  As it is with any change, the majority of the discomfort is due to the resisting of the incoming
"tide" of change.  Fire Opal "burns" away the limiting beliefs/energies or blockages promoting a new
openness to the moment.  This openness allows one to embrace change and realize that to be fully alive
one must continue to keep moving (changing).
Fire Opal gives the courage to take major steps or even small ones to move closer to the true nature of
one's being.  It "feeds" creativity within and brings it forth in everyday situations to try different
approaches and stay flexible to whatever happens.
On a physical level Fire Opal improves overall circulation.  It boosts the immune system and purifies the
physical during illness (like flu, colds, etc.).  It can also offer deeper cleansing benefits to those who fast
or conduct periodic cleanses.  Fire Opal can take the physical to the next level either opening the
doorway for the next spiritual step or supporting the spiritual step already taken.
Fire Opal can offer great assistance to many having difficulties with the new frequencies inputs or simply
the rapidly changing world.  It provides strength for what needs to be done and in that strength a
confidence and calmness is instilled.

We've given the term precious to the Fire Opal which comes from Ethiopia.  This form of Fire Opal is
more potent according to the Guardian of Fire Opal and fulfills the mission faster and is stronger than the
variety which comes from Mexico.  This Fire Opal has the color play that opal is know for whereas the
Mexican version does not have this inner fire.

The Guardian of Green Prehnite explains...
Green Prehnite's working are similar to its color, soft and peaceful.  The energies of this gem saturate
one's body, bathing it in serenity.  It has become common practice on Earth to push oneself to do things.  
Lists are made, goals are set and one completely ignores the natural rhythm of one's being in order to
accomplish.  Green Prehnite restores the awareness of one's rhythm allowing one to approach life with
  The direct physical effect one can detect from wearing (using) this gem is the relief of stress.  The mind
is calmed; the breathing eases and tensions are released throughout the muscles.  Many of the
discomforts are simply caused by the holding of stress within and once the release occurs, the
discomforts are removed.
  Green Prehnite's relaxing effects can be felt all the way to the cellular level nourishing each cell with its
energies bringing youthfulness to them.  It also has soothing effects on the skin and can be used for those
who tend to "break out" in rashes especially due to emotional reasons like hives and eczema.
  Green Prehnite affects the emotional body.  It allows one to respond rather than react.  This is best
explained by using the word patience.  This gem builds the patience level, allowing to take all the
situation in first in rather than quickly taking action.
  Green Prehnite is a great gem to use if one feels overwhelmed by life or one's current situation.
  Green Prehnite forms a slight barrier of protection around one.  Paired with the physical and emotional
benefits this creates a safe haven within one's own being which is ideal for the sensitive.  This gem is also
very supportive of the younger ones, blanketing them in a stress free energy that may not be provided
for them outside.
  Green Prehnite can best be described as a vacation found in a gem.  It provides many aspects to one's
being which are not easily found in the current state of daily living.  With continued use, this gem will
help to cultivate these aspects within so one is constantly nourished and balanced to approach life in

The Guardian of Yellow Prehnite explains...
Yellow Prehnite bathes the body in a soft, light yellow introducing the body/system gently to the Yellow
Ray.  As this gem energy spread throughout the systems one's vibration is raised and more light enters.  
Just as the sun creates a glow on the skin, Yellow Prehnite creates a glow within.  It has a natural uplifting
effect and can be used to assist during times of depression.
  Yellow Prehnite creates a bridge between the 3rd and 4th chakras.  This bridge allows the will or ego to
be expressed through the heart.  The more one is able to work in conjunction with the heart the more in
alignment one will become.
  On a physical level Yellow Prehnite works on the endocrine system.  It focuses its energies in particular
on the spleen and thymus giving a slight boost to the immune system.  This gem's energies affect all the
glands in one's system and offers slight cleansing and clearing effects.  Yellow Prehnite also supplies the
pancreas with a supportive cleansing and improves the hormonal output of this organ.  (This can benefit
one if diabetes is an issue.)
  Yellow Prehnite forms a slight light barrier which serves as a protective field around one.  This field
provides a safe haven to explore the softer ways of the heart without experiencing vulnerability.  A
strong will or ego gives the illusion one has strength and creates a protective field in itself.  When one
approaches life through the heart the difference can be somewhat extreme creating vulnerability.  
Yellow Prehnite supports one in transcending this change with ease.

The Guardian of Rutilated Quartz explains...
Rutilated Quartz is a high frequency gem.  The life force energy carried within Quartz is magnified
through the Rutile giving it "out of this world" enhancements.  This gem expands one's view and allows
for easy connection to higher realms, frequencies and dimensions.  The connections created widen the
perspective and openness can be experienced within and throughout the Universe.
  Rutilated Quartz is a stabilizing gem for the body.  It naturally blocks incoming negative energy and
transmutes existing negative energy.  It also blocks or lessens other interferences which disrupt the
electrical system. These interferences include higher frequencies, disruptive thought patterns and man-
made device outputs (EMF).
  Rutilated Quartz simply raises one's overall vibration.  This benefits the mind with increased clarity
which in turn benefits the emotions.  All aspects are flooded with light and Rutilated Quartz facilitates the
development of the means to receive even more.  It targets the Antakarana with strong aligning and
strengthening energies and can easily be used to build one's light quotient.
  With Rutilated Quartz the being is expanded multi-dimensionally and one can experience the
limitlessness of the true self.  It can be used to enhance the effects of meditation and afterwards
Rutilated Quartz will integrate the states reached within meditation to daily living.  It is a powerful tool to
expand one's view of life.  
  A side note about Rainbow Rutilated Quartz.  In addition to the properties of Rutilated Quartz,
Rainbow Rutilated Quartz is a multi-body and systems energizer. It brings light into all the bodies and
dissolves blockages within. Great tool for clearing issues which lead to depression.

QUARTZ – SCEPTER (Elestial included)
Included Elestial Scepter Quartz (inclusions red, blacks, browns, blues) - The beads used to make up
these strands come from scepters.  The gem itself is a fusing of 2 or more energies of minerals and quartz
to create a harmonious vibration which is easily accepted by the bodies and systems.  The scepters are
said to be record keepers of the ancients (civilizations such as Lemuria and Atlantis) and with focus
downloads, initiations and further knowledge can be gained from this gem.
The Guardian of Scepter Quartz explains...
This gem stimulates the wearer/user to stay or become more connected to the heart through all
activities.  It is especially beneficial for those doing planetary, earth or healing work as the heart aspect
often gets lost in the translation.  Working through the heart is the key to universality.
It focuses the energies into the first three chakras bringing strength and support into the core of the
being.  This allows for more energy to blossom forth through the heart rather than having a strong
mental approach.
Even though it is a grounding gem with the power drawn to the core being it carries a high frequency.  It
brings forth a universal consciousness and expands intuition.
Each included elestial scepter quartz strand is unique upon itself and therefore the wearer/user also
experiences unique effects which are most times only revealed to them.  This is the specific nature of this
gem - it attracts the user because there is something very specific in it for them. Trust your guidance to
use the gem and see where it leads.

The Guardian of Rhodochrosite explains...
Rhodochrosite is a gem for those who want to respond to life's situations rather than react.  It raises the
user’s vibration to a higher level bringing one more in alignment with the true essence (higher self) while
assisting to maintain this level.  Through this, the emotional patterns being not of a higher vibration
break up.
  Rhodochrosite not only initiates but does a clearing of the emotional aspect.  For many the emotional
body is a place to shove the things that have been denied or avoided.  This "storage" creates an
automated response (pattern) for dealing with situations. This is often not in alignment with one's true
essence (higher self).  This gem simply clears out the storage and the "memory" or typical reaction is no
longer available to access.
  Because of this clearing of the emotional aspect, several people experience Rhodochrosite as a strong
gem.  Prior to the influence of this gem one could easily react - just grabbing the "memory" from the
emotional memory bank.  In using Rhodochrosite one must experience each situation as new and "figure
out" how to act.  Some find this disturbing since it involves change and demands flexibility.  In reality
though - it is the natural way of being.  Society has programmed many to "be safe" and to have a plan of
action.  This has been adapted to the emotional aspect and a programmed response has been created for
a variety of situations.  The actual joy and freedom that comes with spontaneity has been stripped away,
lessening one's full experience of life.
  Rhodochrosite works strongly on the emotional aspect which creates secondary effects on the
physical.  An increase in energy is experienced since one isn't tied down to a certain way of being.  A
soothing of the skin occurs since emotional reactions tend to show themselves on the skin (such as break
outs). A balancing of the digestive system especially the stomach occurs because the denial of one’s
emotions often creates an upset stomach. Some lose weight through the clearing/removal of the stuck
holding emotional patterns. The physical effects can be numerous depending on how the emotional
memory has translated and down stepped into the body.
  Rhodochrosite restores one's natural emotional spontaneity.  It allows one to fully experience each
situation as new, giving the freedom to respond in any direction one feels in the moment.  This freedom
opens the door to a whole new way of living, full of energy, fresh and exuberant.  The game of life
becomes fun again since it turns into an adventure instead of a programmed outcome.

The Guardian of Rhodolite explains...
Rhodolite is a gem which accelerates one to the next evolutionary level.  It is a powerful tool which is
best used with conscious intent and awareness to enhance its effects. Rhodolite's main target is the brain.
As it has been said but many sources, the majority of the brain is unused or dormant. Therefore,
processes and perspectives remain constant with little to no change occurring in the other.  Rhodolite
initiates great change by not only expanding/opening the mind but activating the dormant parts.  This
activation includes the base of the brain often referred to as the Zeal Point Chakra (ascension seat) or the
seat of the soul.
  The brain expansion and activations which Rhodolite initiates, opens doors and pathways to further
possibilities of experiencing life. Life is all a matter of perspective.  Rhodolite inspires a universal
perspective of existence. Expanding one's thinking from not only one's self but the world and universe
beyond.  This deeply generates and nourishes a more loving and compassionate nature as one sees
clearly the Oneness of all.
  Rhodolite in the lower three body system (physical, emotional & mental) works on the mental.  It either
introduces one to or expands the current capabilities of the mind.  The mind is a wondrous collection of
intricate passageways which, when clear and functioning optimally, heightens the senses and other
capabilities.  The natural progression of humanity's evolution includes common day use of telepathy,
clairvoyance, clairaudiance, etc.  Rhodolite hastens this progression in one's self bringing forth these
"gifts" in a usable form.
  Rhodolite also helps to restore "normal" brain function.  Many suffer from an undernourished brain.  
For a long time it has been fed misconceptions of the world in addition to being subjected to experiences
just not able to be properly processed.  These strong impacts negatively affect the functioning of the
brain as a unified force leading to irrational behavior.  Rhodolite restores unification of the analytical
and intuitive mind thus restoring a calm balance throughout the body.
Rhodolite is a phenomenal tool for integrating the profound changes currently occurring on the planet.  
Often great change instigates chaos and stress within but Rhodolite raises the perspective to a universal
view showing natural progression and inspiring deeper understanding of the "big Picture".  This allows
one to easily make personal changes to continue "on the path" and supports decisions and choices to
continue to flow with ease during the times of great change and all of life.

The Guardian of Ruby explains...
Ruby gives one strength and courage in times of need.  This is its natural tendency since it is the carrier
of the first, the Red Ray (leadership, power, strength and courage).  There are many ways to utilize the
traits of strength and courage (to be daring, to seek power, etc.) but Ruby cultivates these traits through
the way of the heart.  It gives one the strength and courage to be the true essence (self) within which can
only be accomplished by living life through the heart.
  Ruby has been and still is a symbol of love (unconditional).  In wearing (or using) Ruby one is able to
experience and enhance unconditional love not only within but without.  Many on Planet Earth have a
limited idea of love and it is often expressed in relationships.  Manipulation is used to get what one wants
and often "love" is the playing piece.  Ruby begins to restore the original intent of love - unconditional by
clearing and cleaning the disharmonies.
   On a physical level Ruby has a great effect since much disease and illness is related to emotional
origins.  Ruby targets the heart, nourishing and strengthening its function.  Ruby also fortifies the blood
by clearing out toxins which in turn improves one's overall physical power.  It can be used to regulate
blood pressure, as a preventative of heart disease and attacks or to hasten recovery of these.
  Ruby is an ideal gem for those who are already or are considering being parents (caretakers).  It is
crucial for a child to be surrounded by a healthy (emotional) environment in order to avoid forming
patterns which limit the being.  If the parents (caretakers) constantly hold the state of unconditional
love, the child is assured to be happy and healthy.
  Ruby is not limited though to just parents.  Anyone who maintains the state of unconditional love has
an easier time navigating life.  If everything is looked at through the eyes of love, no stress is created, no
anxieties formed, no fears experienced.  It sounds idealistic but that is what was originally intended.  The
living of life was not to be of pain and suffering. It was created to give contrast to inspire one to stay in
the heart.  Unfortunately many haven't viewed it as a contrast and have taken it on as its own.  Ruby will
help to correct this misconception and open the way to a newer way of living while supplying the
strength and courage to do so.

The Guardian of Blue Sapphire explains...
Blue Sapphire is a gem specifically designed to improve the function of and nourish the mental aspect.  
The mental aspect is where thoughts originate and the key to inner peace is to empty the mind.  Blue
Sapphire organizes the thoughts to make the project of emptying the mind easier.  One's true essence is
the deciding factor of which thoughts to keep and which to let go.  Depending on the selection life reflects
the thoughts.  That is why an empty mind is the desired state.  An empty mind is an open mind based in
the moment and each moment has no limitations.
  Blue Sapphire restores clarity to the mind while removing disruptive energies.  The strongest and most
common disruptive energy is negativity.  Negativity feeds and breeds more negativity and creates a
downward cycle which attracts more of it.  Blue Sapphire eliminates this disruptive energy enhancing
one's clarity and initiating positivity.
   Blue Sapphire relieves stress.  Stress is caused by choosing to follow certain thoughts about situations.  
Blue Sapphire's clarity assists in choosing only the thoughts needed to deal with the situation removing
the unnecessary - eliminating stress.  Blue Sapphire really is a crucial gem for the modern world.  The
demands placed on one in the business place to the home front fuel a constant stream of thoughts which
require attention and negativity is waiting around every corner.  Blue Sapphire allows one to rise above
in clarity and positivity to master the modern world.
  Blue Sapphire also expands the mind.  Its energies provide nutrients for the physical brain which
facilitates its nourishment and enhances its functions.  Fast recall, memory, concentration and clear
communication are all increased and a smooth flow is experienced.  The mental aspect has little to no
limit in how much it can be expanded since the capabilities housed within the brain are barely used.  Blue
Sapphire therefore is a gem which can be used for a lifetime and one will still see its numerous benefits.

The Guardian of Green Sapphire explains...
Green Sapphire provides a subtle healing energy which is not felt directly by many.  It is though, very
powerful, especially during these times of great evolutionary shifts for humanity.  Stronger vibrational
differences are becoming more common as the expansion to a higher vibration is occurring.  Often for
those who are the "way showers" the effects of lower vibrations can be extreme, even creating
disharmony on the physical.
  Green Sapphire creates a protective atmosphere for those, allowing one's current state not to be
effected by the lower vibrations.  The body/mind system does this naturally when all aspects are in
balance.  But, currently as expansion occurs, the degree of imbalance is creating heightened sensitivity
until one is able to rebalance.  Therefore, Green Sapphire is a great tool to ease through these periods of
heightened sensitivity without the discomforts usually experienced.
  Humanity's evolution and expansion is allowing finer, usually latent, aspects to become more
pronounced.  The energies of Green Sapphire are a natural support for this.  It works on one's nerves and
organs supporting the emerging sensitivity and actually strengthens them on a cellular level.  This
promotes faster adapting, easing changes experienced on the physical level.
  The benefits that Green Sapphire offers will grow in demand as time progresses.  More and more are
expanding, creating variances in energies and vibrations throughout the world.  The key is to keep one's
own being balanced which isn't always possible.  Everyone will begin to feel heightened states of
sensitivity.  Green Sapphire will help to quickly move through these states, offer protection during these
times and providing support on a physical level.

The Guardian of Pink Sapphire explains...
Pink Sapphire enhances one's love aspect.  Love is the key ingredient to finding peace on this plane.  The
love I am referring to here is not that of loving another or being "in love" with someone.  It is the idea of
every action done, is done with love.  Everything that you do, if done with love, will bring the entire
fulfillment ever needed.  There will be no lack of anything because all nourishment is received by your
own actions.
 Pink Sapphire cultivates the love within to do this and with time experiences of frustration, anger and
stress lessen and eventually disappear.
 The feminine nature is that of loving unconditionally.  Pink Sapphire awakens this with all and enhances
this aspect giving it strength to spread to all parts of life.  Because of its high frequency Pink Sapphire
also draws higher frequencies into the wearer (or user) to expand one's capability to consistently hold
the love vibration.
  This gem has a profound effect on women because it directly targets the very essence of their being.  
Many women today have chosen to be something other than what they actually are (nurturing, patient
and unconditional).  This has created an imbalance in the world and the ramifications of this are now
coming to light.  This is not to say that women should not enter into what is termed as a "man's world"
but don't become a man to do it.  It is a misinterpretation that femininity is soft.  The feminine one can
effect great change.  Pink Sapphire supports and gives strength to stay true to the innate femininity
whose energy is needed for the current state of Earth and humanity.
  On the physical level, Pink Sapphire blankets the body with its energies.  Often times the love
frequencies Pink Sapphire supplies is the only healing that is needed to clear a physical issue.  In
particular it can be used to target any feminine issues or discomforts.

The Guardian of Yellow Sapphire explains...
Yellow Sapphire, due to its high frequency, directly connects to higher frequencies of light and brings it
more into one's bodies/systems.  It is the carrier of the third Yellow Ray (whose mission is active
intelligence, higher spirituality, philosophy). This higher frequency of light is highly transformative in
nature and instantly raises one's vibration.  As the vibration is raised, lower vibrations make their way
out of one's bodies and systems, allowing for the higher vibration to be sustained.
  This gem could best be described as a "body cleanse" just as there are "liver cleanses" and "colon
cleanses".  Its light runs throughout the body, flushing away debris and toxins and allowing one to
function at a higher level of being.  As a result of this flushing, one experiences a new sense of freedom in
  Yellow Sapphire forms a protective light field around one's being which assists in protecting one from
environmental elements (from thought patterns to EMF) .  This protective light field also enhances one's
own skin and assists in optimizing the function of it.  This gem would be good for those sensitive to the
  With Yellow Sapphire one will often feel the cleansing of the lower vibrations.  The effects can be seen
in the organs relating to elimination (such as the stomach and intestines) and detoxification (such as the
liver & spleen).  This gem supports the functions of these organs and partners with them to accomplish
its goal of integrating more light into one's system.
  Yellow Sapphire also targets the glandular system (endocrine system) and enhances the functioning of
the pineal and pituitary glands in particular.  This additional light in one's pineal and pituitary activates
and nourishes them.  Through this one can experience heightened states and expanded consciousness.  
The third eye is expanded along with the crown allowing for a deeper and more profound experience.
  Even though Yellow Sapphire offers many physical benefits it is actually more of a spiritual gem.  The
physical effects are simply side effects or signs of a foundation being laid.  Yellow Sapphire opens one to
another dimension beyond the Earth.  It also is a means to continue bringing more of the higher light
frequency to this plane of being and instigate powerful change and transformation.  With the influx of
higher light frequencies comes a clearer view of one's true being (self).  When one is functioning as one's
true Self, then there is less doing and more being.  This allows for a natural peace and harmony to flow
and can lead the Earth plane to exist in a heightened state.

The Guardian of Scapolite explains...
  Scapolite fuels the drive to make needed changes in life.  For instance, if one decides to eat better, start
an exercise program or incorporate meditation into the day, this gem strengthens the resolve to do it.  
Many people on Earth know consciously exactly what needs to be done to have the life they dream of.  
What is lacking is the move to action to create it.  Scapolite affects that by lessening the pull of excuses
not to do and strengthening the drive to do.  This gem therefore greatly increases your chances for
  On a physical level, Scapolite is a purifier.  It naturally clears any hindrances from proper functioning.  
The glands and organs are typically the deposit spots for disharmonious energies and with time the
buildup can adversely affect the working.  Scapolite simply cleans out what isn't needed, leaving the
glands and organs to function as they were designed.
 Scapolite coaxes one's inner light to shine.  It stimulates the flow to a higher vibration/frequency
adding strength to a pre-existing force to evolve and transform.  It is an important tool for the present
time on Earth as many are resisting changes.  Resisting change in itself is not "bad" if in alignment with
your true nature.   The problem lies in resisting what will bring one closer to the true being because of
fear, patterns, etc.  This is where the power of Scapolite lies.  It removes the piled on hindrances to clear
the way for your true being to decide and choose one's individual direction.

The Guardian of Sodalite explains...
Sodalite is an aura purifier and cleanser.  It is the beginning step to clearing out self-created  illusions
which are not in harmony with the inner self.  These are generally called negative thought patterns but
also include patterns which are not necessarily negative yet aren't in alignment with one's own truth.
  Sodalite can have profound effects on the wearer (or user) through the clarity it creates.  The cleansing
of the aura lightens one's experience and as the accumulated energies are absorbed it is much easier to
see what is actually there.  This can only bring one closer to the true essence which naturally restores
harmony and balance to the whole being.
  Through Sodalite's absorbing power one can gain insight to just how much rubbish is created by one's
self.  Many haven't fully grasped the fact that thoughts are things and the energy they carry have to go
somewhere.  The most common accumulation spot is the aura and after a trying/stressful day the aura
can look like a rubbish bin between the disharmonious thoughts one generated and those picked up.  The
being does clear these out on its own generally through the sleep time (which is one of the reasons why
many experience exhaustion at the end of the day) but as daily life has changed so has the amount and
power of the rubbish.  Often there's not enough sleep time to clear the aura.  This is another reason why
vacations have such a profound effect on people.  Before the focus of a vacation was to travel, see a
different place and experience new sights and sounds.  Now the general motivation is to "get away",
relax, etc. because this will allow time for the being to naturally begin cleaning the aura.  Sodalite can
change this whole cycle.  It directly assists in purifying the aura which not only clarifies the mind but
increases one's energy.  One function at a higher vibratory rate the cleaner the aura is which attracts
even more high frequency expanding the experience.
  Sodalite does have some specific physical effects besides the purification of the aura.  It helps to
regulate the calcium levels within the body which strengthens bones and helps to fortify the ligaments
and tendons.  Many experience a better sleep experience since the "rubbish" energy is absorbed and can
no longer give a path for the mind to follow.  The clarity of mind Sodalite brings also increases one's
connection to their intuitive side restoring the natural intuition.  This can lead to an expansion and an
activation of the third eye.

The Guardian of Spesssartite explains...
Spessartite opens access to the causes of lack of joy in one's life.  Through its energy it is naturally
uplifting and it brings forth whatever is blocking the vibration to experience joy.  In many people the
answers lie within the subconscious and are generally related to denials, fears and frustration.  
Spessartite creates a soft warming atmosphere to go explore and get to the root of the issue(s).  It does
not pull one in but invites one creating a comfort zone to delve at one's own pace.
  Spessartite's energy is energizing and nourishing at the same time.  It awakens one's inner spirit
providing "juice for the fire".  It promotes a good feeling within the mid body by surrounding the organs
and glands with its energy.  Spessartite's energy works similarly in the emotionally field bringing positive
energy and nourishment.  This starts to work on the emotional fabric of the field.
  On a physical level, Spessartite's effects can be felt with an increase in the ease of movement.  Stiffness
throughout the body is removed especially in the lower back area.  This gem can be used to help with
  Spessartite is a gem which can be used when one realizes that something needs to change but an easy
approach is desired. It initiates movement towards the increased connection to the inner self without
force.  It offers an introduction to how one can affect the state of being and shows the path of how to
begin to change towards a more joyous way.

The Guardian of Pink Spinel explains...
Pink Spinel contains many aspects of the love vibration known as femininity.  The feminine nature has
many roles but one thing is common to them all - a radiation of the love vibration.   Pink Spinel enhances
this vibration restoring a true expression in a natural, balanced way.
  Everyone, either male or female, has the feminine within.  But even so, Pink Spinel is best working with
females.  It helps to bring forth the feminine nature to its full potential and its purest form, removing
hindrances and thought patterns which may disrupt its expression.  This is an important tool for the
women today as many have altered their very own nature to conform to the environment.  Without
embracing one's true feminine nature a merging with the higher self will never occur.  One must allow the
love vibration to permeate all actions exposing softness and vulnerability but not compromising power.  
Pink Spinel helps to recapture the feminine spirit regardless of age.
  The energies of Pink Spinel work wonders on the female emotional aspect.  It restores flexibility of
one's emotional fabric making it easy to fully express femininity.  It loosens the hardened
misconceptions of how one needs to be in the world, allowing a new joy to come forth and shine.
  Pink Spinel also restores friendship between women removing "cattiness" and competition.  Feminity
in its natural state is a unifying force of love energy.  This has been lost and distorted with time as the
field of separation has widened.  Pink Spinel can be used to resolve issues between women, be it in the
workplace or family life.  It restores the common basis of the feminine nature within all concerned
providing a solid foundation to work from.
  Pink Spinel can be used with any issues or discomforts associated with the sexual organs or cycles.  It
eases any physical symptoms and removes any resistance to fully experiencing the miraculous
happenings of the feminine body.

The Guardian of Red Spinel explains...
Red Spinel brings a great feeling to the body/mind.  Its energies permeate the being bringing warmth and
love.  Red Spinel uniquely fortifies the circulatory system which impacts not only blood flow but the
heart itself along with the veins and arteries.  One's nerves are strengthened and internal force is
developed creating a security and wellbeing in the body.  The physical impact of Red Spinel cultivates
courage and moves one to take action.
  Red Spinel allows one to come in touch with the inner strength.  One's strength is the unified force of
heart and mind.  The mind is an incredible machine but without the influence of the heart the actions it
initiates are hollow.  The actions taken from the unified force of the heart and mind are very powerful.  
They encompass naturally "for the highest good of all those concerned" which fuels the
brother/sisterhood needed for the "new age".  No "wrong" action can be taken when the action is rooted
equally in the heart and mind.  Red Spinel solidifies one's actions in this unified force aligning one more
fully to express one's true nature.
  Red Spinel also allows for further exploration of one's core the Hara.  The Hara tends to require more
attention in women than in men due to their internal nature.  A side note - the internal nature is
physically sown through the location of the sexual organs.  Women have theirs inside, promoting denial
and suppressed feelings.  Men have theirs outside, promoting immediate expression whether appropriate
or not.
  The Hara for women, tends to be a catch all of suppressed feelings/actions and denials of all kinds.  
Without periodic explorations the Hara starts to affect a woman’s creative flow and true expression.  
Red Spinel not only supports the connection of heart and mind, which limits denial, but provides an easy
entrance to explore the Hara freeing trapped energies impeding one's natural expression.
  Red Spinel is a perfect catalyst to bring forth the power within, in a manner which is supported by love
for all.

The Guardian of Sugilite explains...
Sugilite is a powerful healing gem. It actually attracts healing power to it so when it is being worn or used
healing comes in through it - as it acts like a magnet.  This gives the physical aspect a wonderful boost
along with the immune system.  But it will also seek out issues that need healing within all the bodies and
systems - restoring harmony and balance.
Sugilite helps to open the chakras, restoring them to their original functioning.  This in turn restores the
flow up and down the column and if your interest lies in that direction, can assist in improving the
Kundalini flow.
For many on the planet, it is challenging to navigate life and cope with being in the physical body.  
Sugilite helps to cope and sheds light on what one’s actual reason is for being - our personal mission.  It
also facilitates a better understanding of life and it’s lessons - promoting the time on the planet as a
school to gain greater awareness and fullness of being.
Sugilite also instills within the wearer (or user) a sense of the universality that exists, changing one's
approach to life and living.  It helps to direct or guide one to know how to utilize the unique gifts we have
been bestowed with, integrating them into daily life.
Sugilite cultivates acceptance and tolerance, not only of others but more importantly of ourselves.  
More and more people are breaking away from the “norms” of society and really travel to the beat of a
different drummer.  This at times can bring one to feel that something isn’t quite right or create a feeling
of non-acceptance as a place where we fit is sought.  Sugilite relieves one of these self-doubts and brings
about full acceptance for each one of our unique ways of being and expressing in our life.
Sugilite facilitates manifestation but in particular manifestation of the positive aspects and attributes of
our being and personality.  It eliminates anger, jealousy, irritability, etc. - any negative leaning attributes
- and replaces them with inspiration and confidence.
Sugilite's colors range from a pink purple to a deep purple.  The "families" of color have a different
approach (and therefore different effects) in order to reach the same goal : an awakening to the Oneness
in all.  Because this underlying goal exists the color variations can be combined or separated based on
the desired outcome and availability.  It is rare to find enough of one color for instance to create a full
strand/therapeutic necklace.  Therefore mixed shades and color hues in one strand is still highly
therapeutic and brings in all traits/aspects of all the color shades at the same time.   

The Guardian of Sunstone explains...
  Sunstone is your instant connection to one of the largest stars in your solar system - the Sun.  This gem
has captured the essence of the Sun in a medium which can be easily integrated.  The Sun is a needed
component for life and its essence unleashes a zest within.  Its energies are a quick "pick-me-up" for not
only the body but the spirit.
   The zest one experiences with Sunstone is caused by the increase conveyance of light within one's
system.  The light is actually stored within the "glitter" one views in this gem and when it's worn (or used)
it is released.  This pure light first raises one's overall vibration and as it saturates further with continued
use it penetrates down to the cellular level.
  Humanity's current push to evolve is simply a push for all aspects to increase their light capacity while
maintaining balance.  The world has followed the path of heavier, lower frequencies/energies for quite a
while and the shift to lighter, higher frequencies is occurring.  Sunstone accelerates the process that is
naturally occurring in the world in your own individual "world" - your body/mind system.  Its input of
pure light simply pushes out the heavier frequencies allowing for an easier adapting to the new
frequencies.  Discomfort through these periods of great change is simply due to resistance.  Sunstone
then can relieve the discomforts since it is removing the resisting heavier frequencies within.
  The overall effect of Sunstone is very uplifting.  It brings forth one's inner joy and playfulness and
restores energy to participate in life again.  It is a great tool then for those who are depressed, lack
energy or view life and living as something to be avoided, not celebrated.
   On a physical level, many experience benefits in the digestive organs as the lower frequencies move
out restoring an easy flow.  Sunstone also promotes improved circulation as the blood is purified.  
Basically all of the physical body's functions are improved as the heavy hindering energies are removed.  
It makes you feel good all over.

The Guardian of Tanzanite explains...
Tanzanite translates energies which are not of this world (earth) but are from one's original blueprint.  It
creates a link to these energies to assist in evolving.  This is mostly seen within the brain through
numerous activations.  Tanzanite targets latent areas and stimulates them.  With time, this stimulation
leads to expanded capabilities which mostly show through one's mental facilities.
  Every being has both latent and active capabilities. Depending on the development of these capabilities
the effects correlate.  Some of the capabilities Tanzanite's energies enhance are intuition, channeling,
clairvoyance, etc.  If one is already able to channel, this gem would ease and expand the process. If one
never has channeled before, Tanzanite would open the door to this pathway.
  Since Tanzanite focuses its energies so strongly in the brain area most feel it working when worn.  A
variety of sensations come forward from tingling, buzzing, pressure and in some it translates to
headaches.  These are all temporary effects which - once passed through - a new brain functioning will
occur.  If one experiences these side effects and it is disturbing daily life, simply use Tanzanite in limited
amounts or in meditation to enjoy it's benefits.
  The "normal" brain functioning has had its time and for those who wish to continue to evolve and
transform, an increased brain capability is the key.  This gem's focus is exactly that.  It has harnessed
powers from beyond your known (familiar) world (in particular the healing Arcturian energies) and
translates them in a manner which is easily used by one's being.

The Guardian of Tektite explains...
Tektite is a powerful gem coming from beyond "down" to Planet Earth.  Those that are "called" to wear
(or use) this gem are ready to receive the high frequency benefits for health and well-being.
  Tektite was sent as a tool for activation and nourishment.  Its mind expanding effects open one to the
possibilities within the Universe.  Wonderment and awe take over, replacing fears and distrust of the
unknown.  Calmness is experienced as waves of understanding are released within the body.
  On the physical level itself Tektite offers a strong grounding effect in balance with the high
frequencies.  It also offers a strengthening to the immune system and can be used as a preventative of
colds, flu, etc.  Its power is strong enough that it can be used for more serious illnesses such as cancer
and aids.  It's potential for healing hasn't been fully understood yet.  It's important to note that even
though this gem may not be understood, the benefits for health and healing are tremendous and should
not be overlooked.
  Tektite not only opens the doors to exploration in regards to health issues but to one's entire
existence.  Energetic channels are established between the gem and where it came from and through
these channels there is much to be learned.  As vast as the Earth appears at times the Universe is then
beyond description of size.  Tektite brings the Universe to the wearer (or user) inviting one to discover.
  This greatly expands one's view of the world and a new perspective is birthed.  All of life becomes a
discovery and a commonality is experienced in every life form.  Soon one realizes that the common
thread held by all is love (unconditional) and the heart takes a new role on one's life. Tektite reinstates a
living through the heart on a Universal level.

The Guardian of Green Tourmaline explains...
Green Tourmaline carries the male vibration.  It offers a strengthening of the male aspect within and a
harmonizing of the male vibration output.  The male vibration has been expressed out of harmony with
all the aspects for a great deal of time.  This has forced a grave imbalance of energy on Planet Earth as
power and strength have been misused, creating an inequality between men and women.
  Men and women are simply different and cannot be compared by the same standards.  The natural
vibration of the masculine and feminine create these differences.  Instead of enjoying the differences like
one enjoys the difference of an apple and orange, comparisons were and are made creating separation
and power struggles.
  Green Tourmaline restores harmony within the aspects (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) of
especially men, creating an equality of expression that radiates out.  This is incredibly important for the
males today.  A variety of imbalances occur in today's male as they struggle to express the vibrations
within in a world of out of balance vibrations.  The stereotypes surrounding the male gender are limiting
and more and more men are realizing they just don't fit the "mold".  Also the world's societal structures
have been created to empower men while dis-empowering women.  This also doesn't suit the evolving
male as a push for harmonization of the aspects has begun.
  Green Tourmaline assists a man to become his full potential by harmonizing and restoring balance of
expression through all aspects.  A unification of the aspects occurs through the use of Green Tourmaline
which creates profound effects.  Some general effects of this gem on the male aspects are: on the
physical, strength is brought forth creating energy and power.  Green Tourmaline also works strongly on
the male sexual organs restoring balance and correcting any disorders or disease (including things like
prostate cancer or EDD).  On the emotional aspect it heightens one's awareness of the emotions and
promotes a balanced expression not geared in the typical male emotions of aggression or anger.  On the
mental level, Green Tourmaline helps to clarify the mind bringing a balanced approach to thought
patterns and instigating a harmonious view.  On the spiritual level it further transforms the male
expression to embody a universal awareness and approach to life.
  Green Tourmaline is available in a variety of color ranges which fall under the description of being
therapeutic.  The initial focus of the gem depending on color will vary and the intensity of working on the
different aspects may be different but with time the underlying effect of Green Tourmaline in
harmonizing the male aspects will occur.  Here are some very general guidelines on color uses.  Don't
hesitate to consult with Virendra as he has worked intensively with this gem and has a deep knowledge of
its awakenings.
  Light Green/Yellowish - powerful worker on the male sexual organs and can benefit males going
through puberty.  Dark Green - initially focuses on physical aspect bringing that aspect in alignment with
the others first to set the foundation for further growth.  This color is also generally chosen by those who
mainly have an athletic focus.    Chrome Green - Simultaneously works on all aspects and brings about
the fastest overall benefits and transformation to the male vibration.
  Green Tourmaline and women in general terms are not in harmony.  The women of today already have
overdeveloped the male vibration in order to be more at ease in the male dominated society structure
offsetting their own vibration and Green Tourmaline would only do this further.  There are cases though
where women desire to bring forth their "male" physical strength and for limited times many experience
a benefit.  The key here is following your own guidance, as the Green Tourmaline in general will simply
perpetuate the imbalance of the feminine vibration.

The Guardian of Pink Tourmaline explains...
Pink Tourmaline is a gem containing the feminine vibration. When worn (or used) it offers a renewing of
one's feminine within (men) or a refreshing of one's feminine output (women).  
The role of the feminine vibration has been greatly distorted on planet Earth due to the fact that it is
mainly based on unconscious love.  Pink Tourmaline assists in restoring this vibration within one's being
so it will in turn be restored consciously on the planet.
  Due to the distortion of the feminine vibration, many women experience difficulties with their natural
feminine nature.  These difficulties are most commonly seen on the emotional and physical levels.
  On the emotional level women question their role and allow the treatment of the feminine vibration on
Earth to show the answer.  This leads to a grave misinterpretation and women concede that their power
and worth are below their actual standing (self-worth issues and victim-consciousness).  Pink
Tourmaline can assist one to experience the feminine vibration first hand and inspire it to come forth in
its pure form via one's own feminine spirit.  This process originally based in the emotions can also
enhance one's spiritual experience by freeing the feminine spirit within, bringing one closer to one's true
  On a physical level Pink Tourmaline offers healing energies to the sexual organs.  The distorted view of
the feminine vibration has directly affected the entire internal feminine cycle and has thrown it off
course within many.
 This has manifested mainly in 4 ways.
1. The monthly women's cycle has turned from a joyous ritual of vitality to an inconvenient pain.
2. The birthing process has gone from a peaceful introduction into Earth life to an instant separation and
fear laden event.
3. The evolutional process of one's organs from birthing life to birthing knowledge/wisdom has been
halted completely (through the removal of one's key organ - hysterectomy).
4. The most prominent physical attribute of femininity, the breast, has become saturated with disease.
Pink Tourmaline can be used to effect all these situations.  It restores a balance within the sexual organs
to experience the natural flow and ease of how things were designed.
 It is a gem that can assist one with any discomfort surrounding one's monthly cycle.
 It can connect one to the natural way of birthing and restore a joyous experience of it.
 It can supply the needed aspects of maintaining the feminine organs, healing abnormalities and cancer
or encourage the natural fertile nature one possesses.
   Pink Tourmaline is found in a range from light to dark pink.  All support the feminine spirit/vibration
but based on color choice, aspects of this gem can be stronger or weaker.  The colors can be related to
the life of a woman to understand the working.
  Light Pink is great for the young or young at heart It transfers a sweet loving energy which warms the
heart (like a child) and brings this warmth out in women.
  Medium Pink can be related to a blossoming woman.  Great for enhancing fertility and providing
nourishment to the organs.
  Dark (deep) Pink is the woman.  It offers the strongest effect of the feminine vibration plus all aspects
of Pink Tourmaline.  It is also great for menopause as it's "mature" color relates well to the "mature"
  (There are variations between these colors and the above was provided to give a general idea of the
aspects each shade gives)
  Pink Tourmaline, just as a mother has for its child, possesses a protective nature.  This protective
nature can be felt/ experienced as a field around one's body.  This field can be of great assistance against
unnatural inputs such as negative thought forms, artificial lighting, electronics, etc.  The medium to dark
shades of Pink Tourmaline offer this aspect the best and in general the deeper the shade the stronger the
  Pink Tourmaline is also a gem for men. Not only are the protection aspects beneficial but it creates the
balance for the male aspect.  Everyone has both feminine and masculine attributes.  Depending on which
sex one plays in this life, these attributes are either within or visible/without.  If one is in harmony with
both aspects, relations of all kinds are easy and harmonious.  Pink Tourmaline offers an easy way for
men to balance their feminine aspect.
  Pink Tourmaline allows for men to get a better understanding of the feminine vibration as a whole.  
This understanding can affect the consciousness of all men and starts to correct the perception of the
feminine vibration. Aligned and stronger men will emerge with the use of this gem that will be willing to
develop and experience equality with women.
Pink Tourmaline is an important gem for the wellbeing of the feminine vibration found not only in
oneself but all over the planet.

The Guardian of Tsavorite explains...
  Tsavorite is a high frequency gem containing healing energies that function a bit differently than other
gem energies.  To enhance the full effect of this gem's healing powers, its energies bond together to
create a solid appearing covering.  Depending on one's physical condition, the energy will encase
different areas (organs) of one's being to allow the healing energies to be undisturbed - speeding the
healing time.
  An example of this has been asked for by Sia: If one has a heart condition, Tsavorite's energies would
surround the heart and bond. The heart would appear as if it has been placed into its own green
surrounding/chamber.  Within this surrounding, Tsavorite's energies can fully penetrate the heart
offering a high frequency healing undisturbed by anything else. This ensures added protection to the
heart during its healing process.
  In the same manner Tsavorite surrounds one's entire physical system/body to integrate higher
frequencies. "Encased" that way, one is more easily able to explore other dimensions.  The green
"bubble" creates a safe haven for the physical to reside and it (the physical) offers little to no resistance
to the experience. (This process is often referred to as astral travel)
  Tsavorite's energies work strongly on the skeletal system.  Not only does it fortify the bones by
enhancing one's ability to absorb/store nutrients, but it increases the flexibility of the joints (and
ligaments).  Therefore Tsavorite can be used for one who has, for example, arthritis and other joint
issues. It is also a great choice for bone or ligament injuries (such as breaks or tears) to enhance the
healing process.
  Tsavorite further focuses its energies on the life force contained within one's bones, the bone marrow.
(Bone marrow creates both red and white blood cells.)  This fortifying of one's bone marrow strengthens
one's overall immune system.  Tsavorite can be used to support the one who has low blood cell count of
either red or white due to disease.
  Tsavorite is a gem that evolves with the wearer (or user).  It has an abundance of healing energy and
can work on several areas at once.  Once the physical has reached a higher level of health the energies
can take one's being to even higher heights of transformation of other aspects.  This gem's energies
support the integration of the higher aspects allowing great ease in the evolution process.  
A great tool for those known as Lightworkers.

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